Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's All Happening

Greg Simkins' solo show "It Wanders... West" is opening at our LA gallery in about an hour and I hear the preview was insanely busy! There's only one painting and one drawing still available for sale in the entire show!

If you haven't had a chance to see the artwork yet, you can check it out HERE (

Congrats to Greg and Jenn for another incredible show!


I'm finishing up our "Imaginary Friends" installation as we speak. Andrew Bell has a HUGE surprise for the show, literally. He brought all the way from NY an 8ft wide diptych. It's the largest piece we've had in the SF gallery and it looks amazing. You can see Andrew stretching the canvas in this pic with the second panel already stretched behind him...


And before we turn in for the night, just a little heads up about our message boards. We secretly had a Luke Chueh "Honey Bear" giclee print pre-sale last week. The first 10 people to notice the pre-sale announcement on the boards got to purchase the print early! The rest of the edition will be released on Dec. 1st at Gallery1988 LA, so if you're interested please contact us then. (We don't have waiting lists for prints, so you'll have to contact us on Dec. 1st).

We'll have special promotions like these on the message boards so check it out from time to time!

Luke Chueh
Honey Bear
giclee print on fine art paper
16 x 20 inches
limited edition of 200

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