Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Dream of Prints

A lot of my time at the SF gallery is spent working on prints, as we do all of our prints in-house. So, I wanted to show you all what we've been working on since the release of the Luke minis, especially since I haven't updated the blog in a while...

Travis Lampe "Accidental Mishap" and "Mountain Scuffle" set! Finally! These are two of my favorite pieces that we've ever shown in the gallery and these prints are long overdue.

And a beautiful new print by Allison Torneros called "skittle joe's goodtime headquarters: the city!"

So, they're not quite ready, but they're coming. Very very soon.

G1988 San Francisco

Woops. How'd that guy get in here?


1 comment:

The Creep said...

That "Accidental Mishap" print is so amazing. I wish pictures on the net could show how perfect it looks. It will be mine, oh yes.

That's great to see Allison Torneros coming out with a print as well, that piece rules.