Friday, January 9, 2009

Got More Suits Than Jacoby & Meyers

Katie is currently opening up Nathan Stapley's solo show up in San Francisco, and here in LA we're just calming down from the insanity that was last night's "Under The Influence: The Official Art Tribute to Beastie Boys" reception. Line out the door for most the night, and the gallery was packed wall to wall with patrons. Weirdly enough, this show I saw less artists than usual, which might say something about the music theme bringing in a new crowd, which is nice. And sales kept going until we turned off the register at 11, with a high percentage of the original paintings selling. Oh, and all three Beastie Boys LOVED the show, as they peeped it immediately when the artwork was posted from their studio in NY (but more on that later). You can check out the whole show just like the Boys did, if you haven't done so yet, by CLICKING HERE.

Also, check out some great coverage of the art show by the music department over at LA Weekly by CLICKING HERE. Cool to get an art show featured in that section. Also thanks to KROQ (especially Kevin, Bean and Garmen), 98.7 FM, Indie 103, NBC, Hypebeast, Arrested Motion, Old Man Musings and 944 for promoting and picking up the story.

The show will be up in LA until Jan. 29, with Brandt Peters standing in the on deck circle like a young Chris Sabo (someone leave a comment applauding that reference, PLEASE!).

Oh, and lots of people kept asking after Stan Lee and Beasties, who would we ever follow them with for "Under The Influence" 2010 - and although we're a week away from confirmation, I think we may have mastered this idea after all.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Sabo, baby! I'll give you an old school high five in the middle of the gallery if I catch you wearing the biology class/bullet proof prescriptions glasses like Sabo did.