Monday, May 30, 2011

The countdown begins...

Our 'Wet Hot American Summer' themed show is opening in just 10 days! As we gear up for our personal favorite show theme of all time, I'm going to post sneak peaks along with the scene that inspired each piece. First off is the show postcard by Jayson Weidel, inspired by chef Gene and his kitchen assistant, Gary...

Stay tuned for more clips and artwork previews this week.

ALSO - if you haven't seen the film, you're in luck because there's a screening in LA on Thursday, June 9th with a Q&A with special guests! We'll give you all the details in the next few days...


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scribe is Official.

Thanks to everybody who came out tonight to welcome Scribe to Los Angeles and unveil "Baggage & Freedom!" Special shout outs to Scribe, who did some serious damage to the walls (much like DJ Ice - - who spun the party...

And this might be my favorite piece...

You can see everything from this (AFFORDABLE) show, and purchase directly from our website, by CLICKING HERE.


G1988 (Melrose)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tomorrow night will be a sight.

Tomorrow night at G1988: Melrose we'll be celebrating the opening of "Baggage & Freedom," the solo show from D. Ross, aka Scribe. The gallery looks incredible, as he's put together an amazing installation that you have to see. As I've explained before, it will only be up for a limited time during the show, so make sure to come down to the opening reception to make sure you see it. And we just got in the INCREDIBLE custom cupcake toys that he made especially for the show!

Wanna see the man himself in action? Check him out while creating a character he calls "Cupcake" on our walls.

Again, do not miss out on tomorrow night at G1988: Melrose. We're actually going to have a DJ! A rarity here at the gallery (for those who don't know, we had DJ AM, Chad Muska, Dave Orlando and Adam 12 back in the day take turns here). We'll have DJ Ice on the turntables (, so even more reason for you to come down and enter Scribe's universe.

G1988 : Melrose

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walls to the Walls

Kansas City native D. Ross, aka Scribe, is in full LA effect, hanging out in the gallery and creating an epic installation with graf pieces all over the gallery. Keep in mind, a few of these will only be up for a week or so, so make sure to swing by the opening on Thursday from 7-10 PM at G1988: Melrose, or else you'll miss it. And you don't want that.

Here are some in-action teases...

More later...

G1988 (Melrose)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Member of the Scribe

It took some serious sweat, but the Olly Moss Paper Cuts show is down and ready for pick up/shipping. Says a lot considering it is totally sold out. You can't buy a thing from us, even if you wanted to. A serious bummer to already see a handful of the original pieces at such marked up prices on eBay. Sadly, after 7 years of running the gallery and being involved with a lot of emerging, still affordable when they show with us, artists - the only person it really hurts is the artist and their next show. There's nothing we can do now, as Olly's original concept was that people could hang 3-5 of the pieces in their house, and people seem to be taking advantage of that. Again, it's happened over and over with shows at G1988, just still kinda hurts to see people buy artwork without any intention of enjoying it themselves.

On to more positive things though...

This Thursday night we open "Baggage & Freedom," an art show from D. Ross, also known as "Scribe." If you even have your little toy in the vinyl toy world, you know how awesome Scribe's work is. He just got into LA from Kansas City, and we're stoked to be putting together the show with him. The reception will be 7-10 PM, and make sure you come by because he will be putting together a limited time installation you have to see.

Here's a sneak peek at one of my favorite pieces...

Until then...

G1988 (Melrose)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Our friend Bobby Hundreds came and checked out the Olly Moss "Paper Cuts" exhibit during it's last few days, then Internet'd about it...

You can check it out, by CLICKING HERE.

Today is the last day to see this amazing show in its entirety, since tomorrow is pick-up day, and I have a feeling people will be here as early as humanly possible to get their new acquisitions.

G1988 (Melrose)

Monday, May 16, 2011


With only a dozen of the "Don't Worry" print available in the entire Olly Moss show (get one of the last ones by CLICKING HERE), we don't have a whole lot to do except get excited, and ready, for our upcoming shows. The end of May/beginning of June is going to be a VERY busy time at both locations, and it's time to make the announcements.

First up, we're proud to announce "Baggage & Freedom," a solo exhibit from D. Ross, better known as "Scribe." We've been excited about this one for quite some time, and you can see more of his work at his website by CLICKING HERE. He's well known for his paintings, custom toys and sculptures, and has become one of the most sought after vinyl toy artists in the past few years. Scribe will be in Los Angeles for the reception and doing some pretty cool limited time installations in the gallery, so make sure you come to the opening on Thursday, May 26th from 7-10 PM at G1988: Melrose.

And next, with our friends at Treehouse Brand Stores, we follow the lead of the E3 convention that will be in town, and celebrate American McGee's Alice video game series, a groundbreaking group of video games that puts art in the forefront of your console. With the release of his newest game, American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns, we'll be celebrating at G1988: Melrose with an art show and party you won't want to miss. We're especially stoked to have American on hand for this! You can learn more about the game by CLICKING HERE.

With artwork, inspired by the video game series, from G1988 regulars like NC Winters, Chet Zar, Ruel Pascual and Luke Chueh, G1988 newcomers like Alex CF, Cate Rangel and Adam S. Doyle. In addition to that work, we'll have VERY limited edition screenprints inspired by the game from Rhys Cooper, Kevin Tong, Ken Taylor, James Flames, Phantom City Creative and Angryblue. Also, making his G1988 debut, clothing designer Dr. Romanelli will unveil his creation for the game and American McGee, which I can't wait to see. AND if that wasn't enough, we'll have artwork actual Alice game designers, which will include sketches and notes from the game's creation, girls in Alice costumes serving drinks and celebrity DJs. There's a special E3 private reception on Wednesday, June 8th and a public reception on June 9th, both from 7-10 PM. You'll hang out at this one if you know what's good for you.

When we opened the gallery 7 years ago, in the back of mind I always knew what my dream show would be. But it was so random, so obscure, I never thought it could see the light of day. Here's the light...

Gallery1988: Venice will open "Camp Firewood: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer," with 60 artists paying tribute to the classic cult comedy. If you've never seen Wet Hot American Summer, you are seriously missing out. Since it's release in 2001, it's paicked up quite an audience, and the stars of the movie have picked up some extremely successful careers (Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Jimmy Fallon head writer AD Miles, Amy Poehler, Joe Lo Truglio, Judah Friedlander). Created by the brains behind the MTV sketch show "The State," this movie is an absurd spoof of the 1980's sleepover camp (Meatballs-esque) comedy. You can check out the trailer by CLICKING HERE. And we're insanely privileged to have the movie's director and co-writer, David Wain, to host the art show! DREAMS DO COME TRUE. AND, we'll be producing a screening, along with the Q&A podcast with Jeff Goldsmith, but we'll have more details on that later. If you haven't seen the movie, it was currently added to Netflix streaming, so you have no excise now. (p.s. it's NSFW). Then come celebrate the movie's anniversary with us at G1988: Venice on June 10th, from 7-10 PM.

And more about this soon...

G1988 (Melrose)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Riddled Them That!

On opening night of the Olly Moss Show, "Paper Cuts," we had a bit of a hidden contest for those who visited the show. There were ten pieces mixed amongst the massive amount of laser cut one-offs that had green stickers on their tags. And one piece in the gallery, depicting The Riddler, who's tag explained if you were able to correctly name all of the characters and email it to us by midnight the next day, you could take home The Riddler, FOR FREE.

So congratulations to Aron Yuster, who named all ten correctly and then was randomly selected from the group of all the geniuses who got 100%. And by randomly selected I mean we laid them out, closed our eyes and picked one.

Here are the answers for those who love "answer keys."

Great Odin's Raven - Ron Burgundy
The Right Man in The Wrong Place - Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)
This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time - Lando Calrissian
I Demand To Have Some Booze - Mithnail & Marwood (we also accepted Withnail and I)
What's The Most You Ever Lost On A Coin Toss - Anton Chigurh
Not Robin Hood - Green Arrow
I Didn't Want To Be An Emperor - The Jewish Barber (Adenoid Hyknel), the Great Dictator
Want Some Gold? - No-Face, Spirited Away
It's Not Easy Being White - Franklin and Gob
Day of the Dead - Manuel "Manny" Calavera (we also accepted Grim Fandango)

G1988 (Melrose)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks to Threadless!

Our friends at Threadless put together a brilliant video chronicling the madness that was Olly Moss's solo show. I am so honored to have been a part of this show, which is now exactly 27 "Don't Worry" prints from a COMPLETE SELL OUT of around 500 items.

Olly Moss Art Show @ Gallery 1988 from on Vimeo.

G1988 (Melrose)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have some great footage from the 3B opening thanks to Steve Czarnecki &!

THE 3B SHOW PREMIERE (Video by Steve Czarnecki / from The Autumn Society on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen the show yet, you can see all of the available artwork and prints at this link:


Monday, May 9, 2011


GREAT exclusive interview with Olly before we opened the doors for his solo show is over at /Film.

You can read it here.

G1988 (Melrose)


We're all pretty tired. Why you ask?

pic via here, and originally from Kevin Tong here. You can see pictures from the opening reception and exhibition at that last link too. You can also see a 360 view of the gallery here.

Olly Moss's solo show was the craziest, most fast paced exhibition of it's kind at G1988 ever. From 7-10:30 we never looked up. We want to thank Olly for creating such an incredible show, working tirelessly on almost 200 pieces (there is currently ONE LEFT FOR PURCHASE). We're honored to have been the venue for Olly's first solo show. Over the next few days we hope to put the remaining prints for sale on our website, but for now, we have two days off.

Gone fishin'

G1988 (Melrose)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


It's still all a secret, so I have nothing to show you people from tonight's Olly Moss Solo Show opening reception at G1988: Melrose from 7-10 PM. There are over 25 people currently in line, with over 10 sleeping overnight. Yeah, it's like that.

But don't be afraid to come tonight, because we have a system where we know everyone will get to see the show. Also, cause it's funny to see me stressed.

G1988 (Melrose)

Monday, May 2, 2011

3B Sneak Previews!

I want to get you guys excited about our 3B show opening THIS THURSDAY, MAY 5TH, so here is a massive sneak preview from the new show...

Christine Larsen

Andy Ristaino

Karla Hansen

Pedro Delgado

Cig Neutron

Doug LaRocca


Becky Dreistadt


Brandon Schaefer

Alex Eckman-Lawn

Jorsh Pena

Nicole Bruckman

Collie Mills

Daniel Fishel

This is a really fun show with TONS of work at super affordable prices (the prices are actually insanely low). Definitely stop by the Venice location for the opening reception this Thursday, May 5th from 7-10pm.