Thursday, May 27, 2010


Guess what?

We got the Daniel Danger Fenway prints in today for shipment and pick-up! Sorry for the delay, but trust me when I say it was well worth it. We are totally sold out of this print, but if you ordered one, your print is either on its way to you right now or ready for pick up.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amazing Show

"Cuter Than Stranger" opened last Friday with a completely packed house!! It was such a fun night. Huge thanks to Dice, Soosa, and Lou for putting together a great show! Also a huge thank you to Lauren at Pearl's Kitchen for braving the windy cold to serve some delicious food. Hopefully she's be back at a future show!

You can now see all of the available artwork on our website...

It's a great show, so if you're in SF make sure to stop by and see in person before it closes on June 12th.

G1988 SF

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Twilight Press

Thanks to everyone who came through to the opening reception for "Another Dimension" on Thursday night. It was really busy, and it was awesome to see people all celebrating The Twilight Zone together. You can see all the artwork from the show, and purchase work from the exhibit at

And we've been getting such great press for this show, figured we'd highlight some...

LA Weekly stopped by the show! You can check out their photos, and the story, by CLICKING HERE.

Our friends at picked up the story as well. You can see that by CLICKING HERE.

Even fearnet got into the action. Thanks, guys! CLICK HERE for that...

SFUniverse did a great job recaping the show too HERE.

The Examiner also hooked up us up and you can see that by CLICKING HERE.


And Tomorrow It Really Ends....

The last 4 LOST prints have been unveiled at, all to celebrate the final season of the show and, more importantly, the final episode airing tomorrow night! Wanted to show you guys the final 4 here on the blog, and let you know you can still get most of the prints, and a lot of great t-shirts, at the website and by CLICKING HERE.

Jeff Soto for Jacob & the Man In Black

Tara McPherson for Jin & Sun

Ken Taylor for Kate & Claire

Olly Moss for LOST

Thanks to everyone who has picked up a print or shirt, and an even bigger thanks to all the artists who participated in the 1st and 2nd campaign! Hope you love the finale!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Are About To Enter...

Tonight, 7-10 PM, will be the opening reception for "Another Dimension," our newest group show, this time paying tribute to the classic Sci-Fi television show, "The Twilight Zone." Here are some last minute sneaks before we open up for tonight, do not miss this one....

Tom Whalen took aim at some of the Twilight Zone's most famous actors and episodes, by taking the stars and putting them in other roles, but still in the Twilight Zone episode. Pretty awesome and smart, and these are VERY limited.

Ken Garduno, who did 10 pieces for the show (!), is really the stand out. This one is based on "Time Enough At Last," my favorite episode.

Wade Schin created another one of his epic one-a-kind figures, this one just might terrorize a young William Shatner from the wing of an airplane.

On the subject of smart, Mylan Nguyen did an incredible piece based on "Time Enough At Last." This one is a book that she drew and painted on, representing Burgess Meredith's ever-so-beloved (yet tragic) books. But open the book up, and see more of Mylan's work, and the back up glasses Burgess should have made, with include actual coke bottle bottoms and tape. SUCH A SMART PIECE!

G1988 fav Kiersten Essenpreis enters "The Eye Of The Beholder," another classic tale. Not everyone can be beautiful.

Another "Time Enough At Last" piece, this time by Ellen Schinderman, who created a needlepoint depicting that infamous final scene...right before his world comes crashing down.

Again, DO NOT MISS TONIGHT! Going to be a great show to see in person....


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Zone

We're getting ready for tomorrow night's opening reception for "Another Dimension" here at G1988:LA and it's shaping up to be quite the experience for anyone who considers themselves a Twilight Zone fan. And for those who are regulars to G1988, you're going to see more new names than ever before, which is rather exciting. Here's a sneak preview before the reception tomorrow, Thursday night, from 7-10 PM - which you should for sure attend. I think I'll get you a sneak peek at some prints later today too!

Johnny Sampson takes a turn at "The Dummy," one of my favorite episodes, which also forced me to be afraid of ventriloquist dummies from that point on.

G1988 newcomer Joe Scarano summons "To Serve Man," which is by far the most depicted episode in the show, and obviously left quite a dent in pop culture and the imaginations of everyone.

A G1988 favorite Danielle Buerli sculpts the man himself, the brains behind the mystery, Rod Serling. This one-of-a-kind piece is incredible.

Carl Lozada has a piece in the show that also gives his take on the classic "To Serve Man." One of the more humorous takes...

A G1988:SF regular, but a first timer to our LA location Lawrence Yang did three amazing pieces for this show. Featured above is his take on "Time Enough At Last," maybe my favorite piece in the show.

Don't miss this show! You're going to love it....that's a promise in this reality.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's LOST Again

In celebration of LOST's final season and to bring finality to the LOST poster series, 8 top designers and artists, who are also fans of the show, were commissioned to create artwork celebrating top moments from the 6th and final season. 4 artists you may recognize, and 4 new artists to the campaign, created labor intensive, hand-pulled screen prints, limited to an edition of just 550, with 500 available to the public through our website. Once this limited edition print has sold out, they will never be printed again. Celebrate finality with this unique, signed and numbered piece of history.

We've already unveiled the first 4 posters and the final 4 will be revealed over the next 4 days at Make sure to check it out before they're all gone, because the site also includes other hand-signed and numbered limited edition posters and limited apparel based on the show.

Here are the first 4, already out in the universe (sideways or normal):

Little Friends Of Printmaking for Not Penny's Boat

Jeff Boyes for Desmond

Daniel Danger for The Black Rock

Guy Burwell for The Candidate Cave


Stranger Progress

(Dice Tsutsumi)

Our new SF show, Cuter Than Stranger opens on Friday and we're ready to install!! The work looks so awesome and I can't wait to share some sneak peeks with you all. Until then, you can check out some progress shots on a blog the artists put together specifically for the new show! Very cool!

Sneak peeks to come, stay tuned...


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Print Release!

David Soames
6 color screenprint
24 x 18 inches
limited edition of 100
signed and numbered

These prints are now available for sale on our website...

Or contact the SF gallery to order at (415) 409-1376 /

Friday, May 7, 2010

Their jobs sound fun!

Our next San Francisco show is seriously so exciting because it features three HUGE names from the animation and video game industries: Lou Romano, Dice Tsutsumi and Soosa Kim!

You may have heard of Lou Romano, who is the award winning Production Designer for Pixar's "Incredibles" and was also the voice of Linguini in "Ratatouille" which is so awesome! Then we have Dice Tsutsumi who was an Art Director for Pixar's "Toy Story 3" among many other amazing and impressive projects. And finally we have Soosa Kim, who's been in the video game industry for over 10 years and is currently a concept and computer graphics artist for Namco! Seriously the coolest resumes ever. So, we're going to have a show featuring their personal artwork at the SF gallery. The show is called "Cuter Than Stranger" and opens May 21st. If you click on the image above you can check out the show blog ( to see some in progress shots from Lou, Dice and Soosa.

Also, if you're interested in previewing the artwork from the show, please shoot us an email -

Happy Friday!
G1988 SF

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Watching Greg "Craola" Simkins have a cameo in, another G1988 artists', Travie McCoy's new video "Billionaire" - might just be the best thing I've seen all month. Please click the link and watch this video and look for another cameo from G1988 artist Pete Wentz.

Travie McCoy - "Billionaire"


You're now entering...

Been pretty excited to announce this show for over a year....

We'll be paying tribute to what is easily one of the most influential television shows in the history of the medium, "The Twilight Zone," with "Another Dimension," where over 50 artists will reinterpret and remix episodes, themes and iconography from classic episodes of the series. As a DIE HARD Twilight Zone fan, this is easily going to be a 2010 highlight for me at least (and when you own a gallery, you can book with that in mind). The show opens Thursday, May 20th and will have an opening reception from 7-10 PM. Will we play the Twilight Zone theme show over and over again on loop? Probably not. But maybe.

The above postcard features a small bit of artist Dave Perillo's piece, which is so awesome. Below is the entire image...

And one more tease....this one from G1988 favorite Kiersten Essenpries who takes aim at the famous "Eye Of The Beholder" episode...

Relive one of the greatest pieces of Science Fiction and mark down May 20th for "Another Dimension" at G1988: LA!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We are so pleased to announce our recent partnership with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier on creating original and new gig posters for their recent bus tour, going city to city and recording their extremely popular podcast, called SModcast, live in front of an audience. These limited edition posters were first offered to ticket holders and now can be purchased on our website by CLICKING HERE -

And here they are, each limited to 335 copies all together. We have both signed and unsigned (by Kevin and Scott) available (but all from the same numbered edition) -

Todd Slater

Drew Milward

DKNG (this one can be flipped!)

So if you're a fan of Kevin, SModcast, great design or just gig posters, pick these up at $30 unsigned or $40 signed. Yeah!


Saturday, May 1, 2010


The "Amicvs Monstrvm" show is just about ready! Hooray! If you're interested in viewing the new work from Scott Campbell and Nathan Stapley, here's the preview link...