Thursday, February 28, 2008


The night before the Kathie Olivas solo show opening reception at our SF gallery, and I'm here in Los Angeles watching the American Idol eliminations. Seems unfair considering how great that SF show looks, but I'll have my moment in the sun next Tuesday when I get the Andrew Bell solo opening in LA, so I'll keep my complaints to a minimum. But if you're in San Francisco Friday night, we're opening "Bittersweet," a jaw-dropping solo exhibit from Florida (or Flo-Rida if you're getting low, low, low) artist Kathie Olivas. It's from 7-10 PM and I really can't recommend a show with any more vigor.

Totally non-related, I don't think I've ever talked about pro wrestling here on the blog, but a few years back I actually found myself writing for the WWE program, "RAW," Monday nights on the USA network. Yeah, I was actually writing that stuff wrestlers say. Fun times, but I realize not every one has watched wrestling as intensely as I did as a kid, so I usually keep it to myself. Not exactly dinner at The Palm conversation. And I really haven't watched wrestling since I left that job, but flipping through the channels the other night, I saw this:

It's a dude named Petey Williams, and he's part of TNA wrestling, basically competition for the company I used to work for, in the same way a 3rd grader's drawing (TNA) would be in competition with Mark Ryden (WWE). But LOOK AT THAT MOVE! How is that possible? Anybody wanna tell me how this doesn't break all laws of physics?

G1988: LA

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Chris brown said...

I lol'd so hard at the video. the commentary, the way the guy goes into a pencil standup then collapses is amazing. your preface helped alot too