Thursday, July 29, 2010

SURPRISE art toy announcement

I don't want to let too much out of the bag, but artist Daniel Danger and Gallery1988 have partnered up to release Danger's first full-scale art toy, a SUPER limited and BEAUTIFUL hand-crafted piece. This thing has to be seen to be believed. I, as a fan of Daniel's, have been waiting tirelessly for him to create his own toy, so when he brought up the idea, I couldn't have said yes quick enough. Produced by our friends at Pretty In Plastic, this one will go down in the record books, even if there aren't going to be many made!
Here's the sketch from Daniel that the toy is based off:

I want to keep some mystery, so here is an in-progress shot of an early prototype of the toy -

We had some painting and tweaks since then, but you can get that early excitement going from the pics for sure! This will be first available at his opening reception next Thursday, August 5th. Each toy will also come with a hand embellished print, and we're talking LIMITED LIMITED us at if you'd be interested and we can start taking names...



Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We're entering the final week of the Crazy 4 Cult 4 show, and I'm so sad to see it leave. Luckily for my looming separation anxiety, the next show is equally as incredible!

Gallery1988:Los Angeles is proud to announce "They Will Take It Back," a solo exhibit from artist Daniel Danger. This show, which will feature both originals and limited editions, will open August 5th, with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. Danger will be attendance.

Daniel Danger has quickly become one of the most sought after artists in America. The rush to buy his screenprints on the day of their release online are almost like stories of graphic wartime, as they sell out in mere minutes every time. His concert and movie posters are legendary (and eBay staples), while his recent work designing limited edition prints with the ABC TV show "LOST" might just be his most sought after yet. This show will mark Massachusetts native first Los Angeles solo show, and in 2009 he participated in a 2-man show at our San Francisco location, alongside artist Dan McCarthy. Daniel is one of the most recognizable artists in his field and Gallery1988 is excited to see exactly what he's created for his first focused California exhibit.

And here's just a sneak peek at one of his new prints. A 6 color, 15 x 30 inch beauty -

This is going to a memorable show, even if you have to storm the beach of the Internet to buy one of the prints. It will be well worth your Purple Heart.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanks G4!


I say if you don't like art, you're a horrible human.
I compare the gallery to "Field Of Dreams" (???)
Kevin Smith calls himself a "Misha completionist."
Rich Pelligrino continues to be my favorite, super genuine interviewee.
Wait, maybe Ayami is my favorite, super genuine interviewee. OK, it's a tie.
Kevin calls it the best year yet. And "It's Jensen's world, he just lets me live in it" might end up on my tombstone.
Scott Listfield says super nice stuff...thank you, sir.
And YUP, we got a book deal. More on that down the road....


Friday, July 16, 2010

Nature Preserve ONLINE!

We are just about ready for our new show tonight with Lawrence Yang & Leontine Greenberg. The gallery looks amazing! If you can't see the show in person, definitely check it out online...

The show runs through August 7th, and keep any eye out for a brand new Leontine Greenberg print! Coming Soon!

Gallery1988 San Francisco

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days Off From Cult

After two days off, I'm ready to post about Crazy 4 Cult 4! What an amazing opening reception and show. We had a steady line rounding the block from 7-9:30 consistently and it's easily becoming one of our most successful shows of all time. Have you not seen the work from it? Well, then here it is:

Originals -

Prints & Posters -

And for you website regulars, you'll see we added a new feature where you can blow up the pieces of art to a larger size just by rolling your mouse over the button. TECHNOLOGY!

We want to thank our annual hosts Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier for their support and help. These guys are such unsung heroes for our success at G1988 and we can't wait to keep this tradition going. And most importantly, we want to thank our artists. When you do an annual show, sometimes the work just keeps getting worse as some people think every movie and concept has been touched upon. BUT they don't know our stable of artists then. Katie and I both believe this is the best Crazy 4 Cult yet, and it just keeps getting better. We thank you guys so insanely for keeping this show alive and fresh.

And there's a big announcement coming for Crazy 4 Cult in 2011. Let's just say we'll be turning the next page...

And Randy Risca of filmed us all day of the opening reception and put together this awesome video! Look for some VIP cameos, even some that last less than a second.

You can watch the video by CLICKING THIS -

And here's some fun media coverage I got from Google-ing this morning, ya'll:




Perfect Laughter

More soon!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the midst of the craziness

I was able to go down to LA last week to help out at the Crazy 4 Cult 4 show and it was pretty insane. Just like old times, the gallery was packed and it was really nice to see everyone and even meet a few artists for the first time in person.

BUT we are now back in SF, focusing on our new show that opens this FRIDAY. Leontine Greenberg and Lawrence Yang will be the featured artists (two of my personal favs). We have all the artwork in here in the gallery and it's a GREAT show!! Here are some sneak previews...

Leontine Greenberg

Leontine Greenberg

Lawrence Yang

Lawrence Yang

Lawrence Yang will be here at the opening, so stop by and say hello! The show is this Friday, July 16th from 7-10PM at G1988 San Francisco.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ooooh! Culty.

The day before Crazy 4 Cult 4 opens, and the gallery is abuzz with anticipation. The art really is so impressive, I hope as many of you as possible can swing by the opening reception, Friday night, 7 - 10 PM. With Kevin Smith hyping it up on KROQ this morning (which is becoming an annual tradition in its own right), we're expecting quite a fun evening.

For those interested in purchasing prints (which by the amount of emails seems like everyone), the first time they will be available is at the opening reception on Friday night. Then, prints will be for sale online at our website,, on Saturday afternoon. And all the originals will be up then too!

And we will start the line outside the gallery at 5 PM PT.

Time for sneak peeks again...

Stella Im Hultberg, who's portrait of Marla from Fight Club is a major highlight from Crazy 4 Cult's past, returns for CFC, this time giving us her take on Mathilda from 'Leon: The Professional." She basically did it again, as this piece is stunning.

Justin Santora celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Mallrats with a poster depicting "that kid on the escalator." One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite movies. Can't wait for people to get this signed by Kevin Smith himself.

G1988 newbie Scott Listfield literally has BLOWN us all away. This incredible piece is even more stunning in person and lays down the parking law. The trip to the opening reception would be worth it if we only displayed this one piece, trust me.

Casey Weldon and I obviously share a muse, as he takes a shot at Mathilda as well, showing us Natalie in all her NY shine.

Daniel Elson brings his meece to the show again, this time from a galaxy far, far away. Love these!

And lastly, here's the Crazy 4 Cult official poster for 2010, this time designed by Sir Mike Mitchell. I can't really praise these enough and by the amount of emails we're getting, neither can you.



Monday, July 5, 2010

Fire Works

Cult is coming, and the heat is undeniable (I mean...Pee-Wee Herman tweeted about it!). The pieces delivered are hands down the best we've gotten in the history of this show. To be honest, I'm a little shocked. We so honored and thankful that all these artists really stepped it up and delivered some of their most impressive work. Which is the perfect lead-in for another sneak peek.

One of my personal favorite artists, Shannon Bonatakis, depicts everyone's favorite slacker, Enid from "Ghost World." Shannon was quietly become a sure-fire seller over the past 2 years, and we can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for the rest of 2010.

First-time Cult-ers, art team APAK delivered their take on Loompa Land, which seems like a no-brainer for their incredible style. So happy to have them involved in this show.

Kevin Tong gives us his Rushmore inspired screen print, which has so much detail! One of my favorite films highlights young Max's varied talents and club participation. This is awesome!

Augie Pagan lines up The Usual Suspects in what is easily one of the smartest and funniest pieces in Crazy 4 Cult history. I won't ruin all the references, but if you're a film buff, you should be able to get most of them. CHE!!

AND HERE'S THE EVITE KIDS! Remember this Friday night, 7-10 PM is the opening reception. Come party with us and Kevin Smith 7 Scott Mosier, and many other surprises!



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi-Fructose Exclusive

Another huge thank you to Ken Harman and Hi-Fructose for covering our upcoming "Crazy 4 Cult 4" show! Visit their site to see sneak peeks that you can't see anywhere else...

Print Poll!

We need your help on deciding which Leontine Greenberg painting should be made into a print. All you have to do is go to the link below and place your vote, so simple! (The poll is in the sidebar on the right side of the page).


The poll will end on Tuesday, July 6th at 11AM PST. And the winning print will be available at our next SF show, featuring Leontine (of course) and Lawrence Yang. Here are the 4 print options...

"A Mesmerizing Contraption"


"Long-Neck Bird Reaches the Edge"

"Stuff and Nonsense"