Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tomorrow night will be a sight.

Tomorrow night at G1988: Melrose we'll be celebrating the opening of "Baggage & Freedom," the solo show from D. Ross, aka Scribe. The gallery looks incredible, as he's put together an amazing installation that you have to see. As I've explained before, it will only be up for a limited time during the show, so make sure to come down to the opening reception to make sure you see it. And we just got in the INCREDIBLE custom cupcake toys that he made especially for the show!

Wanna see the man himself in action? Check him out while creating a character he calls "Cupcake" on our walls.

Again, do not miss out on tomorrow night at G1988: Melrose. We're actually going to have a DJ! A rarity here at the gallery (for those who don't know, we had DJ AM, Chad Muska, Dave Orlando and Adam 12 back in the day take turns here). We'll have DJ Ice on the turntables (, so even more reason for you to come down and enter Scribe's universe.

G1988 : Melrose

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