Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's On!

Chris Tezber's online show "Sinister Somethings" is now up on Chris is also standing by on the discussion boards, not only to talk about his new work, but he's also offering love advice.

Check out the show and say hello!


G1988 SF



...I thought we weren't previewing these, but I've seen them on a few message boards, so although I'm late to the party, here are two of the breath-taking collaborations between Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas that will be in "Cackle Factory," opening Tuesday in LA..

And still more collabs to see on Tuesday night!

G1988: LA

Friday, January 30, 2009

Is David Choe Opening?

I had a lot of "Holy Shit" moments while looking at this year's Coachella line-up (Paul McCartney's name is a few lines away from People Under The Stairs - and that's not just in my iTunes), but what I found coolest was that Shepard Fairey is just right in the mix there, performing on the 3rd day. He's probably DJ'ing, but the line between rock star and art star continues to blur. It's just gonna get worse and it's pretty awesome.

G1988: LA fill

Brandt delivered two huge painted shoes today? I think he may have built a monster.

Also, the debut of the new evite for our LA show in March (right after B. Peters)...


feat. Jason Limon, Doktor A, Jason D'Aquino, Michael Page and Scott Scheidly.

G1988: LA

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nanami Cowdroy

This morning, Nanami Cowdroy sent me a link to an interview she did with Noise Floor Crew in Chicago. You can see a few of her AMAZING pieces that will be featured in our upcoming show in SF, "Some Kind of Wonderful."

I believe Nanami is also coming all the way from Australia to SF for the opening, so we get to meet her for the first time in person! We've been working with her over a year, with numerous emails and telephone calls, and now finally we get to put a face to her name.

For now, check out the interview and hopefully it will inspire you to come the work in person (and meet the artist) in SF on Feb. 6th!

G1988 SF


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...then let him out!

We're officially one week away from Brandt Peters' debut Los Angeles solo show, "Cackle Factory," and he's delivered so much incredible work, we're finding ourselves navigating through boxes in the gallery like it's the maze in The Shining. I'm assuming all work and no play meant painting pieces, not throwing a baseball against the wall (or attempting to kill his family) for Brandt.

Since I'm the only guy privileged enough to have seen all the work, I'm the only guy who knows how cohesive and impressive the thematic tone of the show is. Brandt has employed the creepy, yet happily alluring, backdrop of abandoned playgrounds and circus carnivals to play home base for a set of characters both familiar and new to the artist's body of work. Even utilizing the show's title, "Cackle Factory," plays into this idea, since the term is a 1940's slang term for an asylum. It seems like Brandt's goal with this new body of work is to make each of us ask ourselves which of his characters, whether it be a tattooed pin-up model or a vintage pie-eyed ghost amongst bumper cars, spring rides, his signature Slap-Happy! and giant squids, we are in our most insecure and on-edge moments. When it at first seems like the cute or innocent cartoon-ish qualities brought me to love the piece, I realize it's truly the hidden message, the ability to make me wonder what this means to me specifically, that has me LOVING this show.

Two more previews for ya:

I'm telling you. Come this next Tuesday, Feb. 3, 7-10 PM, as Brandt will be in Los Angeles for his opening reception from 7-10 PM. It's worth it.

G1988: LA

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chuehs or Shoes

I'm not the biggest customized Nikes fan, but I was pretty impressed with these custom Nike hi-tops created by Yoa Kustoms, tributing Luke Chueh and many of his most memorable paintings.

Call them the Air Chuehs. Credit where credit is due, I first saw these HERE.

Oh, and Luke fans, mark the calendars for 09/09/09.

G1988: LA

Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Around The Globe

When we first opened the gallery, if you would've told me that we'd eventually be covered by the LA Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and now the Boston Globe, I would've thought you were a liar and spit in your soup. Being a bit of a news nerd (last week's KNBC news anniversary was serious DVR fodder for me), the love we've gotten from serious newspapers (no matter how close they are to going out of business) is one of my favorite parts about what we've done in our first five years.

CLICK HERE to read the Boston Globe article about the recent fusion between music/art and the current Beastie Boys Tribute Show.

And speaking of our first five years, next week we will announce our 5 year anniversary show, as we will celebrate the milestone this April. Been waiting for this one since I was in middle school. NOT JOKING.

G1988: LA

Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 with Brandt (plus 1)

So, we're entering the last week of "Under The Influence: Beastie Boys" which is sad on one hand (closing one of my favorite exhibitions of all time), but exciting on the other, as we'll be days away from opening "Cackle Factory," Florida artist Brandt Peters' debut Los Angeles solo show (Feb. 3). Brandt has quickly become one of our genre's most talked about, and visible, artists, not only selling out his paintings all over the US (most recently ringing in success at Opera Gallery in NY), but also becoming one of the vinyl toy world's all-stars (as him and wife Kathie Olivas basically did signings at every possible Comic-Con booth). As we prep for his solo, we asked Brandt to take place in our occasional blog feature where the artist picks out 5 paintings, from the beginning of time to just minutes ago, that are influencing him/her right now, citing the reasons. Brandt raised it a level, but for a good reason, as number 6 is obviously a pretty serious influence. Take it away, Mr. Peters.


Jensen wanted me to throw together some artists that have inspired the direction of my current body of work - which may shed a lot of light on my voice...

1) Francisco de Goya / "Burial of the Sardine"
Lately I have been obsessed with Francisco de Goya - To me... the first modern painter... In the piece I picked - BURIAL OF THE SARDINE - heavy carnival atmosphere - the frenzy, He-goats, the mad, giants, devils, the fates, abandoned children - everyone's represented, the gang's all here. His depictions of life at the time in Spain have pushed me to capture our world now and coincidentally the gang's still here - after hundreds and hundreds of years - all though the costuming is different Goya's work still seems fresh and daring... on a lighter side - I love carnivals, the surreal, costuming, the reign of religion, and gypsy life and its an excellent source.

2) Ernesto Garcia Cabral / Las Interesadas (Movie Poster)
'Chango' as Ernesto went by was the first artist for me, where I was profoundly moved by an artists drawing style... and the direction and action of line and form... For some... Al Hirschfeld captured the movement and action of line - but what was always missing was the allure - something sexy - and Cabral, just does it for me. A top caricaturist and commercial Illustrator from Mexico.

3) Phil Hale / "Chicken Placebo Generator"
A contemporary American figurative painter who resides in London - his work is known:... for depictions of slightly surreal scenes with strange characters performing various physical feats, usually in a confrontation of some sort. He seems to take keen interest in tension and emphasis of angular and dynamic aspects of the figure, almost always incorporating slight anatomical distortions to great effect. (from Wikipedia - best description yet...) His sense and confidence in the action and expression of a brush stroke, lighting and textures - is emotionally charging to me... and he loves robots.

4) T. S. Sullivant
An unfamiliar name but Considered the father of cartooning... There is a term called Kawaii - which translates to "cute" in Japanese... For many the "deformer" type rescaling of body proportions... big heads and eyes, tiny bodies, big feet are steeped in Japanese culture... Sanrio/Hello Kitty, etc - which is prevalent in all toys and pop imagery today... for me it started with the genius of the turn of the century American cartoonist, Sullivant who's work you could have found on the mastheads of William Randolph Hearst's comic pages as well as Life Magazine.... (*** and for the "biters" out there - respect this guys work from a distance - the second you start copying Sullivant's character and design is the moment that the entire animation industry will be on to you - he is much respected and revered... lets keep it that way.) An extraordinary character designer!

5) Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez - Diego Velázquez / "Doña Mariana"
A model for the realist and impressionist painters, Diego Velázquez's brushwork was the source of inspiration for many including Picasso, Dali and Bacon...

6) Kathie Olivas / "Bitten"
I started out questioning if I should include Kathie in here, because many might consider it pandering or playing it a little too close... however, without any formal training personally, Kathie has been and is my teacher in many ways and I want to celebrate that. Her never-ending hunger for knowledge and inspiration, the challenge she brings to my craft every day to push my improvement and class of artistry... her sense of color and palette, texture and expression are really the daily motions that help keep me centered and focused on my craft. I am forever indebted and grateful. An artist in a class above the rest.


To see where these influences lead Brandt, make sure to mark February 3rd on your calenders for the opening reception of "Cackle Factory" and stay tuned on this blog for more sneak previews to come.

G1988: LA

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And don't forget about Chris Tezber

While we're getting ready for "Some Kind of Wonderful" to open in San Francisco next month, we are also gearing up for our next online show with Chris Tezber. The show opens January 31st, so just a few weeks from now!

The show is titled "Sinister Somethings" and each piece explores some act of mischief or evil, but disguised behind some super cute and cuddly characters.

"Birds of a Feather Get Eaten Together"
10 x 10 inches

"Enjoy Nature, It Enjoys You"
12 x 12 inches

"Stare Bears"
20 x 20 inches

All of the new pieces range from $250 - $650, so there are some great deals!

Chris Tezber's "Sinister Somethings" opens January 31st at

G1988 San Francisco


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New shows, new work

We just got in some of the new work for our February show, and let me tell you, it's gonna be so good! We have new work from 9 lovely ladies from around the globe, including Allison Sommers, Sarah Joncas, Cherri Wood, Mari Inukai, Kendra Binney, Nanami Cowdroy, Rebecca Artemisa Urias, Yoko d'Holbachie and Rachel Wong.

So far, I have images from Nanami and actual paintings and drawings in the gallery already from Sarah. Here are some early preview pics for you...

Sarah Joncas "Because Your Mine"

This is my first time working with Sarah, we've worked with her in LA, but never in San Francisco and I am very impressed! The work is a little darker than I expected, and there is a lot of depth to the women she paints. In her artist's statement, Sarah explains why each of her works features one female figure... "Similar to an alter-ego, I have manufactured this woman to express my own experiences and to denote messages which extend beyond the private realm. As I learn more and grow older, I find that she as well matures with me, from childhood to adulthood." Sarah will have 5 new paintings in the show and 2 drawings.

Nanami Cowdroy "Over Flow"

Nanami Cowdroy, limited edition N-Deck

Nanami is an incredible artist from Sydney, Australia that we've been working with for a little over one year. I fell in love with her work when I saw it online, but then when I saw it in person I liked it even more because the quality of her prints is amazing. She creates these mixed media compositions, and we sell the prints of her original pieces. I said it before when we first started working with her, and it's still true, that her prints are the absolute best quality prints I have ever seen. She likes to work large, so these prints are big and as sharp as can be. You can see every tiny detail in the piece. We have some of her prints in the LA gallery, so if you want to check them out in person you can stop by either G1988 San Francisco or Los Angeles. Nanami will have 6 framed prints in the show, one limited edition skate deck, and one Blowfish wall hanging.

The show opens February 6th and is called "Some Kind of Wonderful." I will post images from the other girls in the show over the next few weeks.

Happy Obama inauguration day!

G1988 San Francisco

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Prints

We're busy busy at the SF gallery today working on new prints, we have a lot coming out over the next few months! Here are two that will be released very soon...



We'll give you all the details on these prints soon so stay tuned!

And I'm also very excited to announce our new show with Chris Tezber. The show opens in just a few weeks.

Have a good weekend!
G1988 San Francisco



It's not every day a friend gets two paintings mailed to him and when you open the boxes it looks like this:

Aw man. My jealousy is so painfully obvious. And those things won't fit in my pockets when I sneak out.

G1988: LA

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turning Up Milhouse

I'm sort of having one of those epiphany days. Where things are hectic and chaotic and usually I'd be totally flustered, but today I can see what's gonna be happening soon (days, months, years away) and I can't help but smile. That's a good day. But truthfully, some things helped me see through the clouds.

1. Brandt Peters sent us a preview image of a new painting/drawing hybrid he created for his solo show in Feb. I'm allowed to share it with it, so here's to sharing!

Here's to hoping we see more soon. Brandt has been talking about painting, drawings, collaborations, installations, sculptures, plush - I mean the guy is creating one serious show. I'm just here to facilitate.

2. A nice story ran today at Dossier Journal about our Beastie Boys show. Thanks to Jemal, you can read it by CLICKING HERE.

3. I can't give too much away about the best part of my day, but I'll say this. Our 5-year anniversary show in April is INSANE. We booked a host for it. I saw the first piece delivered for it. And I seriously want to scream to the heavens. It's the reason we opened a gallery. I have to stay cryptic for just a little longer.

G1988: LA

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

They Have Arrived!

I am VERY happy to announce that the much anticipated Krista Huot "Snowfall Over Poppies" prints are available for sale! We had some trouble getting these prints through customs on their way to Canada to be signed by Krista, so we had to delay their release. But they are now ready to find good homes.

Krista Huot
Snowfall Over Poppies
giclee print on archival paper
16 x 20 inches
limited edition of 50
*15 prints in this edition will be embellished by the artist and sold at $150.00 each

There are 50 prints in this edition and Krista hand-embellished the poppies on 15 of the edition. So, you can get the original version for $100.00 or the embellished version for $150.00, great deal both ways! I don't think these will last very long, so contact us at Gallery1988 San Francisco to orders yours today. (Great Valentine's Day gift, btw.)

Krista will also be in a show with us this March in San Francisco, so we'll have some of her originals available! Contact me if you want to be put on the preview list.

G1988 San Francisco
(415) 409-1376 /

Friday, January 9, 2009

Got More Suits Than Jacoby & Meyers

Katie is currently opening up Nathan Stapley's solo show up in San Francisco, and here in LA we're just calming down from the insanity that was last night's "Under The Influence: The Official Art Tribute to Beastie Boys" reception. Line out the door for most the night, and the gallery was packed wall to wall with patrons. Weirdly enough, this show I saw less artists than usual, which might say something about the music theme bringing in a new crowd, which is nice. And sales kept going until we turned off the register at 11, with a high percentage of the original paintings selling. Oh, and all three Beastie Boys LOVED the show, as they peeped it immediately when the artwork was posted from their studio in NY (but more on that later). You can check out the whole show just like the Boys did, if you haven't done so yet, by CLICKING HERE.

Also, check out some great coverage of the art show by the music department over at LA Weekly by CLICKING HERE. Cool to get an art show featured in that section. Also thanks to KROQ (especially Kevin, Bean and Garmen), 98.7 FM, Indie 103, NBC, Hypebeast, Arrested Motion, Old Man Musings and 944 for promoting and picking up the story.

The show will be up in LA until Jan. 29, with Brandt Peters standing in the on deck circle like a young Chris Sabo (someone leave a comment applauding that reference, PLEASE!).

Oh, and lots of people kept asking after Stan Lee and Beasties, who would we ever follow them with for "Under The Influence" 2010 - and although we're a week away from confirmation, I think we may have mastered this idea after all.

G1988: LA
I heard the Beastie Boys show was incredible last night in LA, very sorry to miss that one! But we were up in San Francisco setting up our new show with Nathan Stapley! The preview is now up...

There are 85 pieces in the show and all but two of them are $200.00 or less! Including these:

Death Star, $175.00

A New Hope, $175.00

Hal 9000, $175.00

Clockwork Orange, $200.00

Spok, $200.00

Cliff House, $175.00

Burning Barn, $175.00

Sitting Bull, $175.00

Batman, $175.00

There are a TON of amazing pieces in this show at ridiculous prices, so take some time and check out the artwork, all 85 pieces!

Hopefully we'll see you at the show tonight, 7-10PM!

(415) 409-1376

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"What if Dave Navarro is there, and then Carmen Electra shows up? Would that be awkward? How would you deal with that?"

Tonight it is, kiddos. A show over a year in the making, with the help of the actual Beastie Boys and Silva Management, we present "Under The Influence: The Official Art Tribute To Beastie Boys." The reactions of the few people who stopped in today have really made me start to think this is one for the record books. And not just because they had such an incredible gathering of music, videos and style to choose from within the Beasties' catalogue, but because each artist delivered incredible work that really can stand on its own - and we get to raise some money for a great charity, The Gramercy Housing Project. I can't wait any longer for people to see this.

So many people made this exhibit happen and blogs are almost as good as MTV Award Shows to give shout outs, so here I go. "Shouts to Jennifer Hall from Silva Management. Sancho, for putting 2 and 2 together for me when the idea came up. Every artist who took this serious, and got an email with a weird, very specialized theme - and went running with it like vintage Carl Lewis when he had the steroid rumors. Shout to DJ Dan Suh on the BB Mix CD made for the show. Shouts to Roaring Lion Energy Drink for the bar. And shouts to Beastie Boys, for giving us the blessing to do this, and for asking insane questions today."

Did I sound like Jeezy?

To hold you over until you can see all the art, here's the AMAZING Mark Brown and his piece, "Egg Man's Journey." And hold your emails, it's sold.

My favorite part of Mark's work is that EVERY SINGLE detail of his paintings not only reek of serious detail, but they all ALL mean something. He takes pride is every single element in his paintings representing something for his goal. And his theme shows, that's always fun to see. Don't believe me? Mark made this cute little guide for all of us to know the ka-nowledge.

Egg Man's Journey - Key

1. "'Cause these rhymes are 200 proof; They're like anvils lined up on a roof Waiting to drop on your corny melon." "Crawlspace." To the 5 Burroughs
2. "Got weight on my shoulders and things on my mind; The sky is falling and I'm falling behind" "The Move" Hello Nasty

3. Pirate stuff is all over Licensed to Ill

"Yo ho ho and a bottle of Brass Monkey; And when my girlie shakes her hips - she sure gets funky" "Rhymin' And Stealin'" Licensed to Ill

"I got the new dance - they call the Brass Monkey" "Slow Ride" Licensed to Ill

"Pistol packing, Monkey drinking, no money bum; I come from Brooklyn 'cause that's where I'm from" "Paul Revere" Licensed to Ill

"Brass Monkey - that funky Monkey; Brass Monkey - junkie; That funky Monkey"... etc. "Brass Monkey" Licensed to Ill
4. "Naugels, Isaac Newton, Scientific E.Z.; Ben Franklin with the kite getting over with the key" "Sounds of Science" Paul's Boutique

"I do the Smurf, the Popeye, and the Jerry Lewis; I like Bullwinkle but I don't like Moose" "Posse in Effect" Licensed to Ill

5. "Grand Royal prez and I'm also a member; Born on the cusp in the month of november" "Get It Together" Ill Communication

"Well, I'm a funky skull and I'm a Scorpio; And when I got my flow I'm Doctor on the Go" "Get It Together" Ill Communication

"And Norton is chillin with Mario; Well my name is Adrock I'm a Scorpio" "Three MC's And One DJ" Hello Nasty

"I practice asana daily so I'm very flexible; I'm a Scorpio so you know I'm very sexual" "Unite" Hello Nasty

"So don't speak what I heard, just say what I know; And my ahhh... my zodiac sign is Scorpio" "That's It That's All" To the 5 Burroughs
6. "Because I'm hard hittin' - always bitten - cool as hell; I got trees on my mirror so my car won't smell" "Slow Ride" Licensed to Ill

7. Baskettball references are everywhere (too many to list)

8. "Slow riding, gun hidin' on the go; I'm fly like an eagle and I drink Old Crow" "Slow Ride" Licensed to Ill

9. "And if you ask me, turn up the bass; And if you play Defender I could be your hyperspace" "Body Movin'" Hello Nasty

10. "Well I got my shit and the rhyme style's kicking; My brain is flowing honest like Abe Lincoln" "Do It" Ill Communication

"I do the Smurf, the Popeye, and the Jerry Lewis; I like Bullwinkle but I don't like Moose" "Posse In Effect" Licensed to Ill

"You should have never started something that you couldn't finish; Cause writin' rhymes to me is like Popeye to spinach" "Professor Booty" Check Your Head

11. "And now I'd like to introduce (what's up?); I'll pass the mic to D for a fist full of truth" "Pass The Mic" Check Your Head

12. "See I've got heart like John Starks, hitting mad sparks; Pass me the mic and I'll be rocking the whole park" "Get It Together " Ill Communication

13. "The mirror, the TV, the new guitar cord; My remote control and my old skateboard" "She's Crafty" Licensed to Ill

"Remote control to change the station; But that won't change your situation /

The man pushing buttons on remote control; Until your back's up against the wall /

Some like it hot, others like it cold; But we all want to hold the remote control /

We've got cameras on Mars on space patrol; Controlled on Earth by remote control " "Remote Control" Hello Nasty

14. "I'm the Egg Man: You know I'm the Egg Man (Once upon a time) Egg Man.;

I'm the Egg Man, taxi driver; I'm the Egg Man; Egg Man; Egg Man" "Egg Man" Paul's Boutique

15. "I've got rhymes gallot and then I never fail; Like gravy on potatos, Luke to Darth Vader "Do It." Ill Communication

"You suckers try to front like you've got the force But I'll slay like Vader sip you for first course" "Crawlspace." To the 5 Burroughs

"A puppet on a string I'm paid to sing or rhyme" "Do It." Paul's Boutique

16. "Like a broken clock that can't tell time; Like a thick ass book that's filled with wack rhyme" "Just a Test" Hello Nasty

17. "It feels good to play a little music; Tears running down my face 'cause I love to do it" "Root Down" Ill Communication

18. "I've got a million ideas that I ain't even rocked; I've got the light bulb flashing on the top of my head" "Finger Lickin' Good" Check Your Head

19. "Putting songs together ain't no puzzle like Yahtzee; Sending this out to K-Rob and Rahmalzee" "B-boys Makin´ With the Freak Freak" Ill Communication

20. "Your knees'll start shaking and your fingers pop; Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock" "Intergalactic" Hello Nasty

"Go by the name of King Ad Rock; Super educated I'm smarter than Spock" "Sneakin' Out the Hospital" Hello Nasty

(There's more, but it's hard to say if it's the guy from star Trek or the Pediatritian.)

21. "So I'm supposed to sit upon my couch watching my TV; I'm still listening to wax, I'm not using the CD" "Sure Shot" Ill Communication

"Cooling at the crib watching my TV; Ed Norton - Ted Knight - and Mr. E-D" "Paul Revere" Licensed to Ill

"All you trekkies and TV addicts; Don't mean to diss, don't mean to bring static" "Ch-Check It Out" To The Five Boroughs

22. "Goodness gracious golly gee; Shazam! Freeeeeeak out with the genie!" "Shazam!" To The Five Boroughs

23. "I'll grab the tee, I'll tee off; I'll grab the golf clubs and I'm off, I'm Audi so check me" "B-boys makin' with the freak freak" Ill Communication

24. "Because we slowed it on down - so get the hell up; Like a volcano I'll erupt" "Slow And Low" Licensed to Ill

25. "A butterfly floats on the breeze of a sun lit day; As I feel this reality gently fade away" "Namaste" Check Your Head

26. "Like a flag at half mast as frames click fast; Not a thing will last as past is pas" "Just A Test" Hello Nasty

"You scream and you holler about my Chevy Impala; But the sweat is getting wet around the ring around your collar" "So What'cha Want" Check Your Head

27."I got a girl in the castle and one in the pagoda; You know I got rhymes like Abe Vigoda" "Posse In Effect" Licensed to Ill

"I chill at White Castle 'cause it's the best; But I'm fly at Fat Burger when I'm way out west" "The New Style" Licensed to Ill

"Because being bad news is what we're all about; We went to White Castle and we got thrown out" "Slow Ride" Licensed to Ill

"And I can always make them smile; From White Castle to the Nile" "Girls" Licensed to Ill

"Down with Mike D. and it ain't no hassle; Got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle" "Paul Revere" Licensed to Ill

"We got determination - bass and highs; White Castle fries only come in one size" "Slow And Low" Licensed to Ill

28. "Now that you got what you want, you want more; I'll be with the hammer and the nail at your door" "Super Disco Breakin'" Hello Nasty

"But like the hammer to the nail hit the nail on the head; Well I don't shoot blanks and I don't shoot leadt" "Brand new" To The Five Boroughs

29. "Rock my Adidas never rock Fila; I do not sniff the coke I only smoke sinsemilla" "Sounds of Science" Paul's Boutique

"More Adidas sneakers that a plumber got pliers; Got more suits that Jacoby & Meyers" "Shadrach" Paul's Boutique

30. "Now, we be grillin' cheese and flippin' flapjacks; With the diamond stylus, yo we cutting wax" "3 The Hard Way" To The Five Boroughs

31."I'm like Al Goldstein, I'm all about screwing; Lead my team to sixty wins like my man pat ewing" "Flute Loop" Ill Communication

32. Yauch is a Leo, but I couldn't find any lyrics about it.

33."Now that you got what you want, you want more; I'll be with the hammer and the nail at your door" "Super Disco Breakin'" Hello Nasty

34. "Now that you got what you want, you want more; I'll be with the hammer and the nail at your door" "Super Disco Breakin'" Hello Nasty

35. Robot from Intergalactic Video.

36. "You got the boomin' system but it's blasting out doo-doo; You think it's chocolate milk but it's watered down Yoo Hoo" "Live At P.J.'s" Check Your Head

37. "I got a girl in the castle and one in the pagoda; You know I got rhymes like Abe Vigoda" "Posse In Effect" Licensed to Ill

38. "No shame in my game just par for the path; I try to hone my craft because at hands the task" "The Move" Hello Nasty

39. "Doing 120 plowing over mail boxes; Radar detector to tell me where the cops is" "High Plains Drifter" Paul's Boutique

40. "The waters are polluted as the forests are cut down; Bombing and drilling deep below the ground" "The Update" Ill Communication

41. "He had a little horsie named Paul Revere; Just me and my horsy and a quart of beer" "Paul Revere" Licensed to Ill

"I had a good feeling easy come easy go; I bet on one horse to win and your mother to show" "High Plains Drifter" Paul's Boutique

42. "I'll fill you to the fuckin' rim like brim; I'm walking down your block and you say that's him" "Root Down" Ill Communication

"50 cups of coffee and you know it's on; I move the crowd to the break of break of dawn" "Super Disco Breakin'" Hello Nasty

"I like my sugar with coffee and cream; Got to keep it going keep it going full steam" "Intergalactic" Hello Nasty

43. "I jumped outside the house with my Walkman on; I get so hyped when I hear this song" "Putting Shame In Your Game" Hello Nasty

44. "And the man upstairs I hope that he cares; If I had a penny for my thoughts I'd be a millionaire" "Shadrach" Paul's Boutique

45. "I did it like this, I did it like that; I did it with a whiffleball bat" "Paul Revere" Licensed to Ill

46. "So I went into the locker room during classes; Bust into your locker and I smashed your glasses" "The New Style" Licensed to Ill

47. "My pistol is loaded - I shot Betty Crocker; Deliver Colonel Sanders down to Davey Jones' locker" "Rhymin' And Stealin'" Licensed to Ill

48. "My pistol is loaded - I shot Betty Crocker; Deliver Colonel Sanders down to Davey Jones' locker" "Rhymin' And Stealin'" Licensed to Ill

49. "Got weight on my shoulders and things on my mind; The sky is falling and I'm falling behind" "The Move" Hello Nasty

50. "I'm as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce; You've got the rhyme and reason but no cause" "So What'cha Want" Check Your Head

51. "Well like the Blackbyrds I'ma do it fluid; I'm building rhymes like buildings, like a stonehenge druid" "Do It" Ill Communication

52. "I'm in the lab all day I Scrabble all night; I got a Be-Dazzler so my outfit's tight" "Shazam!" To The Five Boroughs

B is worth 3 points in Scrabble, also 3 Beastie Boys

53. "To send my rhymes out to all of the nations; Like Ma Bell, I've got the ill communications" "Sure Shot" Ill Communication

"Enough of that, I just want to give some respect due; MCA Grab the mic and the ma bell will connect you" "Root Down" Ill Communication

"Gonna get it together, watch it, gonna get it together ma bell; I'm like ma bell, I've got the ill communications" "Get it Together" Ill Communication

54. "Some static started in the pool hall; In a motherfucker's face with the cue ball" "Car Thief" Paul's Boutique

55. "Go to the movies get the Rolos the cholos riding slow and low; Mike on the mic and bust with the solo" "B-boy Bouillabaisse" Paul's Boutique

56. "Sweet and sour like a tangerine; Fresh like a box of Krispy Kremes" "Three MC's And One DJ" Hello Nasty

57. Monster from Intergalactic Video.

Until tonight.

G1988: LA

Stapley Pics

I woke up this morning to find Nathan Stapley's pics in my inbox! Here are some pieces that will be in the show...

Black Sabbath

Chuck Berry


Basically, Nathan has created a series of small portraits for this show. He did a huge variety, including musicians, comic book characters, characters from movies, historical figures, and more. Nathan is an incredible artist and these little portraits definitely show off his talent. And you can tell he had fun with the show at the same time. The preview will hopefully we ready later today, where you can see all 85 pieces in the show!

G1988 San Francisco

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh Man

So it's Wednesday and Nathan Stapley's solo show opens this Friday, and we don't have any of the work in the gallery yet. So, I'm def stressing a little. Tomorrow will be crazy installation day. I haven't seen any of the work yet, but I did get a list of titles and prices this morning and there are 85 pieces in the show. Yes, that's right, 85 pieces!!! There are two larger pieces in the show that are $800.00 each, but the remaining 83 pieces are ALL $200 OR LESS. Crazy! I'll share a few of the titles with you... 2001, Han Solo, Clockwork Orange, Death Star, Batman, Eazy E, Coltrane, and the list goes on and on and on. It sounds amazing and the suspense is killing me. I can't wait to see the work, although I am a little terrified that we have so many pieces to hang in one day.

As soon as I have some images I will share them with you, promise.

Until then...

G1988 San Francisco

Even Ma Bell is Jealous...

The last 2 artist additions to "Under The Influence: The Official Art Tribute To Beastie Boys" will be doing what is promised to be a legendary collaboration.

Shepard Fairey + Glenn E. Friedman + Beastie Boys = My Dreams Come True.

Please don't miss this show. It opens tomorrow night, Thursday Jan. 8th from 7 - 10 PM. You'll regret it.

G1988: LA

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Monday

We just got back from vacation and I'm absolutely exhausted! It's tough to get back into work mode, but I'm really excited about our shows opening this week! We have Beastie Boys opening in LA on Thursday and Nathan Stapley's solo show opening on Friday in SF! And to top it all off, we just opened Tom Haubrick's online show at this afternoon. Here is a sampling of Tom's show...

Returning the Favor
ink and wash on paper
6 x 8 ½ inches

I’ve Outgrown This Place
ink and wash on paper
10 x 12 inches

Under Control
ink and wash on paper
6 x 8 ½ inches

The work is now available for purchase and you can view the entire show here:

I'm also really looking forward to Nathan's show this Friday. A good friend and very talented artist, Nathan is always someone I've loved working with.

G1988 San Francisco

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Posted Up

One of my favorite elements to our upcoming Under The Influence: The Official Tribute to Beastie Boys show, which opens this Thursday night, 7 - 10 PM, is that there are a handful of insanely dope prints and posters created specifically for the event, all limited edition - hand signed and numbered by the artists. It's Sunday night, 11 PM, minutes away from my official vacation ending, so I'm hardly in a funny mood to write. BUT, why not just show you the images of theses posters in my pool of bitterness? Info to come later...

Eric Tan

MCA (Evil Design)

The Silent Giants (getting their Cooky Puss reference on!)

Ryan Hungerford

Shit. Back to work. Hurts.

G1988: LA