Friday, February 8, 2008

I Stopped Shaving

Been a rough few days for me, so I apoligize for the lack of updates.

To catch you up: The Luke/Yosuke/Bodnar show opened here in LA, and things are busy. Yosuke flew in from Japan (and boy, was his airbrushed hat tired!), we sold out of the Luke canvas prints, Mark Bodnar's work is stunning as usual and the Luke mini print sets are a big hit (and still available to all you who thought we'd sell out of 500 sets in a night!!!). Those who were really lucky were so happy to be pulling the chase print right in front of my eyes, I felt like a Jewish Santa Clause. The show is all up online now at our website, just by clicking the banner (view artwork) on the LA side, and it runs until Feb. 29, so come by and see it.

I don't know if this blog can do it, but finding a place to vent, even if the readers are just here to see what the print we're gonna be releasing next, seems important recently. So, here we go.

My father was just diagnosed with his second bout with cancer, this time spreading a bit throughout his body and onto his skull. You can thank me for the bum out later. But, good news came today in the form of being told they believe a chemo treatment can help him out, but it goes without saying, I'm not as happy as those pulling the Luke chase mini-print. Been at the hospital in West Hills at night, and that takes its toll. It wasn't looking so good for a few days there, and sometimes I felt like Peter McNeeley after that Tyson out of prison fight (girls can google that).

Many of you LA readers know my dad, since he comes by frequently during gallery hours and can usually be seen sitting behind the desk at art openings, and he really has become a fan of the art we show. What once was, "Why do people buy so many paintings of bunnies?" in 2004, has become "I want a print of that Ledbetter piece for my room!" And if you only knew how many of the prints he has put in his room and how much he loves them. I love him dearly and am so happy he's decided to fight it (and beat it) again.

I don't ask for much, but I'm kindly asking for your prayers for my dad.

I promise I'll get funnier eventually.

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don'tthinkfeeeeeeeel said...

best of wishes to your father, you and your family. take care.

edwinushiro said...

I'm sending good wishes to you and your Dad.

Savage said...

Your dad is a good guy and I hope he beats his cancer.

It's nice to see him at the gallery. He always has something insightful to talk about. Stay tough, take care and hang in there.

mohammad said...

All the best to you and your family in this tough time. Although it'll be hard, keep your hopes up, and let your dad feel your positive energy. It can do nothing but help him in his battle.

Anonymous said...

I am so and your family are in my thoughts.

caro said...

my best wishes and big big hugs go out to you and your family, jensen.