Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, We Did.

It's good to know that in 40 years we'll still be talking about where we were when the election results were announced. Hard to blog about art or vinyl toys or art shows when I truly think our country just proved how far America has come. Since I first heard Obama speak in 2004 at Boston's Democratic Convention and started to praise the next president, I was told, even by those I love, that a black man could never be elected President. But I knew I was younger than them. I knew how my generation thought. And I knew they were wrong. And they were.

Couldn't be happy, but early reports of Prop 8 passing seems to be the hair I just found in the best pasta I've ever had. Let's just hope I have to update this with some better progress tomorrow.

And transition into art...

Here's your last sneak peek before Greg Simkins' solo show, "It Wanders West," which opens Thursday night, Nov. 6, 7 - 10 PM. It's truly that incredible of a show. Stunning. More than you even expect. This one is called "The Duel - White Knight," bringing back his signature character, first showed at G1988: LA years ago.

And our friends at StrangeCo have added another layer of awesomeness to Thursday night, releasing a SUPER SECRET, limited version of Greg's Cap'n Rotnclaw vinyl toy - this one called "Keel Haul Cleg" - first available at the opening...

It costs $60 and are limited to just 300 pieces...

First come, first serve on that baby.

Until then, I go to sleep with some optimism I don't think I've ever had for our country. Good feeling.

G1988: LA

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