Thursday, February 28, 2008


The night before the Kathie Olivas solo show opening reception at our SF gallery, and I'm here in Los Angeles watching the American Idol eliminations. Seems unfair considering how great that SF show looks, but I'll have my moment in the sun next Tuesday when I get the Andrew Bell solo opening in LA, so I'll keep my complaints to a minimum. But if you're in San Francisco Friday night, we're opening "Bittersweet," a jaw-dropping solo exhibit from Florida (or Flo-Rida if you're getting low, low, low) artist Kathie Olivas. It's from 7-10 PM and I really can't recommend a show with any more vigor.

Totally non-related, I don't think I've ever talked about pro wrestling here on the blog, but a few years back I actually found myself writing for the WWE program, "RAW," Monday nights on the USA network. Yeah, I was actually writing that stuff wrestlers say. Fun times, but I realize not every one has watched wrestling as intensely as I did as a kid, so I usually keep it to myself. Not exactly dinner at The Palm conversation. And I really haven't watched wrestling since I left that job, but flipping through the channels the other night, I saw this:

It's a dude named Petey Williams, and he's part of TNA wrestling, basically competition for the company I used to work for, in the same way a 3rd grader's drawing (TNA) would be in competition with Mark Ryden (WWE). But LOOK AT THAT MOVE! How is that possible? Anybody wanna tell me how this doesn't break all laws of physics?

G1988: LA

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Armin Tamzarian

Nothing like a sneak peek weekend, as here in Los Angeles we're readying for our next show, "Burning Desire," a solo explosion from Brooklyn artist Andrew Bell. A former senior advisor at Nickelodeon, Bell is best known for the incredible paintings and drawings of what he calls, "The Creatures in My Head." He produces a world of monsters and situations that walk the thin line between cute and utterly grotesque. He has put together an all encompassing art show, which will include paintings, drawings, sculptures, exclusive vinyl toys - and some surprises I don't even fully understand yet until I see it. The show opens March 4th, Tuesday night, from 7-10 PM, and Mr. Bell himself will be attending and installing (he is bringing the creatures from his head, as they all fit in his carry-on).

Here are some teasers, and your first full look at one of the paintings from the show!

G1988: LA

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stop the Contact

Lots of stuff to talk about over here at G1988: LA, but I'm not all that stoked about following a post that shows the preview of Kathie Olivas's upcoming solo show in San Francisco. I put Kathie and Greg Simkins in a category by themselves when it comes to solo shows, as they both just completely fill the gallery with undeniable, and non-rushed work, each piece better than the next. I bow to Kathie, as the show is just beautiful.

With that, let's talk about everyone's favorite Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera. Yup, X-Tina. Not someone you'd expect mentioned over here on the blog, I agree, but we can't ignore good taste. Last week's People's Magazine....

Yup, right amongst the exclusive scoop of Christina's nursery, above a little playpen of sorts, is the Gallery 1988 Misha "Last Supper" print! What a beautiful image for the baby to see everyday, right? And yes, the calls and emails have been a bit insane! I actually got a phone call about the print, right as I was in mid-type. The initial print run of 50 has been sold out for quite some time, but get ready for the 2nd edition...which we're dubbing "The Genie in a Baby Room Edition!"

Last Supper (The Genie in a Baby Room Edition)
18 x 10 inches
edition of 75
hand signed and numbered by the artist
This print comes unframed

This is just a pre order, as they will not ship for a little over a month, but with the amount of phone calls and emails we're getting - you might want to jump aboard now. You can call us at 323-937-7088 or email us at to order.

G1988: LA

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We have an amazing new show opening soon in SF!

An since Kathie is a rockstar all the work in the show is ready for viewing and purchase!

Check out the show here!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the Hair

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you and your sweetie, or if your single - your DVD box set and Buffalo Kickers, are treating you well on this beautiful day. There's one thing that Valentine's Day reminds me of....and that's shameless non-gallery related plugs.

I mentioned my 80's toy book here on the blog in passing back in November, and since Abrams, our publisher, is now releasing the second printing this week, I figured what better time to shill it.

It's called "Just Can't Get Enough," and it's written by me and co-author Matthew Robinson. In this book, we wax poetic about dozens of your favorite 1980's toys like Strawberry Shortcake, Madballs, He-Man, Rainbow Brite, M.U.S.C.L.E. Men, Mall Madness and MASK. And yes, it comes in a Trapper Keeper. It features great color pictures of every toy, and it's been doing really well and getting great reviews (or at least enough to get a second printing only months after it's release). Even Seth Green said it was SWEET, and he's basically around toys all day. And Matthew, my co-writer, is currently co-writing and co-directing "This Side of The Truth" with British comedy gem Rickey Gervais, which will star Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Louie CK and Rob Lowe in 2009. So even if you think I suck at writing, that dude gets paid a lot to do it. It's currently available on Amazon, in your local book chain and in all Urban Outfitters. AND I should have them available to buy in the gallery in the next or so.

Plug over.

In a bit of a forced transition, I'm actually currently writing my next book, which is a hybrid of a dating guide and an essay collection, and it recently has got me thinking about the relationship women have with sports. I'll save most of my thoughts for my paid word count, but we can talk about one thing here on the blog.

This week baseball legend Roger Clemens had to testify in front of Congress regarding his speculated steroid use during his record breaking baseball career, and I'm rather riveted. Being a huge baseball fan, this just seems like another blow to the sport I love, as Clemens continues to deny his drug usage, even with his best friends and doctors all coming clean. Even the dude's wife admits she used it. He just continues to hold onto the grand piano on the sinking Titanic.

So I've been trying to explain the importance of these hearings to my girlfriend, and although she gives me the cute, "Whatever you say, Jensen," face - she doesn't care. And I don't blame her. But I'm trying one last visual. Here are the three most notorious Roid users in baseball, all being exploited now, years later. Out of these three, one has admitted it, while the other two have denied it, even with loads of undeniable evidence stacked against them.

Is this interesting at all? Keep in mind, not only are they getting way more muscular, they're like a decade older in the second pictures.

Barry Bonds - here's a picture of his rookie year in the 80's, compared to a recent picture. He has not admitted to drug use.

Mark McGwire - this time, it's recent pic first, rookie year second. He has (kind of) admitted it to drug use.

And Roger Clemens

Rookie year in the 80's

Recent picture

Do I hear crickets? Or yawns even? I mean, what if one day you just walked in the gallery and I had tons of muscles! These dudes looked like little scrawny Jewish art gallery owners in the 80's and now look like American Gladiators.

Whatever, I'll get back to art, but I figured this might be a little interesting since you've all probably heard about it on the news recently. Or not.

G1988: LA

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Dream of Prints

A lot of my time at the SF gallery is spent working on prints, as we do all of our prints in-house. So, I wanted to show you all what we've been working on since the release of the Luke minis, especially since I haven't updated the blog in a while...

Travis Lampe "Accidental Mishap" and "Mountain Scuffle" set! Finally! These are two of my favorite pieces that we've ever shown in the gallery and these prints are long overdue.

And a beautiful new print by Allison Torneros called "skittle joe's goodtime headquarters: the city!"

So, they're not quite ready, but they're coming. Very very soon.

G1988 San Francisco

Woops. How'd that guy get in here?


Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh yea...

And this...

New Days

Just when when things get bad, something like this pops up and has me yelling catchphrases all day during my Monday off.


MY RAY-RAY and JOE!! My Blake....incarcerated! Camden town, and burn it down!! (???) Amy Winehouse talks alot like Ghostface Killah.

She can't leave us. We have way too many amazing moments left to live together.

Thank you to everyone who emailed and sent me messages of support, or even just thought of my father once last week. Deeply appreciated.

G1988: LA

Friday, February 8, 2008

I Stopped Shaving

Been a rough few days for me, so I apoligize for the lack of updates.

To catch you up: The Luke/Yosuke/Bodnar show opened here in LA, and things are busy. Yosuke flew in from Japan (and boy, was his airbrushed hat tired!), we sold out of the Luke canvas prints, Mark Bodnar's work is stunning as usual and the Luke mini print sets are a big hit (and still available to all you who thought we'd sell out of 500 sets in a night!!!). Those who were really lucky were so happy to be pulling the chase print right in front of my eyes, I felt like a Jewish Santa Clause. The show is all up online now at our website, just by clicking the banner (view artwork) on the LA side, and it runs until Feb. 29, so come by and see it.

I don't know if this blog can do it, but finding a place to vent, even if the readers are just here to see what the print we're gonna be releasing next, seems important recently. So, here we go.

My father was just diagnosed with his second bout with cancer, this time spreading a bit throughout his body and onto his skull. You can thank me for the bum out later. But, good news came today in the form of being told they believe a chemo treatment can help him out, but it goes without saying, I'm not as happy as those pulling the Luke chase mini-print. Been at the hospital in West Hills at night, and that takes its toll. It wasn't looking so good for a few days there, and sometimes I felt like Peter McNeeley after that Tyson out of prison fight (girls can google that).

Many of you LA readers know my dad, since he comes by frequently during gallery hours and can usually be seen sitting behind the desk at art openings, and he really has become a fan of the art we show. What once was, "Why do people buy so many paintings of bunnies?" in 2004, has become "I want a print of that Ledbetter piece for my room!" And if you only knew how many of the prints he has put in his room and how much he loves them. I love him dearly and am so happy he's decided to fight it (and beat it) again.

I don't ask for much, but I'm kindly asking for your prayers for my dad.

I promise I'll get funnier eventually.

G1988: LA

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tonight in LA, Tomorrow in SF

TONIGHT... If you live in LA, we have a really exciting show opening tonight that you can't miss!

We'll also be releasing some new Luke Chueh prints tonight at the opening reception, including the MINI CHASE PRINTS!!! This is such an exciting project for us and we can't wait to release these bad boys...


The set comes with four Luke Chueh prints, limited edition of 500, signed and numbered. And 10% of the sets have a fifth secret (not so secret if you scroll down a lil) chase print!

If you can't make it to the LA gallery for the event, the new prints will be available tomorrow over the phone at (323) 937-7088.

AND THEN TOMORROW NIGHT... If you live in San Francisco, a good friend and amazing artist, Ian Ross, is having an event at Ambassador (Geary and Leavenworth). Ian will be live painting from 8PM-2AM and will also have his work up on display! Come check out Ian's work and have a few drinks! (

Hope to see you there!

G1988 SF

Saturday, February 2, 2008


And there is your chase.

"The Soundtrack (To My Life)" chase mini-print
4 x 4 inches
edition of 50
10% of the 500 Luke Chueh G1988 Mini Print Chase Sets (4 prints guaranteed) will include this 5th print
$80.00 for the set
first available in-gallery (LA), at the Long Arm of the Paw reception, Tues. Feb. 5th (7-10 PM)

GOOD'll need it. (a la Smash TV)

Friday, February 1, 2008

There Will Be Water

Aw man, it's like Jed Clampett lived on the corner on Melrose and La Brea today (that is if Jed hit H20, and instead of Duke his dog by his side, he had that weird aggresive dancing Westside Rentals guy with him), as a moving truck popped a fire hydrant and it got real Raging Waters up in this piece.

It's like 65-70 feet in the air and it really won't stop. Firefighters here and everything, all tarped up trying to end this car wash madness. I wanted to go Flashdance in it. Kinda unbelievable when seeing it. Almost as unlikely as this:

But that happened too! Yup, that's a picture from our recent Vivisect Toy Set Release Party, and proof that Thomas Han did come!

More pics? Sure.

The line before the party started, waiting for C+C Music Factory to perform. I mean, waiting for the toys to be released.

Peter Gronquist (playing the role of Daryll "DMC" McDaniels) and Greg Simkins get down.

Blindly opening the blind boxes.

And without any sort of good transition, if you're in the SF area tonight, we open "A Place Called Lovely," which has some INCREDIBLE work in it. 7-10 PM. Amy Sol, Krista Huot and Caia Koopman are all in the area to party with you!

G1988: LA