Friday, March 20, 2009

South x Southwest

When Gallery1988's brand Crazy 4 Cult was asked by the good people at the South By Southwest Film Festival to create a gift bag for their world renowned event, which is taking place as I blog right now, we jumped at the possibility. And the man we in turn went to? Andrew Wilson, the genius behind 2008's panoramic Crazy 4 Cult poster with all the cult icons lined up. Andrew returned to the theme, this time paying tribute to some of SXSW's biggest supporters and memories like Harry Knowles, 1988 pals Kevin Smith & Morgan Spurlock, the stars of Murderball, Harold & Kumar, and Quentin Tarantino. And now, everyone who goes through the festival walks away with this incredible bag:

Past bag designers include Shepard Fairey, so Andrew is in pretty incredible company. CONGRATS. He's out there right now seeing movies we won't see for months. And with a VIP pass that lets him cut lines! He's special.

G1988: LA

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