Thursday, November 20, 2008

En Fuego

I'll post pics later this week, but the Mexican Restaurant across from the LA gallery, Pappas & Beer, burnt down last night. They actually had to block off the whole street, and I'm hearing Anarkali, the Indian spot next door to it (and arguably one of the top 4 Indian eateries in the city), had some serious damage too. But it does look like a Universal Studio backlot tour over there right now, blackened to a crisp. Weird to look out the window to see.

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Until later...

Pete Wentz x Travis McCoy x Greg "Craola" Simkins

Just one of the pieces in the upcoming "Without You I'm Just Me" art show, opening Dec. 9th. It's incredible in person.

G1988: LA


Unknown said...

that's impossibly cool.

craola is rad.


Anonymous said...


Love the Craola piece. I'm looking forward to the upcoming shows in 2009. Can't wait to put up some work with some serious players. I'm stoked.