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Just noticed our last post here on the G1988 blog was number 400 total. Pretty nuts.

Well, New Year tomorrow....new show announcement today!

I am soooo excited for this, Brandt Peters' debut LA solo show, "Cackle Factory." Gonna be a big one!

But we've got Beastie Boys first on Jan. 8th...and here's a glimpse at Casey Weldon's awesome piece, where almost every incarnation of the Boys are partying. Love this piece!

Have a great New Years Eve!

G1988: LA

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Top 10 Movies of 2008 - Year 15

Gallery Vacation has begun.

We lounging. Which gave me time for this...

As a Filmic Writing grad (a degree I've used soo much running an art gallery and clothing line), every year I find myself creating a top ten list of my favorite films, acting almost like Stadler and Waldorf taking my place on the balcony, tomatoes in tow. If you've been reading the Gallery Blog for a year, you know I put last year's up here also (and that one had 20). Actually, I think this is my 15th straight year doing this self-important countdown (it started with middle school pal B.J. - who know is a projectionist at the Director's Guild theatre in LA) but since I see almost every movie possible (and yes, I have a first hand account that "Leatherheads" was awful) - I figured why discontinue a time honored tradition? And while it used to just sit in school notebook in high school and college, now I can post it on the blogs I write for and seem less crazy. This year's list is a little more mainstream than years past, as most of these films you've probably seen (or will see), but that doesn't make it bad, Guy With Screen Name LuisBunuelFan34. Just make sure to take a peek at the "Movies I Haven't Seen Yet" list at the bottom for frame of reference.

10. Tie - Tropic Thunder / Rachel Getting Married

Number 10 is always a tie. It's the easiest thing to do when you're indecisive. That or don't make lists.

I'm still confused with people who didn't like Tropic Thunder. Like Nazis, I assume they are people who can't have fun (and kill Jews). But, I do agree that Ben Stiller has become painful in general. EXCEPT when he's directing himself (i.e. Cable Guy, Zoolander and this one). Then he's genius. And maybe it's because I love "Apocalypse Now" / "Hearts of Darkness" - but this war film / Hollywood spoof seemed almost perfect to me, although I wasn't as into the Tom Cruise cameo as the rest of the world (seemed glim, Matt). But Downey Jr. puts in my favorite comedic performance of the year, while Jack Black finally plays subtle again, and is awesome.

And Rachel Getting Married spotlights Anne Hathaway, in a performance that would earn her the Oscar, if she weren't so young. Almost channeling Ricky Gervais, her character makes you cringe with all her awkward family interactions during an intense weekend getting ready for her sister's wedding. TV On Radio's constant soundtrack makes you realize why dudes in tight jeans and ironic glasses (MINE ARE REAL, OK?) have been praising them for the past few years. The film might be heavy, but don't be scared to let out a laugh even when you think it's inappropriate. Not a matinee movie to see with your 6-year-old nephew, unless your 6-year-old nephew is a recovering addict. Then, it might be helpful - but then I think going to the movies should be low on your priority list.

9. The Dark Knight

Because I'm a comic book reader you'd think I'd have this new Batman chapter closer to number 1, right? I know, I did too. Not sure why I don't really. I just think the film didn't stick with me as much as I thought it would. Loved Heath (who will win the Supporting Actor Oscar), loved the direction and just overall loved the movie, but other films this year seemed to mean more to me. Wasn't ecstatic about Two-Face or how they pulled the Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince switcheroo to Katie Holmes - but I watched the movie again on Blu-Ray recently - only to be totally blown away one more time. I just like it at number 9. That's really as creative as I'm gonna get for the reasoning.

8. Frost/Nixon

I love me some historic retelling. Went into this one thinking I'd hate it, assuming it was Ron Howard schlock, but like that time I predicted Master P would run for Senate one day, I was dead wrong (sadly, not joking). An incredible tale of corruption, accountability and American politics, Frost/Nixon creates and maintains an intense tone throughout the movie, which is weird considering the climax has two dudes staring at each other from comfortable chairs. Acting nominations will obviously follow for the two males leads (but they will both lose) and Opie will get his obligatory nomination, but I strongly recommend this movie to anyone interested in intriguing political stories (i.e. Michael Clayton, All The President's Men, Bio-Dome).

7. Iron Man

Yes, I did like Iron Man more than The Dark Knight, but that might have something to do with my taste in comics more than cinema. I think most people will read that and act like I just said I liked Pacey more than Dawson (which I did). Well, I just like Iron Man more. Always have. I read Batman, but I usually cling more to the villains in his stories - while I'm always rooting for the arrogant and pompous Tony Stark to save the day and kill bad dudes. Robert Downey Jr. (the only actor to be in 2 films in this year's Top 10 - thanks, sobriety) makes it seem like Iron Man couldn't have been portrayed on the big screen if he wasn't acting (or if the studio wasn't able to insure him). Jon Favreau, a personal fav of mine, does an incredible job tackling a large movie (rent Zathura for his first, it's not bad) and the inclusion of a Ghostface Killah video in the background of the private jet scene made the hip-hop nerd in me C.R.E.A.M. in my pants (I know, gross. But that is most likely the first ever Wu-Tang pun published. I bow.)

6. Wall-E

Technically not the lowest a cartoon with minimal dialogue has placed (that distinction goes to 2003's Triplets of Belleville), but at this point, even if Pixar released a full length cartoon of Hitler winning the Nobel Peace Prize, it'd still make my list. They are a young Mark Price at the free throw line; They don't miss. This heart warmer about a robot who goes emo is proof that although some companies have stepped up their animated game (Disney's Bolt, Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda), there's only one House That Steve Jobs Aimlessly Invested In And Got Lucky With, and that's Pixar. Their 2009 entry, "UP," will have a spot saved for it come December 2009 cause even the new trailer has me excited. I doubt you have, but make sure you don't miss this film, especially in its new Blu-Ray release, as the sprawling landscapes and detail, with minimal need to over emphasis both in visuals and storytelling, can only be compared to classic visuals from movies like "Once Upon A Time In America" or "How The West Was Won." If "Snow White" was Pong, Wall-E is the virtual reality video game they play in "Lawnmower Man," it's existance and evolution is barely believeable.

5. Let The Right One In

The best movie you'll never see, Let The Right One In is the best Swedish import since the Chef from the Muppets. Also, the best movie with a title derived from a Morrissey song (but here's to hoping there's a movie in development called "You're The One For Me, Fatty.") It's the tale of a disenchanted, confused 12-year-old boy in Stockholm, who befriends his new neighbor, a young mysterious girl who most definately is a vampire. And not in that "cute Buffy The Vampire Slayer kill while wearing Spandex then tell a joke way". It's a love story, a horror film and a black comedy involving children vampires. It's basically what I want my real life to be like. And yes, it's subtitled, but it's also absolute brilliance so let's make reading fundamental just this one time.

4. Milk

Not much funny to stuff to write about this one, as Sean Penn is directed by Gus Van Sant in this moving and extremely relevant biopic of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician in America - and the tragic story of his assassination. It's basically an actin clinic with Penn completely losing himself to the character and charm of Milk, while Emile Hirsch, James Franco and Diego Luna (who weirdly gets a bad rap in some reviews) all turn in perfect supporting roles. I'm pretty sure those who marched in the Castro back during Milk's time in office thought it couldn't get any worse for homosexuals and their civil rights, but we've sadly proven them wrong. I do wish everyone who voted Yes on Prop 8 here in California was able to see this movie on their way to their local polls, because this film's power would carry more importance today than during any other time in history. Great film.

3. Burn After Reading

If I had twins I might name them Joel and Ethan. Even if they were girls. That's how big of a Coen Brothers fan I am. They alone made me want to go to film school. Every film they've made since I started making these lists have found their way into the top 10 (yes, even "Ladykillers" and "Intolerable Cruelty"). And Burn After Reading is the closest they've come to replicating my favorite Coen Brothers film (and a former number 1) "The Big Lebowski" - so it's pretty obvious how much I loved this film. With stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich and Frances McDormand, the plot weaves in and out like Steve Kerr running the '91 Bulls offense. It involves government secrets being handled by physical trainers, which sounds a lot like the last 8 years. And someone please give J.K. Simmons the recognition he deserves. Known mostly as Juno's dad, the dude steals this movie from some of the industry's biggest names in no more than 5 minutes of screen time. Just released on DVD and Blu-ray, pick it up and celebrate aimless importance.

2. Slumdog Millionaire

The only movie on the list I saw twice, it really could've been number 1 without an issue (or my personal experience being factored in). Danny Boyle is another one of my favorites since his first film "Shallow Grave," and I believe he should (and will) win the Oscar for Best Director and Best Picture for this one. The tale of a Indian kid who may have caught tons of bad breaks, but realizes those tough times might just help him win the jackpot on India's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." This no doubt will be 2008's big winner and it deserves to be. Also, I think EVERY film should end with a choreographed dance number. I don't care if it's Schindler's List, have the actors come back out and bust a move, almost like a Broadway curtain call with Wade Robson hosting. It just makes everything better. Just imagine Dame Judi Dench doing Soulja Boy's Crank Dat dance once the credits rolled on "Notes On A Scandal." Supaman dat ho.

1. The Wrestler

I'm biased on this one, having spent a few months on the road as a staff writer for WWE's Monday Night Raw a few years back, but Darren Aronofsky's tale of a broken down former main event wrestler is an epic and heart-breaking journey through some seriously depressing eyes. Mickey Rourke should be given the Best Actor Oscar now, rather than having to wait any longer and falsely giving hope to Dustin Hoffman in that "I'm Old, But Dating" movie. And Marissa Tomei has boldly claimed her spot as the Go-To Show Your Boobs Girl, possibly even getting her another Supporting Actress win (this time without those pesky Jack Palance announced the wrong name rumors). The script, written by a former head writer of The Onion (which is kind of like me writing "Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants"), is almost too realistic, making me wonder how many of the older wrestlers I worked with, and wrote alongside, the dude has met. Springsteen's closing credit song is worth the movie ticket price alone. Wanna know how realistic this movie is? Rent documentary and former Top 10'er "Beyond The Mat" and realize where some inspiration came from. Long Live The Ram.

And that's another list.

Honorable Mention (no order) -

Bolt 3-D, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Visitor, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Zack and Miri Make A Porno, Kung Fu Panda, American Teen, Choke, The Wackness, Speed Racer, Step Brothers, Doubt

Movies I Did Not See Yet, Which Would Probably Affect How Serious You Take My List -

W., Gran Torino, Happy Go Lucky, Revolutionary Road, Role Models, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Reader

Last year's Number One. Again, to judge me -

There Will Be Blood

G1988: LA

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Soon Soon Soon

"Under The Influence: An Official Art Tribute to Beastie Boys" is literally just around the corner, opening at G1988: LA on Jan. 8, 2009. Boasting a line-up of just about 100 artists, this show is shaping up to be quite a historic event. The band has been extremely gracious and receptive, involving themselves in early previews and promotion, so we're really gearing up for this one. Consider it a boyhood dream. Every piece that is delivered for this show brings a serious smile to my face, as I employ each Beastie Boys record to represent a time in my life, while each song brings back memories of specific instances. I mean, I had a lizard when I was 10 named "Beastie." I learned to skateboard to "Check Your Head" and I tend to believe my personality was shaped from "Paul's Boutique" (maybe not a compliment?). So to maybe get you into the same mind state, let's give you a nice little peek into what I've been seeing delivered in cardboard boxes this week...

Chris Roth did another light up stained glass piece, in the vein as last year's Stan Lee tribute, this time getting in touch with his religious side. SO INSANE. The detail in this piece is mind blowing, as each piece of glass is painted individually.

Up and coming art star Jullian Callos brought the boom box and vinyl directly to life. Jullian is an artist who has blown me away, and improved, with each piece he has delivered. And he's sold every piece in a 1988 show so far, so there's really nothing better!

One of my personal favorite artists Le Merde takes aim at one of my favorite songs of all time. The Portland native channels his inner Egg Man.

Ken Garduno goes undercover referencing the classic Spike Jonze helmed music video for "Sabotage."

Michael Alvarez shows the world who made the fish eyed lens cool.

Jason D'Aquino has a steady hand in only comparable to Mix Master Mike I think, able to create this seriously detailed boom box all on a small book. And not just any book. A title referenced in "B-Boy Bouillabaisse."

Enough for now....more later. The LA gallery will be open tomorrow 11-6, Sunday 12-4, Tuesday 11-6 and Weds 11-3. Get your last minute Holiday shopping in. I won't tell.

G1988: LA

Friday, December 19, 2008

Vivisect Update

Jeremy Brautman from Toycyte did a nice write-up on Vivisect Playset 5. You can see the article here...


We got a feature! Thank you, Jeremy!

We also received an email this morning from Moira Hahn, to correct the price of one of her pieces in the show. It seems that somewhere in the email train the price of "Tamago" increased from $1,200 to $3,200! Yikes! So, the price has been corrected and is now in line with the rest of her work.

Moira Hahn
Tamago II
watercolor on paper
8 1/2 x 11 inches
17 x 12 3/4 inches framed

Vivisect 5 is coming to an end next week and there are still a few great pieces left from the show, hurry before they are gone forever...


G1988 San Francisco

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pardee All The Time

Give me points for an Eddie Murphy musical reference (and NO he is NOT the Riddler).

For those who've called and emailed, Alex Pardee's Crazy 4 Cult prints are NOW available at the LA gallery.

Alex Pardee
The Cult Series:
Baseball Furie #1, Edward Scissorhands, Ash, Sloth, Johnny Eck, Cop #4
giclee prints on archival paper
8 x 10 inches (each print)
limited edition of 50
$40.00 each or $200.00 for the set of 6

You can email us at gallery1988@aol.com, call us at (323) 937 - 7088, or just come on in 11-6 Tuesday through Saturday or 12-4 Sunday. And so you know, the LA gallery will be open even on X-Mas Eve from 11-3 for the last minute procrastinator in you. I recommend these prints whole heartedly.

G1988: LA


Like the new get up here at the blog? Sweet, huh? Kicking off the new year a little early with a new blog design. Shiny. And new.

Anyway, here's a video interview of Pete and Travie from Young Hollywood recorded the night of the opening reception, where I feel like I genuinely have the greatest cameo in history. Please stay tuned to it until you see my old man "Get Off My Lawn" face.

G1988: LA

Big Bummer

Unfortunately the Krista Huot "Snowfall Over Poppies" prints got stuck in customs on their way to Canada to be signed and numbered. It's all my fault, I thought we would have enough time to release them before the holidays, but customs delayed their arrival by over a week!

So, we've decided to release these prints in January. Again, I am so sorry about the delay!

The good news is, Krista has hand embellished 15 of the prints from this edition. She colored the poppies with four different shades and they look amazing! Here are some pics she sent us of her working on them...

Both the normal prints from this edition and the embellished ones look awesome, and Krista is very happy with them! Here are all the specs, in case you missed this info the first time...

Krista Huot
Snowfall Over Poppies
giclee print on archival paper
16 x 20 inches
limited edition of 50
*15 prints in this edition will be embellished by the artist and sold at $150.00 each

G1988 San Francisco

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're Number 1!

Congrats to our current 1988 exhibitor Pete Wentz and the rest of his band Fall Out Boy for a number 1 release today over at iTunes with their new studio record "Follie a Deux." And congrats to Luke Chueh, who's album cover artwork is currently being downloaded (or purchased for us dinosaurs) by over 500,000 consumers! We were totally stoked to have worked on this album in regards to art direction and check out the 2nd part of our involvement with the album, the inside liner artwork of LA artist Ronald Kurniawan, which 1988 conceived and art directed.

"America's Suitehearts" is the jam that kept me from passing out from the flu I'm fighting today, while packaging up all these Holiday orders with Cory. To all of you guys, GREAT WORK!

G1988: LA

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New York Times, dude.

Mr. Nightime from clandestine on Vimeo.

A dramatic reenactment of how the piece "Mr. Night Time" was created in Pete Wentz's house with one Travis McCoy. Just the facts, ma'am. Here's the piece from our current exhibit "Without You I'm Just Me" that - like Billy Joel when I was in elementary school - did start the fire.

While on the subject...some more insane press mentions for you to click...

New York Times (!!!!!) Shouts to Jon Caramanica, a friend of the gallery since the early days and one of the few writers I can geniunely say I look up to.

Perez Hilton

An insightful write up from the friends at Toycyte And not just because they agree with me. OK, it is that too.

Next week starts publicity for Under the Influence: The Official Art Tribute To Beastie Boys, where I'll break down the whole G1988: LA exhibit opening Jan. 8, 2009 - which is in conjunction with the band themselves - and get you some insane preview sneak peeks. Until then, here's Mear One's contribution followed by Eric Tan's incredible poster.

Gonna be a wild ride.

G1988: LA

Prints Update

We have prints on the way!

Alex Pardee is at the SF gallery today signing his Crazy 4 Cult prints...

I'm going to pack them up today and ship to the LA gallery, where they will be released next week! Here is the entire set of 6, which will be sold individually or as a complete set.

Alex Pardee
The Cult Series:
Baseball Furie #1, Edward Scissorhands, Ash, Sloth, Johnny Eck, Cop #4
giclee prints on archival paper
8 x 10 inches (each print)
limited edition of 50
$40.00 each or $200.00 for the set of 6

Alex is one of the artists in our Vivisect Playset show that's up right now. He has three amazing ink drawings in the show. The detail in these pieces is incredible. Viewing these online really doesn't give them justice. I wish you could all see the work in person.

Squid-Kid Is Dead. And I Have The Proof

I Took Care Of The Giant Chicken Problem

The Hunt For The Giant Kitten Is Over - SOLD

We also got the Dan Goodsell work in from his online show at www.88point5.com.

We're starting to ship them out to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas. So, to everyone who bought a Goodsell piece, keep an eye out cause they're on their way!

Dan's show will contiune through Dec. 23rd, so check out www.88point5.com to see the rest of the work that's still available. Next up, we have Tom Haubrick, which is going to be another great show!

Back to prints...

We are very excited to announce the Kendra Binney prints have arrived and are now available for purchase at the SF gallery.

Kendra Binney
Assembly of Defeated Beasts
giclee print on archival paper
10 x 10 inches
limited edition of 50

To order this beautiful print, please call Gallery1988 San Francisco at (415) 409-1376 or email us at gallery1988sf@gmail.com

And finally, the Krista Huot "Snowfall on Poppies" prints are almost ready! The poor prints were held hostage in customs on their way to Canada. We sent them to Krista to sign, number and hand embellish the prints so long ago and they just made it to her yesterday. So, fingers crossed that the prints don't get held up again on the way back to the gallery! If everything goes as planned, we will have them next week. I'm SO sorry for the delay on these prints.

Krista Huot
Snowfall Over Poppies
giclee print on archival paper
16 x 20 inches
limited edition of 50
*15 prints in this edition will be embellished by the artist and sold at $150.00 each

G1988: SF

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Soooooooo....how's your day? I don't mean to come off too Kanye here, but I think the one thing we pride ourselves on here at G1988 is trying to bring this emerging art scene (which nowadays seems more "life in a bubble" than ever), and the artists who show their work with us, into new press avenues which either normally do not, or HAVE NEVER, picked up a story you might normally see in Juxtapoz (if the gallery pays for ads that is). Today, using Google or searching through Wire Image has never been so fun. But more on that later.

Last night we had the opening reception, both public and private, for Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy's "Without You I'm Just Me" exhibit which went absolutely went off. Quick recap - 6-9 PM had fans of all ages getting autographs and items from the show, while 9-11 PM had the gallery jam packed with both art lovers and people we only know from those few minutes we're in our market checkout lane, bored, looking at magazine covers. Pete and Travis sold a ton of art, and art-related products, and it really was an amazing event, with a great cause in mind, Invisible Children, a charity that helps the condition in the brutal region of north Uganda. Well, enough talk...it's time for Perez Jensen Hilton. All photos courtesy of FriendsorEnemies.com and Wire Image.

The dudes of the night. Not me. I'm just a guy of the night.

John Mayer came to support and let me know he's a really good dude, so I can stop my uneducated judgements. Also, "Daughters" has always been my jam, so I was just being an asshole.

He tested to see how close he can get to touching paintings before I freaked out...

...and took pictures of the guys.

Pete went out and threw something up before the show. NAW, I'm just joking. No need to go report to your favorite graf crew. This is a pic from Pete's childhood, in front of an old piece he did under the name REBL. Feels weird that he paid some dues, right? But he did.

Pete and Travie working on the installation before the show opened.

...and once the show opened.

It's a valid question.

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson stopped by to show love, and help the gallery's website shoot to like 4 million hits today.

"4 million hits? That's nothing!"

Pete and Ashlee.

Video director and good guy Alan Ferguson, Solange Knowles, Pete and Ashlee. A golfing 4-some that might turn pro.

Travis travels with this Red Foxx doll from his childhood that he makes celebrities and friends take a picture with, for a book he hopes to publish in the near future. So he obviously had to bring it to his art show. The list of those who have held Red is rather incredible. Oh and Hall & Oates.

Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, and the "We own more Luke Chuehs than anyone" club.

Nicole Richie and Ashlee.

Cassadee of Hey, Monday.

Dom Deluca, who wins the "I'm cooler than you" contest once he got his own Hundreds t-shirt, and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park.

Papa Joe Simpson, Pete and Travis

3/4 of Fall Out Boy - Andy Hurley, Pete and Joe Trohman.

Pete, Clark Duke (of Clark and Michael webisodes fame - please google it!) and Alan.

And here's the Pete x Travis x Luke Chueh collab we weren't able to put on the website yet. And yes, it sold.

Anyway, back to the press thing. The one thing we pride ourselves on is stuff like this...

People Magazine

Pink Is The New Blog

US Weekly

The Insider


And I'm not saying seeing Pete, Ashlee or Jessica on these sites is a rare thing, I know they are on everyday. I'm just saying in this show, which is proudly announced in each, are also art pieces with Jeff McMillan, Greg Simkins, Luke Chueh, Dan May and Buffmonster - and this press has ALREADY proven to force new fans onto these artists, as well as drive new people into the gallery, dozens per hour. People who NEVER would have heard about or know how cool these artists are. And in turn, this show made a handful of buyers and artists call and email me and say, "You know, I wasn't expecting to like Pete and Travis's art, but I really do!" So maybe we both have different audiences that just need to know each other exist and aren't douchebags. Right, John Mayer?

G1988: LA