Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heading down to LA!

I'm coming down for Idiot Box, couldn't miss our 5 year anniversary show! It blows my mind that it's been 5 years already. I can still remember driving in my car with Jensen when we came up with the idea to open 1988. For two people with very little knowledge of opening an art gallery, we actually spent a lot of time planning. We wrote a formal business plan, which we recently found down in the LA store and it's SO different than how the gallery turned out. It's actually pretty funny to read now. We came up with our name which was first "Elephant Gallery" which then switched to "Anthony Michael Hallway" and then we finally settled on "Nineteen Eight Eight."

I remember sitting my parents down at a restaurant on Fillmore St., with the typed up business plan, of course, to tell them at 22 years old I was opening an art gallery with Jensen, who was my boyfriend at the time. My dad didn't speak for about an hour. I think he completely tuned out in a "I can't believe this is happening" kind of way. My parents eventually got on board and became really excited about the gallery and have been incredibly supportive ever since. My dad even drove down from San Francisco to help Jensen's dad renovate the space. He showed up with all of his tools and his handyman outfit (a white button down dress shirt, khaki shorts, white tubes socks and old, black dress shoes because he didn't want to "scuff up his white sneakers"). He is the cutest man on the planet, think Ned Flanders. And then when the grand opening came, my entire family flew down for the event. My sister, Lindsey, who is afraid to fly, overdosed on sleeping pills for the one hour flight and threw up all night.

There are so many amazing memories, most are probably boring to everyone besides me and Jensen. But even just writing this blog post and thinking back makes me laugh. We are extremely lucky and I feel so blessed that we've come this far.

Enough mushy stuff.

See you in LA!

G1988 SF


The Force

Right before "Idiot Box," a show where she'll also have 2 new pieces available....Misha did something completely different...and BRILLIANT.

acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 inches (26 x 32 inches framed)

acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 inches (26 x 32 inches framed)

"Slave Girl Peach"
11 x 14 inches

Interested? Email me at gallery1988@aol.com. Cause Star Wars + Nintendo = not around long.

G1988: LA

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jen Tong

Redefine Magazine did a really nice write up on Jen Tong from our "Sweet Surrender" show that just closed on Saturday. Jen delivered some amazing pieces for the show and we were very excited to have her involved. It looks like Redefine was excited about her work too!

Check out the article here... http://www.redefinemag.com/arts/

G1988 SF


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Urkel On Your Apple

Our homeboys at Gelaskins have hooked us up once again, this time celebrating the LA Gallery's 5th Anniversary. Employing Alex Pardee's "Idiot Box" piece of Family Matter's lovable dweeb, Steve Urkel, we ask the hi-pitched annoying question, "Did Weeeeeee Do That?" - cause even we totally baffled ourselves. There was only about 100 made of these combined, so it's first come, first serve - for free - for those who party at the opening reception of "Idiot Box," Thursday night, April 2, 7-11 PM. With this on your iPhone and a picture of you and Mr. Belding chugging a beer in your wallet, you will be the coolest person you know.

G1988: LA

Saturday, March 28, 2009

And another one...

Freaks and Geeks is one of Jensen's favortive TV shows of all time, he loves it SO MUCH that he made us go to the Freaks and Geeks meet and greet/DVD signing at the old Tower Records on Sunset about three years ago. We waited in line for HOURS, but we did get to meet the entire cast.

So, you can imagine how excited Jensen was to see Allison Reimold's Freaks and Geeks themed piece for our Idiot Box show...

This piece is amazing and so perfect for this show! Stay tuned for more preview pics...

G1988 SF



Shark Toof has consistently been one of my favorite street artists here in LA and his new wheat pastings moved him even higher on my lists. This one is caddy corner from us, right next to my favorite lunch spot, M Cafe. Looks like he's branching out from his past visual, now almost reinventing the moniker. LOVE it. We are one of the few spots that actually sells the mysterious Shark Toof's prints and wheat pasting posters, so check them out HERE.

It's not safe.

G1988: LA

Friday, March 27, 2009

Didn't You Say Somethin?

A Friday night sneak peek...

To get you in the mood...

And here is Rik Catlow's awesome piece paying tribute to your favorite stoned laugher, Beavis, busting out the Bunghole pose.

More sneaks soon. Huh uh uh huh.

G1988: LA

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty Cool

Recently was told about a show in Atlanta called "We Are Going To Eat You," which will feature artwork all based on classic cult movies and the really cool part about it is they actually announce that it's inspired by our "Crazy 4 Cult" shows. It's at Mint Gallery, which is also a non-profit arts organization that focuses on creating artistic, non-judgmental outlets within the communities of Georgia, so they're pretty awesome on two counts.

From their website:

"The collection is also inspired by two gallery showings of movie-inspired artwork called Crazy 4 Cult at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Wanting an East Coast representation of this theme spawned the idea of We Are Going to Eat You."

That's really awesome. I feel like anything I write about this sounds stupid, cause I, and I know Katie too, are super honored to have read that. That's pretty cool. Their show opens April 4th and you can learn more at their website http://www.mintgallery.org.

I've been pretty sappy as of late, sitting in the gallery realizing it's been 5 years, and remembering the days where Katie and I would pass the time by playing online poker (every day until we admitted to our problem) - but to know that we've influenced anyone, at all, with our shows is pretty unreal. Feels fake even. So insane. Not sure I got it across in this post what it means to me, but I tried.

G1988: LA

Yadda Yadda Yadda

"Idiot Box" is so insanely soon here at G1988: LA and we're getting 5-10 pieces a day here in the gallery now. And each one is more impressive than the next. Kiersten Essenpreis, who has quickly become one of my favorite artists around, took Seinfeld worship to a WHOLE new level with her piece, "Seinfeldology (a.k.a. 99 Seinfeld References)." And yes, it titled literally.

So insanely perfect and detailed. And you know what that means? It's contest time. Using the key below, write down as many of the 99 Seinfeld references you can, matching them with the numbers.

To enter, if you live in Los Angeles, give me your attempts by hand at the opening reception on April 2nd. If you live outside of Los Angeles, but in the United States, mail us your entry at:

Gallery1988: LA
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Please make sure to include your mailing address on the entry, in case you're a winner. The entry MUST BE RECEIVED at the gallery by April 2nd and WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING EMAIL ENTRIES AT ALL. Unfortunately, this is a US only contest. If we have a tie, the winner will be chosen by random picking, by my dog, Benjamin Peeny.

The winner will get...an artist proof print of Luke Chueh's "Disintegration" giclee. Yup. That's the grand prize. Pretty sponge worthy.

G1988: LA

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Crazy

G1988 homie Tony Orozco just sent in this video segment he did for last year's Crazy 4 Cult. Good stuff on here, and it got me super hyped up for "Crazy 4 Cult 3-D," which will hit the gallery in July 2009. Until then, check out the video to see what it feels like.

G1988: LA

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Charitable Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee paints a surprise mural in his "good friend," Transformer's Shia LeBeouf's new house for the actor's birthday.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - Alex is just on a different, and more inventive plane than me.

G1988: LA

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The First Trio

We've been reflecting on the blog about G1988: LA as we approach our 5 year Anniversary here on Melrose and La Brea, and nothing says growth quite like looking back at our first 3 flyer evites from our first three art shows back in 2004. I can't explain how little Katie and I knew about what we were doing when we first opened the doors and I think me commenting on these first 3 shows might just help you realize how much of a miracle a 5 year Anniversary really is. Most of you had no idea we existed when these three shows opened (it's ok, neither did we), so it's always fun to poke fun now. There are SOOOOO many stories, so I won't bore you, I'll just give you the details.

Awwww, out first show ever. Named "The Difference," since we had 2 primarily digital artists, PlasticGod (who was then rocking a less family-friendly name) and ESM-Artificial, and 2 traditional fine artists, Nikki Van Pelt and Christopher "Tofer" Chin, this show opened May 18th. When we first opened, being super club promoter Brent Bolthouse's former assistant in a past life (pre-The Hills fame he later acquired) paid off, since he was NICE enough to help promote our first year of shows, as we borrowed his mailing list and promotional staff to get the word out there. It's basically something he could've charged $35,000 for, and instead he donated it to help us get our feet off the ground. And because of him: you could NEVER say our openings weren't packed, even from the first day. Hosted by a few friends, including Taryn Manning, who at the time was seen in "8 Mile" and that Britney Spears movie, our goal was to take this large crowd and force them to look at the walls while they were being "hip" - then buy something. And it worked. Sure, we our flyer had more logos than a NASCAR vehicle, but it was a start. And we STILL show PlasticGod (making him the longest running G1988 artist), and Tofer recently just opened a show at Freddi C's new space - so it's good to know artists who know how stupid we were originally are still out there showing. MY FAVORITE part of this flyer is that an email I sent to the designer as a first round of notes actually shows up in the flyer, above the show title. It was me asking if we can incorporate the words "GRAND OPENING" on the flyer. So he just put my email in the collage, hence the words were incorporated. I deserved that.

"Killer Dreamer." Our first, and last, photography show. Still one of my favorite shows aesthetically, but we learned quickly that both we, and our proposed audience, weren't going to be the photo type. LOVE this flyer though. All three of our first flyers were created by a friend, Niko, who was doing all the best LA club flyers at the time. We also had our first drink sponsors for this one, including Dame Dash's failed Armadale Vodka. Taryn came back to the gallery again, this time to debut her clothing line, which included a fashion show (another first and last). I recently noticed Ye Rin Mok's photos in the movie "Hard Candy," which was cool to say, "Oh man, I remember her. We didn't sell many photos that show, huh?" Also, the homie skateboarder Chad Muska DJ'd, and also debuted some pieces from his clothing line, Forever Young. Fun fact. When we met with Alan Traeger for the first time in his loft to help pick out photos, I got one of my signature migraine headaches 10 minutes in and vomited in his bathroom. We then had to leave immediately. I was a seriously well-seasoned gallery owner. We also used double sided tape to hang one of Alan's 4 foot foam core photos in the front window. It didn't come off until we bent it in half. That was the first time we bought a piece. It hung above my couch (with visible bend) for 2 1/2 years.

"Down Here It's Our Time" was basically what we consider the real beginning of Gallery1988, or what we had prayed for. The first for MANY things. Our first show where we let the art do the talking, but ironically the only flyer in our history where we featured no art. We were sick of grand openings and fashion shows, we wanted to display some of these artists we were noticing, and to do it with a style we figured was going to be all our own at G1988 over time. It was the first show where every artist involved sold something (which at the time was totally something to write home about). We were still booking art shows only 3 months in advance at that time because we really had no competition to show 99% of these artists. It's in stark contrast to the 2 years in advance method some of these same artists practice now. This was also our first pop culture reference in the title and in the flyer picture, with an obvious nod to the "Goonies." This is a motif we stuck with. This was also the first traditional art gallery setting for Luke Chueh, who had previously shown at the one-night Cannibal Flower events and Black Market clothing store on Sawtelle, and little did we know what that meant to everyone involved. It also was early on the Bob Dob train and the first time we showed, and anyone else had shown, Seattle native Jason Sho Green, who would later become a serious staple during the first 3 years of G1988. I remember when Jason first dropped off his artwork at the gallery, he barely spoke to me and believed he was unworthy as an artist to ever be in an art gallery. He actually seemed mad at me for even asking him. He was always one of the most fun artists to watch grow for us, as he's shown at several spaces now, basically saying no to venues frequently (including us now!) And I mean, I've man-dated Luke on the blog before, so I don't have to tell you what he's meant to us again, but he was our Pied Piper. He came along, played a song that we totally loved, and we followed the dude down cobbled roads (even when I saw him wince when he noticed we didn't use any art on the flyer. my bad). This postcard means so much, but in truth this show, and Luke's involvement, just reminds me of that day your parents dropped you off for college for the first time, then drove away. It's like, "There, it's here now. You can totally be an adult. Just don't f*ck up."

More soon.

G1988: LA

Friday, March 20, 2009

South x Southwest

When Gallery1988's brand Crazy 4 Cult was asked by the good people at the South By Southwest Film Festival to create a gift bag for their world renowned event, which is taking place as I blog right now, we jumped at the possibility. And the man we in turn went to? Andrew Wilson, the genius behind 2008's panoramic Crazy 4 Cult poster with all the cult icons lined up. Andrew returned to the theme, this time paying tribute to some of SXSW's biggest supporters and memories like Harry Knowles, 1988 pals Kevin Smith & Morgan Spurlock, the stars of Murderball, Harold & Kumar, and Quentin Tarantino. And now, everyone who goes through the festival walks away with this incredible bag:

Past bag designers include Shepard Fairey, so Andrew is in pretty incredible company. CONGRATS. He's out there right now seeing movies we won't see for months. And with a VIP pass that lets him cut lines! He's special.

G1988: LA

Sweet Surrender on ArtSlant

ArtSlant did a nice write up of our Sweet Surrender show. Check out the article here...


It is such a great show, the artists all did an amazing job and delivered some stunning pieces. There are a few ridiculously amazing pieces left, like Mia's "Green Witch" for $500.00!

Check out the entire show at the link below, before it's gone forever...


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Zac Efron

The trailer for the upcoming Matthew Perry/Zac Efron/Leslie Mann movie "17 Again" reveals a pretty cool 1988 painting in the background, albeit fuzzy. It's Misha's Metroid-themed "Seamus Venus," in Reno 911! favorite Thomas Lennon's house. Check out the screen capture:

We're assuming you'll see it better in the film, as well as many other 1988 familiar pieces, since I think we may make up all the walls in the Lennon character's house, considering how much they picked up. Check out the movie when it comes out April 17th!

G1988: LA

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Man's Shoes

Slowly creeping up on "Idiot Box" here at G1988: LA and it's time for another sneak peek! This time from artist Jeff Boyes, who has created a special screen print, not only to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the gallery, but also the 20th Anniversary of Saved By The Bell!

A 3 color screen print titled, "ZM1991," it give Jeff's twist on Zach Morris's signature hi-tops and tucked in tight jeans. And that awesome little Bayside logo in the corner!

Limited to only 33, this is going to be a tough one to get your hands on.

Jeff has also been chronicling the screen printing process over at his website, www.visualtechnicians.com I'm sure he'll be updating more, since he said the detail has created one of the toughest jobs he's ever had with printing.

Until then, preppie.

G1988: LA


Now THIS is a very cool art show. Text stolen from SlamXHype:

Daniel Ramos, AKA Chaka, was 18 when he was arrested and charged in 1991 with 48 counts of vandalism, trespassing and causing $500,000 in property damage. Chaka’s signature tag had appeared in a staggering 10,000 locations from Orange County to San Francisco. At the height of his notoriety Chaka was demonized by mainstream media and culture as being little more than a prolific vandal. At the same time he was celebrated by street artists who admired the ability of a teenager from the projects to literally make his mark on the vast, glitzy LA cityscape in such a ubiquitous manner. He is credited with breaking away from the New York “wildstyle” popular at the time and introducing clearer, more blockish lettering into tagging. Chaka was one of the first to create a reputation as a recognizable individual tagger, and spawned many imitators. However Chaka was not just a lone operative. He was part of the LOD crew and as such, his work in reclaiming hard to reach places of the cityscape (freeway overpasses, walls, trains etc) on behalf of his crew is recognized by fellow taggers as a selfless achievement for LA’s graffiti scene as a whole.

After spending a year tracking down the once unavoidable Chaka, Mid-City Arts presents his first solo show. For Chaka’s fans as well as street art collectors, this will be a rare opportunity to revisit the nostalgia of the early 90’s, and own a piece of LA’s cultural history. Chaka himself will be in attendance and there will be a limited number of signed posters in addition to his works available for sale. The opening reception will take place April 25th, 7:00-9:00pm at Mid-City Arts, 5113 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019. For more info visit: www.chakaone.com

*** Being an LA native my whole life, CHAKA is engraved in my brain as the DUDE for getting up. One story has him tagging his name in the courthouse elevator when he's about to be sentenced. I will have to go to this thing purely to relive what it was like to wear super baggy pants and a Gypsies and Thieves shirt.

G1988: LA

Monday, March 16, 2009

Still and Street Life

This weekend Greg "Craola" Simkins returned to where it all started with his first new graffiti pieces in years. Proving that selling out gallery shows didn't deflate his street skills, the man took over a moving billboard, and reminded us that he still is one of the West Coast's best with a spray can. Exclusive to G1988.blogspot, check out these pictures of the master back on the grind.


G1988: LA

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleeping In A Closet

Adam Rex for "Idiot Box" at G1988: LA

This show is INSANE. Totally bonkers. Robot girl painted in a serious manner type of crazy.


G1988: LA

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upcoming Shows

I'm really excited to announce our next San Francisco show...

That's right, Daniel Danger and Dan McCarthy will be showing at the SF gallery this April! They are both delivering a TON of prints and original paintings. The show opens Saturday, April 4th.

AND we also have a Gallery1988 favorite, Israel Sanchez, opening at www.88point5.com on March 28th!

So many great shows coming up! Stay tuned for preview pics!

G1988 SF

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pardee Hardee

Your first glimpse at a piece from "Idiot Box" comes courtesy Alex Pardee, a name who ALWAYS knocks it out the park for our large group shows. This piece is basically the EXACT reason I was so pumped to do "Idiot Box" for our 5 year anniversary. If I had to explain what pieces I was hoping for...this is basically what I would describe. Alex made a video of his process to create everyone's most loved dweeb. Again, I don't know where to start to explain how much I love Alex - it's not just the idea that he used the show's theme as a soundtrack, or that he did the painting for both our show and to "celebrate Black History Month," or that he just made a video in general. It's basically the whole deal. Did I do that?

And the finished piece...


This show is going to be my favorite ever. I already feel it. April 2, 7-11 PM.

And no better time than now. Pardee Solo Show at 1988: LA end of 2009.

G1988: LA

Woke Up Early

As we approach our 5th year here at the Melrose/La Brea location, it's got Katie and I feeling rather nostalgic, so we wanted to do some posts where we look back at some stuff over the past half-decade. I couldn't think of a cooler thing to start with then our final Juxtapoz ad ever.

When we first opened the gallery in 2004, we were quick to sign a year long advertising deal with the magazine, figuring what better way to publicize our gallery. Truth is, at that point, we didn't really think they'd cover anything we were doing - cause I mean, we're in our early 20's just catching our footing, not creating much of a buzz, and they've been around forever. But as we went into our struggling bank accounts every single month to pay the contract we had signed with them for advertising every month, we had hoped something would pop up on their radar (especially since it was hinted at when we first entered the contract). And we just kept WAITING. Even when we had a line around the block for our first themed show, or sold out Luke Chueh's first traditional gallery setting solo show, or showed Audrey Kawasaki in her first 2-artist exhibit. I would even ask them to come check out a show, see how people are excited about what we're doing. I mean, we're having sell-out shows! But nothing. So the last month of the contract approached, and as Katie and I were working a day job on Sundays to feed ourselves and keep the gallery running, we ran this as our final ad (designed by Luke Chueh):

We were hoping this ad, which featured artists we were showing at that time, who also had NEVER been featured on ANY page of Juxtapoz magazine, would later make them look a little stupid (hence the "Thanks for nothing" tone of the text). For the first time in Juxtapoz magazine - artists Luke Chueh, Thomas Han, Jason Sho Green, Blaine Fonatna, Greg Simkins and Joe Ledbetter were shown in print. Needless to say, they were all covered years later...but we weren't.

Still one of my favorite things we ever did here at 1988, as not being covered by Juxtapoz always felt like such a Kanye West-temper tantrum like slight to us. We were working really hard to get them to notice 1988, and now looking back, they never would've. Especially once the contract ran out. But we always had this last ad to laugh about, knowing that one day those artists would get their own covers, Showstoppers and features. And to remember that moment when we were told that what we were doing wasn't "in-line with the magazine" (which was said to me). Hopefully, this would be the proof that we were just a little too ahead of our time. And thanks to blog, I think it is now. Anyway, with the direction you see in the magazine now, we're even more not in line, so we'll be cool without the monthly fee this time. But we'll always have that ad.

G1988: LA

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been soooo excited for quite some time to announce that Gallery1988 is now officially selling some of Australian artist Michael Steele's work. We just got the paintings in from Michael (BEST packing job ever P.S.) and they are incredible. These pieces are priced so well, and they are so stunning in person, I can't imagine they'll last long. Steele's "Cluster" paintings, which are what he calls the series from which the two available paintings are from, were recently featured on Juxtapoz.com and NotCot.org. I can't wait to see more from Michael, which you will be seeing here at G1988. It's hard for me to undersell these. They are stunning and so much of what I like from our genre of art all in one. I see new things every time I look at them, and the intricate use of oil, enamel and acrylic makes for such a strong effect (almost like a collage), especially hanging on a wall. This is an artist to seriously watch, especially at these prices.

If you are interested in either of these paintings, please email us at gallery1988@aol.com.

Michael Steele
"Cluster 5 (Untitled)"
24 x 24 inches
Oil, acrylic & enamel on canvas

Michael Steele
"Cluster 6 (Chinatown)"
24 x 24 inches
oil on canvas

So good. For reals.

G1988: LA

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweet Surrender Opening

Last night was a blast! We had a great turnout at the opening for Sweet Surrender. Camilla, Allison, Jennifer, and Krista were able to make it to the event. Unfortunately, we missed Mia, but everyone loved her work in the show. I just uploaded better images of Mia's paintings with her the beautiful frames she chose, you can see them here on the preview blog...


Here are some pics from the opening last night...

the artists from left to right: Camilla d'Errico, Krista Huot, Allison Torneros, and Jennifer Tong

The show runs through March 28th, so if you weren't able to see the show last night please stop by over the next few weeks. The work in this show is stunning, so you should definitley see it in person if you can!

G1988 SF

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Remote Control

The line-up fot April 2nd's "Idiot Box" 5-year anniversary show at G1988: LA -

Paintings and prints based on TV's guiltiest pleasures by:

Rachel J. Wong
Saul “Boxx” Gonzalez
Daniel Elson
Lesley Reppeteaux
Jenny Mollen
Allison Reimold
Dan Goodsell
Trisha Gum
Erica Gibson
Danielle Burli
Justin Kalmen
Cory Benhatzel
Rik Catlow
Adam Rex
Joey D.
Ruel Pascual
Wade Shin
Steve Bossler
Ewlina Ferruso
Ryan Sanchez
Jeff Ramirez
N.C. Winters
Thomas Lynch III
Erica Gibson
Isaac Bushkin
Matt Taylor
Frank Gonzales
Dave Pressler
Mike Maas
Doktor A
Le Merde
Jing Wei
Mylan Nguyen
Leanne Biank
Ken Keirns
Charlie Immer
Dan Santat
Chris Tezber
Patrick Gannon
Tom Haubs
Augie Pagan
Keith Noordzy
Brandon Sopinsky
Danielle Rizollo
Roland Tamayo
Jeremy Tinder
Dave Crosland
Anthony Clarkson
Jim Mahfood
Mark Bodnar
Ken Garduno
Johny Yanok
Jesse Riggle
Jesse Reklaw
Jenn Lobo
Matt Burlingame
Ahren Hertel
Marcus Schaeffer
Matt Dangler
Jim Harker
Ben Walker
Jen Rarey
Chris Lee
Shannon Bonatakis
Cornelius Cockroft
Nathan Stapley
Aaron Jasinski
Alex Pardee
Andrew Hem
Carlos Ramos
Brendon Flynn
Casey Weldon
Chris B. Murray
Sean Clarity
Dave Chung
Israel Sanchez
Jason Sho Green
Johnny Bergeron
Justin Degarmo
Kiersten Essenpreis
Kii Arens
Tim Tomkinson
Devin Crane
Julian Callos
Scott Scheidly
Scott Campbell
Josh Calloway
Martin Hsu
Gideon Boomer
Jeff Boyes
Andrew Wilson
Joey Spiotto
Jude Buffum
Ryan Hungerford

Wow. Please excuse typos. And expect surprise additions.

G1988: LA

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


UPDATE: Link fixed. lol.

Scott Scheidly

Jason D'Aquino

Doktor A

Michael Page

Jason Limon

I just opened the doors to "Transcenders," hoping I see you here. Our friends at Red Bull supplied with enough red Bull to totally install hardwood in the gallery from now until 5 AM on Friday. So we have that going for us.

You can see all the work by CLICKING HERE.

If anything catches your eye for purchase, email us at gallery1988@aol.com. I'll keep checking for emails during the show.

G1988: LA

Sweet Surrender Installation

While Jensen is almost ready to open Transcenders in LA in just a few hours, we are setting up our new show in SF, which opens this Friday. It's completely storming in San Francisco today, so it makes it a little hard to focus. I wish I was at home on the couch watching movies!

But our new show is pretty incredible, I have to say. The lineup is ridiculous: Camilla d'Errico, Krista Huot, Allison Torneros, Jennifer Tong and Mia. As you can imagine from these incredibly talented ladies, the artwork is stunning!

Here are a few sneak previews for you...

Mia "Blue Witch"

Jennifer Tong "Mirror, Mirror"
*this painting is reversible, can be hung two ways

Krista Huot "The Moral of the Story"

The best part is that 4 of the 5 artists will be at the opening! Unfortunately we are going to miss Mia, but Camilla, Allison, Jen and Krista will be here! We hope all of you can make it too!

G1988 SF

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Think I Did It!

I believe I just learned Flipcam and iMovie in 25 minutes. It can only get better from here. Excuse some of the choppiness and such, you can only have 1 first time.

Peep all of Doktor A's sculptures debuting tomorrow night at our opening for "Transcenders," 7-10 PM!

G1988: LA