Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days Off From Cult

After two days off, I'm ready to post about Crazy 4 Cult 4! What an amazing opening reception and show. We had a steady line rounding the block from 7-9:30 consistently and it's easily becoming one of our most successful shows of all time. Have you not seen the work from it? Well, then here it is:

Originals -

Prints & Posters -

And for you website regulars, you'll see we added a new feature where you can blow up the pieces of art to a larger size just by rolling your mouse over the button. TECHNOLOGY!

We want to thank our annual hosts Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier for their support and help. These guys are such unsung heroes for our success at G1988 and we can't wait to keep this tradition going. And most importantly, we want to thank our artists. When you do an annual show, sometimes the work just keeps getting worse as some people think every movie and concept has been touched upon. BUT they don't know our stable of artists then. Katie and I both believe this is the best Crazy 4 Cult yet, and it just keeps getting better. We thank you guys so insanely for keeping this show alive and fresh.

And there's a big announcement coming for Crazy 4 Cult in 2011. Let's just say we'll be turning the next page...

And Randy Risca of filmed us all day of the opening reception and put together this awesome video! Look for some VIP cameos, even some that last less than a second.

You can watch the video by CLICKING THIS -

And here's some fun media coverage I got from Google-ing this morning, ya'll:




Perfect Laughter

More soon!


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