Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day After...

So a nice Black Friday here at Gallery 1988, compared to the tragic insanity other places in the US, and some customers walked away with some super door buster deals. And now the Greg Simkins "It Wanders West" show comes down in LA, making way for Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Gym Class Hero Travis McCoy's "Without You I'm Just Me," which opens Dec. 9th to what we figure will be a lot of fanfare.

We made these with our friends at Gelakins for the event:

And here's a sneak at another collabo with LA artist Jeff McMillan and Pete Wentz:

Going to be a lot of fun on Dec. 9th, so make sure to swing by, as you blog readers will be stoked to see what other G1988 frequenters have teamed up with the rock stars.

AND, don't forget about Dan Goodsell's solo show opening up over at our online interactive gallery, 88point5, today. You can check out the show by CLICKING HERE. Lots of pieces have already sold, but lots of amazing paintings and drawings are still available for your Toast obsessed loved ones! And you can converse directly with the artist on the site's discussion boards. So you know, Dan is also the world's most complete collector of vintage food memorabilia (especially cereals), so that's always fun to talk about on a message board.

G1988: LA

Thursday, November 27, 2008


DO NOT MISS OUT ON TODAY'S DEALS! By far our biggest sale EVER on EVERYTHING we currently have in stock in both LA and SF. 15% off everything, and free U.S. shipping - and also 25-40% off selected items that you can see by clicking the image above. Why let Circuit City have all the fun?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Vivisect Playset (Round 5)

The Vivisect Playset is returning for it's fifth installment on December 5th at our San Francisco location. Luke Chueh has helped us curate another amazing show and the artist lineup is incredible!

Alex Pardee, Amanda Visell, Amy Sol, Angry Woebots, Anthony Ausgang, Ben Strawn, Brendon Flynn, Charlie Immer, Daniel Elson, Dia, Ghostpatrol, Isaac Pierro, Joe Ledbetter, Johnny Crap, Kamala Dolphin Kingsley, Lauren Moyer, Lindsay Campbell, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Matt Dangler, Mayuko Fujino, Melissa Haslam, Moira Hahn, Paul Barnes, Peek-a-boo, Pete Gronquist, Roland Tamayo, Scott Radke, Thomas Han, and Walt Hall.

We already have some preview pics for you because you read our blog and we like that...

Mari Inukai

Ben Strawn

Paul Barnes

Peter Gronquist

Scott Radke

Lauren Moyer

Seriously, the work is so good and we still haven't seen all of it yet. I think this is the best Vivisect Playset of all five years!

Thinking back to the year we opened, Jensen and I have been through a lot. Five years is a long time and it's crazy to see how much our lives have changed. Here are a few funny pictures from our grand opening in Los Angeles back in 2004...

Friday, November 21, 2008

G1988: LA & Shark Toof (and cult contest revealed finally!)

I'm really excited to announce that LA street artist Shark Toof will now have prints available at Gallery 1988: LA! I hunted the dude down like I'm Jake Gyllenhal and he's the guy who may slash may not have been the Zodiac killer (but definately had a creepy basement), making sure we get his GREAT prints available for purchase.

You have seen his wheat pastings and prints all over Los Angeles (I mean the dude treats La Brea Ave. like it's an art gallery wall). Here are some pictures to remind you...

So, yeah, you totally know him. And now you have a name to put with the image. And an amazing name. I mean, SHARK TOOF! And now you can also own some of the exact work you see on the streets, as well as some VERY limited prints. I do see big things for Mr. Toof in the future, as he has LOTS of people talking. Here's a rundown of the new stuff, available now...

Hand screened and embellish Shark print
23 x 17 inches
on LA Xpress page
hand signed

Hand Screened Shark Cigarette All Over
23 x 17 inches
on archival paper
hand signed and numbered edition of 5

Hand Screened Red, White and Blue Shark
23 x 17 inches
on paper
hand signed

Hand Screened Shark Toof Cigarette
18 x 24 inches
on archival paper
hand signed and numbered edition of 3

Hand Screen Small Pumpkin
12 x 16 inches
on archival paper
hand signed and numbered edition of 3

Hand Screened Large Posters (all 4 available)
35 x 24 inches
on paper
hand signed
$45.00 each

Get your Shark Toof on. You will not regret it. I'm picking up one of the large ones and taking it over to Framing House (oh, c'mon, it's the worst kept secret in LA art!) and putting it up in the game room. So should you. We have these available for pick up at the gallery or by emailing us at or calling at (323) 937 - 7088.

And while on the topic of overly long blog posts...

What better time than now to announce the winner of our Crazy 4 Cult Andrew Wilson poster contest and give you all the answer key? Listen, I know we're late. Some stuff has to go back burner for a minute, but it will eventually get the flame. Congrats to our winner, Cory Balsitis, who will get a smattering of cult prints and praise from friends near and far. But for those just wanting to sharpen their Shark Teef (CALL BACK!) on their cult's your key.

and here ya go...

001. Escape From New York: Snake

002. Star Wars: Storm Trooper

003. Star Wars: Leia

004. Wet Hot American Summer: Katie

005. Wet Hot American Summer: Coop

006. Goonies: Brand

007. Goonies: Andy

008. Wizard of Oz: Lion

009. Donnie Darko: Frank

010. TMNT: sewer plate

011. Repo Man: the car

012. Goonies: Sloth

013. Goonies: Chunk

014. Goonies: Data

015. Goonies: Stef

016. Goonies: Mouth

017. Goonies: Mikey

018. The Wiz: Tin Man

019. The Wiz: Lion

020. Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow

021. Wizard of Oz: Tin Man

022. UHF: Weird Al

023. UHF: Stanly and Mop

024. The Wiz: Dorothea

025. Wizard of Oz: Glenda

026. The Wiz: Scarecrow Michael

027. Wizard of Oz: Dorothea

028. Wizard of Oz: Winky Guard

029. Hudsucker Proxy: Norville Barnes

030. Plan 9: Vampire Girl

031. Ed Wood: Ed Wood

032. They Live: Nada

033. They Live: Aliens

034. Dazed and Confused: Darla

035. Dazed and Confused: Don

036. Dazed and Confused: Slater

037. Twin Peaks: Dale Cooper

038. The Last Dragon: Bruce Leroy (catching bullets with his teeth?)

039. The Last Dragon: Sho'nuff (he was the baddest R.I.P. Julius)

040. Harold and Maude: Maude

041. Harold and Maude: Harold

042. Clerks: Jay

043. Clerks: Silent Bob

044. Refer Madness: Pianist

045. True Romance: Alabama

046. True Romance: Clarence

047. ReAnimator: Dr. Harrod

048. Friday: Craig

049. Friday: Smokey

050. Fight Club: Marla

051. Fight Club: Tyler Durden

052. Rockey Horror Picture Show: Janet

053. Rockey Horror Picture Show: Riff Raff

054. Spinal Tap: Derek Smalls

055. Spinal Tap: Nigel Tufnel

056. Spinal Tap: David St. Hubbins

057. Napoleon Dynamite: Pedro (vote for him)

058. Napoleon Dynamite: Napoleon

059. Heathers: Veronica

060. Heathers: JD

061. Rockey Horror Picture Show: Frank N Furter

062. Mallrats: Brody

063. Freaks: Johnny Eck (half boy)

064. Freaks: The Living Torso (as Rardion)

065. Pink Flamingos: Babs

066. Half Baked: Thurgood Jenkins

067. Ferris Beuller's Day Off: Sloan

068. Ferris Beuller's Day Off: Ferris (save ferris!)

069. Ferris Beuller's Day Off: Cameron

070. Freddy Got Fingered: Freddy

071. Shaft: Shaft

072. Reservior Dogs: Mr. Pink

073. Mommy Dearest: Christina Crawford

074. Mommy Dearest: Joan Crawford

075. Better Off Dead: Charles de Mar

076. Better Off Dead: Lane Meyer

077. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Oompa Loompa (doompity doo)

078. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Willy Wonka

079. Princess Bride: Fezzik

080. Princess Bride: Inigo Montoya (his name is inigo montoya, you killed his father, prepare to die)

081. Princess Bride: Vizzini

082. Showgirls: Nomi

083. Rushmore: Max Fisher

084. Eraserhead: Henry Spencer

085. Eraserhead: Baby

086. Blood Simple: Loren Visser

087. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Sally

088. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface

089. Psycho: Bates

090. Point Break: Johny Utah

091. Point Break: Bodhi

092. Godzilla: Godzilla

093. Cable Guy: the cable guy

094. Clockwork Orange: Alex

095. Goonies: Mama Fratelli

096. Goonies: Francis Fratelli

097. Goonies: Jake Fratelli

098. Pulp Fiction: Mia Wallace

099. Pulp Fiction: Vincent Vega

100. Pulp Fiction: Jules Winnfield

101. Strange Brew: Doug McKenzie

102. Strange Brew: Bob McKenzie

103. Strange Brew: Hosehead

104. Army of Darkness: Ash

105. Edward Scissor Hands: Edward (how'd he go to the bathroom?)

106. The Warriors: Baseball Fury

107. Big Lebowski: Wakter

108. Big Lebowski: The Dude (and a white russian)

109. Welcome to the Dollhouse: Weiner Dog

110. Welcome to the Dollhouse: Lolita

111. Office Space: Lumberg

112. Office Space: Milton

113. Pee Wee's Big Adventure: Pee Wee (and bike)

114. Dawn of the Dead: Flyboy (roger)

115. Monty Pithon's Holy Grail: The Black Knight (none shall pass)

116. Donnie Darko: Donnie (suck a fuck donnie)

117. Barbarella: Angel

118. Barbarella: Barbarella

119. Barbarella: the great tyrant (hot)

120. Kentucky Fried Movie: Poster Girl

121. The Professional: Leon

122. The Professional: Matilda (and plant)

123. Blue Velvet: Frank Booth

124. The Fifth Element: Leeloo (and mool-tee-pass)

125. Boondock Saints: Connor NcManus

126. Boondock Saints: Murphy McManus

127. The Wizard of Oz: The Wicked Witch

128. Big Trouble in Little China: Jack Burton (it's all in the reflexes)

129. Big Trouble in Little China: Lopan

130. The Wizard of Oz: Flying Monkey

Best to all. Have a GREAT weekend. And a big congrats to one of next month's two featured artists, Pete Wentz (and his wife Ashlee), on the birth of their first child, a boy, Bronx Mowgli Wentz!!! YEAHHHHH!

G1988: LA

Thursday, November 20, 2008

En Fuego

I'll post pics later this week, but the Mexican Restaurant across from the LA gallery, Pappas & Beer, burnt down last night. They actually had to block off the whole street, and I'm hearing Anarkali, the Indian spot next door to it (and arguably one of the top 4 Indian eateries in the city), had some serious damage too. But it does look like a Universal Studio backlot tour over there right now, blackened to a crisp. Weird to look out the window to see.

Remember our back inventory-wide 15% off sale ends on Nov. 27th, so get your web searching on as soon as you can at and see if anything could use a little price knock down for you.

Until later...

Pete Wentz x Travis McCoy x Greg "Craola" Simkins

Just one of the pieces in the upcoming "Without You I'm Just Me" art show, opening Dec. 9th. It's incredible in person.

G1988: LA

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I want for Christmas...

I know its not even Thanksgiving yet, but we wanted to announce our holiday print releases! We have a bunch of new prints coming out this December that would make anyone on your gift-buying list very happy! New prints from Greg Simkins, Krista Huot, Luke Chueh, Kendra Binney and Alex Pardee! All of the prints are limited edition and signed and numbered by the artist, making them extremely special. Young, old, male or female, we have something for everyone. (Click the images to enlarge).

Greg Simkins
Mini Print Set (includes Winter's Knight, Night Knight, White Knight)
giclee prints on Somerset Velvet fine art paper
4 x 5 inches (each print)
limited edition of 300
50 sets will also include a hidden chase print
30 sets will also include a hidden original Simkins drawing

December 5th release

Krista Huot
Snowfall Over Poppies
giclee print on archival paper
16 x 20 inches
limited edition of 50
*15 prints in this edition will be embellished by the artist and sold at $150.00 each

December release (date TBD)

Luke Chueh
Honey Bear
giclee print on archival paper
16 x 20 inches
limited edition of 200

December 1st release

Kendra Binney
Assembly of Defeated Beasts
giclee print on archival paper
10 x 10 inches
limited edition of 50

December release (date TBD)

Alex Pardee
The Cult Series:
Baseball Furie #1, Edward Scissorhands, Ash, Sloth, Johnny Eck, Cop #4
giclee prints on archival paper
8 x 10 inches (each print)
limited edition of 50
$40.00 each or $200.00 for the set of 6

December release (date TBD)

All of these prints will be released in December. We will also be open Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving next week in Los Angeles and San Francisco, so if you are home for the holidays, please stop by and say hello. That weekend we will also launch Dan Goodsell's "Donuts, Dreams and Winter Scenes" online show at, also just in time for the gift giving season!

Dan Goodsell
Mr. Toast Snowman
ink & watercolor on paper
10 x 8 inches
11 x 9 inches framed

Original artwork and limited edition prints make the best gifts!

G1988 San Francisco

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prop H8

A lot of people in San Francisco are upset about Prop 8 passing, banning gay marriage. There have been a lot of protests throughout the city. Here's one today outside the SF gallery...

"H8 is not a family value."

Gallery 1988: SF

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dan, Dan, the Toast Man

My girlfriend's favorite artist and the creator of Mr. Toast, Dan Goodsell is gearing up to open his online show, "Donuts, Dreams and Winter Scenes." If you can't find a holiday gift in this show, you might as well give up being festive. And I could chat about how cool Dan's work is for 100 hours, but I'm a gallery owner and it's almost my job to do so. My girlfriend on the other hand, she really is a bit more partial. She's very honest when it comes to art, even if it is hanging on her boyfriend's gallery walls, so I figured she could be our guest art critic about her absolute fav 1988 frequenter, Dan Goodsell. So why not hear from her today, on the eve of our 2 year anniversary? And check out 3 new pieces that will be part of Dan's 88point5 show, opening November 29th, that Chrissy will also give her opinions on.

Chrissy Herman, girlfriend: "From the second I set eyes on Mr. Toast I fell in love. To some he might just be a piece of toast, but to me he means so much more. Like in the star piece above, Mr. Toast is seen out on a clear, brisk, starry night. His eyes filled with reflections of all his hopes and dreams for the future. But he is still, calm and quiet - even with the heaviness of his thoughts. And in contrast to this inflective version of Mr. Toast, in the Paint By Numbers Mountain piece, our hero shows off his adventurous, carefree side. Like me, Mr. Toast finds a winter vacation in a log cabin to be extraordinarily romantic. You can figure out that he loves to cuddle up by the fire, sip on hot coca wrapped in a cashmere blanket and wear a silly hat. All while reading his old favorite childhood books, that bring him back to when he was just a little piece of bread. But he knows what else is coming...Spring. And in this piece, we do get a sneak at a season change. And like Jensen, Mr. Toast loves taking awkward pictures of himself in every new place he visits:

One one thing about Mr. Toast: He's a social dude. So he invited his friend, The Donut, to enjoy a weekend getaway to the mountains in the third piece. Together they watch the once frozen ground transform back into a beautiful flowing brook. Mr. Toast even seems to have taught The Donut the art of the awkward pose. Mr. Toast is an example to all. Mr. Toast is a dream. He is my dream."

Um, does my girlfriend want to leave me for Mr. Toast?

G1988: LA

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

James Jean at Golden Apple Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, Weds. Nov. 12, from 8 - 10 PM, Golden Apple Comics, next door to the gallery, will be having a pretty insane book signing with comic book artist/gallery star/dude who redefined Prada James Jean. A new Fables hardcover book will be released featuring all of James's breathtaking covers - and the man himself will be on hand to sign your copy! Make sure to swing by and take part in this rare occurrence of getting to meet and greet with Mr. Jean.

G1988: LA

His 2cents

It's sort of a work from home day for both Katie in Sf and me in lots of stuff that needed to get done...will get done. Always a nice change.

But over on Melrose today, I might not be repping the Avenue, but the Gallery1988 helping hand is. This time in a whole different venue on the corner of Crescent Heights and Melrose at the legendary, landmark boutique, Ron Herman at Fred Segal. LA street artist and G1988 frequenter 2cents has teamed up with the designer to create limited edition exclusive hoodie sweatshirts that are SO INCREDIBLE.

Click the below image to see all the options and order from

And here's a peek at one of them...

We were honored to work with Ron Herman and on such a fun project, and these sweatshirts really did turn out just as perfect as we make sure to pick one (or two) up for the Winter season. They are available exclusively at and at all Ron Herman stores, which include Malibu, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and the Melrose Fred Segal location, where there is also a nice little installation of 2cents artwork.

G1988: LA

I Heart Sushi

Scott Campbell's sushi-themed pieces. Sushi never looked so cute!

"Tofu and the Sushis"
watercolor on paper
7x5 inches
10x8 inches framed

Sushis Meet The Tempuras
watercolor on paper
7x5 inches
10x8 inches framed

Sushis Fitting In
watercolor on paper
7x5 inches
10x8 inches framed

You can see a few of them framed below, each floating in natural wood frame...

Check out more of Scott's work in our "Imaginary Friends" show HERE (

G1988 SF