Saturday, February 23, 2008

Armin Tamzarian

Nothing like a sneak peek weekend, as here in Los Angeles we're readying for our next show, "Burning Desire," a solo explosion from Brooklyn artist Andrew Bell. A former senior advisor at Nickelodeon, Bell is best known for the incredible paintings and drawings of what he calls, "The Creatures in My Head." He produces a world of monsters and situations that walk the thin line between cute and utterly grotesque. He has put together an all encompassing art show, which will include paintings, drawings, sculptures, exclusive vinyl toys - and some surprises I don't even fully understand yet until I see it. The show opens March 4th, Tuesday night, from 7-10 PM, and Mr. Bell himself will be attending and installing (he is bringing the creatures from his head, as they all fit in his carry-on).

Here are some teasers, and your first full look at one of the paintings from the show!

G1988: LA

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