Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nanami Cowdroy

This morning, Nanami Cowdroy sent me a link to an interview she did with Noise Floor Crew in Chicago. You can see a few of her AMAZING pieces that will be featured in our upcoming show in SF, "Some Kind of Wonderful."

I believe Nanami is also coming all the way from Australia to SF for the opening, so we get to meet her for the first time in person! We've been working with her over a year, with numerous emails and telephone calls, and now finally we get to put a face to her name.

For now, check out the interview and hopefully it will inspire you to come the work in person (and meet the artist) in SF on Feb. 6th!

G1988 SF



Anonymous said...

I've bought some prints from Nanami over the last year, and let me tell you the quality is incredible, she works with such care, and is a total sweetheart to boot.

G1988 said...

I agree! the BEST quality prints I have ever seen.

Thanks for the comment!

nell said...

her work is amazing.. i'm totally smitten by her work!!