Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty Cool

Recently was told about a show in Atlanta called "We Are Going To Eat You," which will feature artwork all based on classic cult movies and the really cool part about it is they actually announce that it's inspired by our "Crazy 4 Cult" shows. It's at Mint Gallery, which is also a non-profit arts organization that focuses on creating artistic, non-judgmental outlets within the communities of Georgia, so they're pretty awesome on two counts.

From their website:

"The collection is also inspired by two gallery showings of movie-inspired artwork called Crazy 4 Cult at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Wanting an East Coast representation of this theme spawned the idea of We Are Going to Eat You."

That's really awesome. I feel like anything I write about this sounds stupid, cause I, and I know Katie too, are super honored to have read that. That's pretty cool. Their show opens April 4th and you can learn more at their website

I've been pretty sappy as of late, sitting in the gallery realizing it's been 5 years, and remembering the days where Katie and I would pass the time by playing online poker (every day until we admitted to our problem) - but to know that we've influenced anyone, at all, with our shows is pretty unreal. Feels fake even. So insane. Not sure I got it across in this post what it means to me, but I tried.

G1988: LA

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