Saturday, October 31, 2009

For Reference

Either Greg Simkins' son Isaac is REALLY small, or the painting Greg just dropped off is REALLY big.

Either or. You guess.

Happy Halloween, Batman.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween and Alex Pardee's solo show closing, we are releasing an exclusive Pardee screenprint!

Alex Pardee
Trick R Treat
6-color screenprint
18 x 24 inches
limited edition of 100

These new screenprints will be available starting Halloween, this Saturday, Oct. 31st at 12PM PST. You can order them through Gallery1988 Los Angeles and San Francisco...

Gallery1988 LA: (323) 937-7088 /

Gallery1988 SF: (415) 409-1376 /

Happy Halloween!!


Frame #11 & Ronie Midfew Arts are proud to be continuing the "LOST Underground Art Project." The 11th limited edition print, celebrating the greatest "water cooler" moments from the ABC television show "LOST" is by artist Drew Millward and focuses on Walt's Kidnapping. This poster sold out in about 2 minutes.

This is the 11th print, of an eventual set of 16, and was revealed at comic book store Forbidden Planet, at their Glasgow location. Visitors on Thursday were surprised to see the store's "bags and boards" were sponsored, and printed on, by Widmore Publishing and had the print's website as well. These prints are limited to 300, but less than 200 are available for purchase. Each is signed and numbered and 15 x 24 inches.

You can view this print at and follow the entire project at, which may involve free LOST events and stunts in your area to announce the newest print!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As we enter the final week of the Alex Pardee's complex mind being on display here at G1988: LA, November can only mean one thing - a Greg "Craola" Simkins solo show. Please don't mistake Greg's recent break for him doing "nothing." This last week he opened his new online store, which you can check and purchase from by CLICKING HERE, and he's been hard at work creating his brand new show, which will open at Gallery1988: LA on November 3rd. The show is entitled "The Pearl Thief" and it's one of the most complex themes and most intricate work of his career.

"The Pearl Thief" will tell the story of a greedy monster who travels the globe stealing people's imaginations, all in the shape of a pearl dangling inside each person's head. And that greedy monster needs to be stopped! And that's where we need YOUR help!

The art show will also be an interactive experience, creating a gallery puzzle that, when solved, will lead one lucky person to a free 5x5 original painting, depicting one of the fortunate souls you helped by returning their imagination. It's all pretty awesome!

Until that moment, when we call upon you for are two videos Greg put together featuring new works for "The Pearl Thief."

Again, WE NEED YOUR HELP to stop this "Pearl Thief" and bring these imaginations back to where they belong! Hope to see you November 3rd, 7 -11 PM!

G1988: LA

Friday, October 23, 2009


image by Danielle Rizollo

Kevin and Scott just left our SMArt show and we're so happy to have housed this one-night event! SO MUCH FUN! And thanks to everyone who came through and braved the door opening line.

And even though it's a one night event, you can see all the artwork here FOREVER....

It's ADULT THEMED. Like all of our lives.

G1988: LA

Frame #10 & Ronie Midfew Arts are proud to be continuing the "LOST Underground Art Project." The 10th limited edition print, celebrating the greatest "water cooler" moments from the ABC television show "LOST" is by artist Rob Jones and focuses on The Swan Station. This poster sold out in less than 2 minutes.

This is the 10th print, of an eventual set of 16, and was revealed at the famous Ron Herman boutique on Melrose Ave. at the Fred Segal Center. Ron Herman himself designed a limited edition LOST-inspired canvas tote bag for the reveal, which included the print's website on the back. This bag was available for free, for anyone who stops by the store today (while quantities last). Fans in Tokyo will also be able to pick up this tote on Saturday at the newly opened Ron Herman Tokyo.

These prints are limited to 300, but less than 200 are available for purchase. Each is signed and numbered and 18 x 30 inches.

You can view this print at and follow the entire project at, which may involve free LOST events and stunts in your area to announce the newest print!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We just got a lovely email from Yanick Blanchet at Montreal Vinyl, sharing pics he took while visiting Jonathan Bergeron's (aka Johnny Crap's) studio. And the work looks AMAZING! These are the first images I've seen of Johnny's new work for our "Into The Mystic" show and I couldn't be happier.

A huge thank you to Yanick for sharing these photos! Again, you can see their write-up on the show here:

The show also features Jason Limon, Ken Keirns and Jeremiah Ketner, so stay tuned for preview pics from these artists coming soon! This is going to be a really great show.

G1988 SF

Kevin Smith x Scott Mosier x Scott Campbell

A lot of people have been emailing and asking more about the SMart show this Friday night with out hosts Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. And to explain it better, to illustrate the idea of artists taking the transcripts from Kevin and Scott's podcast, the SModcast, I figure we'd give you the dialogue from the episode, then follow it up with one of the two pieces Scott Campbell came up with. A prime example. So here's the text, which was heard both on the podcast, and printed in the new Kevin Smith...

SMODCAST #42 - Kevin the Angel tells Scott Mosier that Scott is to be the Father of the next coming of Christ.

Kevin Smith: An angel appeared to you and he looks like me. He’s like, “Hey man.”
Scott Mosier: I’m like, “What are you doing?”
KS: “What do you mean, ‘What am I doing?’”
SM: How angelic are you? Are you floating? If you’re just standing at the foot
of my bed in a white robe…
KS: No, I’m dressed like this, but I have a halo.
SM: Like tinfoil?
KS: No, it’s hovering.
SM: There would have to be something about you.
KS: I’m the angel Gabriel. You’re you. [Yells] “Hey man, wake up!”
SM: “Why are you so aggressive?”
KS: “I’m just happy. I’m here to deliver the good news. The gospel!” Oh wait,
Alex has got to sleep through it… it’s an angel thing.
SM: “Yeah but I’m half asleep too. You don’t have to yell.”
KS: “Well, wake up. I’ve got big news. This is important.”
SM: “Alright, I’m right here.”
KS: “You know your lady is having a baby right?”
SM: “Yeah?”
KS: “You know that baby is not yours?”
SM: “Er, that’s what I hear.”
KS: “Who’s baby is that?”
SM: “I don’t know.”
KS: “Take a guess.”
SM: “Yours?”
KS: “No man, I’m an angel. We don’t have sexual organs. I don’t have a di*k.
It’s f*cked up, wanna see?”
SM: “No. Erm, I don’t know.”
KS: “It’s God’s baby. Did that f*cking blow your hair back? It’s God’s baby in
your lady’s tummy!”
SM: “It does.” At this point isn’t that the anti-Christ? Isn’t that the second
KS: Well no, there’s a difference between those two things. There’s an anti-
Christ and there’s a second coming. So let’s say this is the second coming.
“Hell sh*t, yeah! It’s the second coming man!”
SM: Yeah, but isn’t the second coming like he’s coming to bring us peanut
butter jelly sandwiches?
KS: Actually the second coming, they say that he returns as a lion, not a
lamb. First time he came as a lamb. Which was why he was in the f*cking
trough in a stable, makes sense. But he says, “When I come back I’m coming
back as a lion not a lamb.” So actually he wouldn’t come back as a baby I
don’t think, he’d come back as a man. He’d come down as Jesus, as the Jesus
we all know from pictures.
SM: He’d just take the elevator down?
KS: No, he wouldn’t need an elevator. He’s Jesus. But the angel’s like, “Yeah,
we were going to send him down as a lion not a lamb, but we figured why
not make him a lamb again. Worked out so well the first time.”
SM: So he’s the second lamb?
KS: Yeah, he’s the second lamb. The lamb of God. “Your old lady is carrying
God and that God-baby is going to grow up to be God-man — not to be
confused with Batman or Superman — but God-man. He will fight his archnemesis
The Joker. No, the anti-Christ. So you cool with this? I guess we
should’ve asked you before but…”
SM: “Yeah, you’re not really giving me a choice.”
KS: “Nah, well this is America.”
SM: “We didn’t want kids. Why didn’t you pick someone who wanted
KS: “Because, it makes a bigger profound statement.”

And here is what Scott Campbell, a genius, created.

You guys gotta stop by...and listen to SModcast free on iTunes or on the Internet! And listen to Kevin sit in all week with Kevin & Bean on KROQ 106.7 FM!

See you Friday!

G1988: LA

Monday, October 19, 2009


The Gallery1988: LA crew has been looking forward to this week all year! Friday night, our gallery will play host to "SMart: Artwork Inspired By Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier's SModcast." If you don't know about SModcast, no worries, because just like with everything I know nothing about....I can teach you....through Wikipedia.

SModcast is a weekly podcast featuring filmmaker Kevin Smith and his long time producer partner Scott Mosier, although guests occasionally feature. Released each Sunday night, the episodes are generally one hour in length and feature Smith and Mosier discussing current events and other non-sequitur topics. The name was derived from taking the first letters of "Smith" and "Mosier" and replacing the "P" in "Podcast". The podcast is distributed through Smith's entertainment website Quick Stop Entertainment. New episodes are made available for download there each Sunday night or Monday morning, and are then released through the RSS feed the following Friday in order to ease bandwidth strains on the Quickstop Entertainment.

And they've been doing it quite some time, as they are currently about to release episode #96. And this is not your father's podcast (cause your Dad LOVES podcasts). These are dirty, real, free and tremendously funny. Topics like how long it would take for Kevin to eventually make a sexual advance on Scott if they were stuck on the LOST island, how people would react if Jesus came back to fight Osama Bin Laden, what Hitler's dog was probably like and how one might confront a member of 80's rock band Foreigner if you were to see him at the supermarket are brought up on the program with extreme delight. And Titan Publishing just released "Shootin' the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best Of SModcast," which takes some of the show's best bits and transcribes them into the written word. So to celebrate the book release and Kevin's Q & A event at the Orpheum Saturday night, we enlisted 25 artists to take these transcribed SMod moments and turn them into original paintings and prints for display and purchase. "SMart," hosted by Kevin and Scott, is a one-night event at G1988: LA, this Friday, Oct. 23rd from 7-11 PM and has spawned some amazing pieces. And we're excited to see the SMod-inspired pieces from:

Tom Whalen
Daniel Elson
Scott Campbell
Andrew Wilson
Allison Reimold
Dave MacDowell
Jim Horwat
Israel Sanchez
David Eichenberger
Lesley Reppeteaux
Kiersten Essenpreis
Danielle Rizzolo
Ben Walker
Joey Spiotto
NC Winters
Roland Tamayo
Scott Derby
Tom Haubrick
Dan Santat
Sean Clarity
Gideon Boomer
and 3 lucky submission winners...
Travis Kotzebue
Jen Brazas
& Razzah Wunderbar!

And one more artist Dave Perillo, who's contribution below is a depiction of SModcast episode #38, where Kevin and Scott talk about getting VERY drunk and attempting to ride It's A Small World at Disneyland (and running into some problems because of Kevin's weight).

Do yourself a favor, go over to iTunes or Quick Stop Entertainment by CLICKING HERE (if foul language and adult themes don't offend you - p.s. That's a warning!) and check out some episodes of SModcast before the event this Friday night.

Kevin will also be on KROQ all week, sitting in with Kevin and Bean, and also on G4's "Attack of the Show" tonight promoting the week of KS festivities.

We'll be doing updates all week for "SMart" - so stay tuned, and come hang with Kevin, Scott and the G1988: LA gang on Friday night.

G1988: LA

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something For Your Sunday

This is announced.

More on that soon.

And our SMart Show with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier is this coming Friday. We'll be full speed on that hyping that up next week, as 25 artists will be taking aim at Kevin and Scott's popular podcast series, SModcast. If you are not aware of SModcast, it's hilarious, free on Itunes or the Internet, and super dirty (so don't say we didn't warn you). We'll break down the artists participating and give you some previews, etc. throughout next week. And we obviously suggest coming by Friday night, 7-10 PM, as Kevin and Scott will be in the house, signing, talking and also celebrating the release of Kevin's new book, "Shootin' The Sh*t With Kevin Smith," which transcribes a lot of greatest hits from SModcast. Going to be a lot of fun, leading up to one of Kevin's infamous Q&A evenings the next night at the Orpheum. It's a View Askew weekend and we're happy to be a part of it.

Again, more on all this SOON!

G1988: LA

Long Night

The Re-Up show in SF last night was great. We had a nice crowd of people come to support the artists and it was a lot of fun. There were a ton of art shows and other events around SF last night, so I want to thank everyone for making their way over to the gallery.

Aaron (Angry Woebots) has some really nice customs still available. If you interested in them or would like to see some additional pics let me know.


"Stitch #1" front view

"Stitch #1" side view

"Stitch #2" front view

"Stitch #2" side view

The show runs through Nov. 7th, so if you didn't have a chance to stop by last night you definitely need to come before the show closes to see Scribe and Woebots' incredible installations.

You can also see everything online here...

Ok, off to APE! Very excited!

G1988 SF

Friday, October 16, 2009


The SF gallery looks incredible. Scribe and Angry Woebots finished their installations for the new show and it looks SO GOOD!

Angry Woebots installation (photo courtesy of Paul)

Scribe's installation

Mr. Jago's works

Gaia's works

Deseo's works

Dia's works

There are so many amazing pieces in this show, the artists did an incredible job. You can see all of the artwork here:


We have an opening reception tonight from 7-10PM and it's definitely worth seeing this show in person for the installations and Dia delivered a few HUGE pieces that are stunning and must be seen in person. The photos really don't do the pieces justice. And it's my birthday today, so that's another reason you should stop by the gallery tonight. Come celebrate and have a beer with me! 1173 Sutter St (at Polk) from 7-10PM.

G1988 SF

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frame #9

(detail) & Ronie Midfew Arts are proud to be continuing the "LOST Underground Art Project." The 9th limited edition print, celebrating the greatest "water cooler" moments from the ABC television show "LOST" is by artist Dan McCarthy and focuses on Rousseau's Transmission. This poster sold out in less than 8 minutes.

This is the 9th print, of an eventual set of 16, and was revealed by rapper/producer 88-Keys, who debuted the 1st season LOST inspired song, "Baggage Claim," on his blog, 88-Keys mentions the poster's website in the song's hook.

These prints are limited to 300, but less than 200 are available for purchase. Each is signed and numbered and 18 x 30 inches.

You can view this print at and follow the entire project at, which may involve free LOST events and stunts in your area to announce the newest print!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Alex Pardee just posted a recap and OVER 200 PHOTOS from the current G1988: LA exhibit, "Hiding From The Normals." It's definitely worth a looksy. I said "looksy."

You can check it all out by CLICKING HERE.

For those in, or around, LA, the show will be on display through October 29th, and we want to see you stop by! Don't worry, those flower paintings behind Alex and his friends....are not part of the art show.

G1988: LA

Working Large Scale

We're in the midst of installing our new show, Re-Up, in San Francisco and it looks awesome! Scribe is here (all the way from Kansas City) doing a really incredible installation. Here's how it started...

and this is what it looks like now, even though it's not quite finished yet...

Angry Woebots is on his way over, also to do a wall installation! So, we're looking forward to seeing his work up with Scribe's. The show also features the work of Mr. Jago, Deseo, Gaia, and Dia and there are some HUGE pieces in the show. Gaia has a painted scroll that's 33 x 90 inches! Had a small panic attack trying to figure out how to fit everything in, but we'll make it work. We still have a ton left to do, but I'll post more pics later of the finished installation. If you're interested in seeing the show preview, please email us at


Saturday, October 10, 2009

NOW LIVE: Allison Reimold solo show!

Be sure to check out Allison Reimold's brand new solo show at! She delivered a perfect balance of paintings and drawings, and the most amazing part is they all under $200.00! Can't beat that!

See the entire show now at

G1988 SF

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beyond Eden Artwork NOW AVAILABLE

The Beyond Eden Art Fair doesn't open until tomorrow night, but we're giving our mailing list and blog faithful an early preview and shot to get any pieces they might want, including the beauties below...

Kumar by Lauren Gregg

Luck Is Never Enough by Shannon Bonatakis

Thanks For Having Me by Scott Campbell

The Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse by Krista Huot

Girl and Bear by Ben Strawn

I Came To Know An Archer by Daniel Danger
edition of 15 print, with hand painted elements different in each one


You can check out our entire Beyond Eden line-up by visiting

And hopefully see you at the Fair this weekend. Remember, you can learn more about Beyond Eden's hours, location, galleries, schedule and anything else it has by visiting

G1988: LA

Cause the Cause

We're honored to tell you guys about a special charity art event put on by our friends at Mattel called "Dream Halloween: The Art Show." Benefitting an incredible charity G1988 has worked with in the past, Children Affected by Aids Foundation (CAAF), there will be a silent auction for original art, mostly from the in-houses geniuses at Mattel (which includes 1988 regular Brandon Sopinsky above) and your bids go to such an amazing cause. We ask you guys to check out their website, and give to a worthy cause and pick up some worthy art! And artists: You can donate art too! Check out the "Donate Art" section to see how!

UPDATE - Art donation submissions can be sent to with an estimated value.

QUICK UPDATE HERE TOO - There will be a preview night that is open to the public. It will be October 22, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the Automobile Driving Museum (610 Lairport St. El Segundo, CA). Casual attire, drinks and light food will be served. And get this - a good amount of original He-Man Packaging Paintings from the 80's will be in the silent auction at the preview. The ones from the boxes! BUT LET THIS BE SAID - you will be bidding against me! And all a nice early set-up for the He-Man show we're doing with Mattel in January!

G1988: LA

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Witty Joke Messing Party up With Pardee

Wow. Well, last night brough a whole new meaning to the term "art rock star." The line started at 5:30 outside the gallery and when we opened at 7, Alex Pardee signed and drew consistently for almost 4 hours. We have NEVER had that many people in the gallery for a solo show opening reception. And for good reason. Alex Pardee knocked it out of the park. You can now see the whole show at And you SHOULD. And if you have the chance to stop by the gallery to see the entire installation, which includes almost 20 pages of text he's written about each character and the show's concept, a life size boar-headed mannequin woman and terribly incredible paper mache masks of Robocop, The Hamburgler, Spiderman and many others. You have to experience it first hand. I tell you.

Here are some pictures from last night's insanity, which includes many of the cosutmes, including the G1988: LA gang. Note where I stole some from, as that's being "Internet polite."

Check out Alex and friends before the show. Now I get that your eyes went directly to Alex, who is sporting an exact replication of Jordy Verrill from "Creepshow," but check out the guy on the far right. He's not only Batman, he's a replication of Alex's infamous painting of Batman...seen here:

That's an incredible costume.

Gallery manager Amber is KERRAZY.

all pics below from

The whole G1988: LA crew. Our intern Michelle can take to the seas. I'm the bee girl from the Blind Melon video.

You get a slight feeling of the installation Alex created to tell the story in those pictures.

Kids WAITING semi-patiently at 6 PM.

The creepiest paper mache masks ever. These were a surprise to buyers, as we kept them off the preview or online, for $100 each.

The BIGGEST decal I have ever seen.

And her. Standing next to her painting.

Trick R Treat writer/director Michael Dougherty standing with Alex in front of said painting. Good luck finding the Trick R Treat Blu-Ray. Sold out everywhere and selling better than Up, Transformers 2 and other movies that don't scare the crap out of you.

This was what Alex felt for 4 hours straight.

And this is what we saw from the desk.

This is a night we won't soon forget. And neither will LA Weekly.

CLICK HERE for the whole story at LA Weekly.

Again, we're so proud and thankful for Alex Pardee. He really has went through such a journey during the past 6 years we've known him and this all couldn't have happened to a better dude. CONGRATS, sir. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

G1988: LA