Sunday, May 22, 2011

Member of the Scribe

It took some serious sweat, but the Olly Moss Paper Cuts show is down and ready for pick up/shipping. Says a lot considering it is totally sold out. You can't buy a thing from us, even if you wanted to. A serious bummer to already see a handful of the original pieces at such marked up prices on eBay. Sadly, after 7 years of running the gallery and being involved with a lot of emerging, still affordable when they show with us, artists - the only person it really hurts is the artist and their next show. There's nothing we can do now, as Olly's original concept was that people could hang 3-5 of the pieces in their house, and people seem to be taking advantage of that. Again, it's happened over and over with shows at G1988, just still kinda hurts to see people buy artwork without any intention of enjoying it themselves.

On to more positive things though...

This Thursday night we open "Baggage & Freedom," an art show from D. Ross, also known as "Scribe." If you even have your little toy in the vinyl toy world, you know how awesome Scribe's work is. He just got into LA from Kansas City, and we're stoked to be putting together the show with him. The reception will be 7-10 PM, and make sure you come by because he will be putting together a limited time installation you have to see.

Here's a sneak peek at one of my favorite pieces...

Until then...

G1988 (Melrose)

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