Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And don't forget about Chris Tezber

While we're getting ready for "Some Kind of Wonderful" to open in San Francisco next month, we are also gearing up for our next online show with Chris Tezber. The show opens January 31st, so just a few weeks from now!

The show is titled "Sinister Somethings" and each piece explores some act of mischief or evil, but disguised behind some super cute and cuddly characters.

"Birds of a Feather Get Eaten Together"
10 x 10 inches

"Enjoy Nature, It Enjoys You"
12 x 12 inches

"Stare Bears"
20 x 20 inches

All of the new pieces range from $250 - $650, so there are some great deals!

Chris Tezber's "Sinister Somethings" opens January 31st at

G1988 San Francisco


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