Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging It Up

Got about half the Transcenders show hung today, which includes the newly delivered Michael Page pieces (INSANE!!!!!) and a middle display table for the wonders of Doktor A. We'll hit up the rest Monday, and I'm hoping I can use my new Flipcam and post a preview movie of the show. I assume I'll get so frustrated and freak out trying to understand this new technology, but I'm hoping for the best. 

In other news, it's with a sad face that we say good-bye today to Cory Benhatzel, our LA gallery manager. She's been working here since October of 2007, so if you've been in here at all since then, you most likely know her. Her and her fiance, artist Justin Kalmen, are moving to her hometown of Buffalo, NY in 2 weeks and today was her last day working at G1988: LA. A great spirit for this gallery, Cory has had a hand in basically every aspect of this space since her first week (from all the gallery operations to actually being a selling artist in our group shows). It's tough to see her go. I'm not the easiest dude to work for, as I tend to speak a language hardly understandable, but she understood it and she'll make some business in Buffalo very happy. But it will be colder. So we have that on her.

In honor of their move, here's a David Bowie piece that Cory did for our "Cover Band" show a few months ago. You'll see both of her, and Justin's, work in upcoming 1988 group shows, so they aren't total ghosts.

Good luck from Katie and I and thanks for all the hard work.

G1988: LA


Phoneticontrol's new online show is NOW LIVE!


Come celebrate with us tomorrow night, Sunday, March 1st at Madrone (500 Divisidero in San Francisco). The launch party will be from 6-9PM. See you there!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Today is the "pick-up/final day" for Brandt Peter's debut solo show here in the LA gallery, and with with a heavy head that we start taking these pieces down. I was so happy coming into the gallery everyday, looking at these pieces. Brandt did such an incredible job creating an extensive show, displaying every one of his numoerous talents. A day doesn't go by without a person coming into the gallery, checking out the show, and saying something along the lines of, "This guy is really talented and/or busy." So we bid "Cackle Factory" a sweet adieu. It was nice knowing ya. If you're a last minute shopper, there are some amazing pieces still around, and you can CLICK HERE to check those out.

So that leads us to this this Tuesday night's show, "Transcenders." I've been showing you some previews of the work from the 5 artists in the show, but have left out the work of Michael Page. Listen, I would've. I wasn't holding anything back from you. You're too nice for that.

But Michael was holding off sending me the pictures until he felt totally confident and finished. That day was today. I am prone to hyperbole, which most long time 1988 blog readers will know, but I will say this: I have never been so blown away by a slew of new work pictures, from OUT OF NOWHERE, as I have with the new work from Page. Katie actually called me from SF the minute she saw the work show up in our Photobucket and said it's some of the best work she's seen in quite a bit. Michael has always been one of my favorite artists, but he had only shown with us in assorted group shows. We had set up this group show up as a time for him to unveil a new direction and focus in his work, especially after I told him he was easily one of my favorites in our genre. It's going to be hard for me to not buy one of these. Here's where I show you two of them. I'm weirdly having issues with the photobucket/blogger connection, but if you click each of these pictures you will see the whole painting up close...

I wasn't lying (a.k.a. "promoting"). These are outstanding.

G1988: LA

Now Playing!

We are in the beginning stages of planning a new show that will open in September this year. We thought it would be a fun experiment to document the progress as the show develops. So, if you're interested, please check out this new blog from time to time. We're hoping to get artist testimonials and progress shots of the artwork throughout the next few months, so definitely stay tuned!

G1988 SF

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Launch Party!

To celebrate Phoneticontrol's new solo show at there is going to be a launch party at Madrone in San Francisco! The new online show opens this Saturday, February 28th at and we will celebrate at the launch party the following night, Sunday, March 1st.

Hope to see you there!



Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Back in the gallery (after a small weekend vacation) a bit early on a Tuesday and was stoked to see the delivery of some new pieces for our upcoming "Transcenders" show, which opens March 3rd. First up, Jason D'Aquino.

Although most people know him for his insanely detailed work on matchbooks, my favorite stuff he does is in larger format, like this piece, "Necro." The demented, yet loving, faces he gives his characters are so enchanting, and he's one of the few artists in our genre that I can say is TOTALLY unique (and a little disturbed. In a good way). Still one of my favs from last year's "Crazy 4 Cult" was Jason's "Joyride," which now hangs happily in the home of two of our favorite buyers, Jason and Jenny. LUCKY!

Next up, Scott Scheidly.

Hands down, one of the most talented artists we show here at G1988, Scott has the ability to tell an entire story with just one painting. And that story is different for every viewer. And he has the chops to really impress you at the same time. The new pieces for "Transcenders," including the above titled "Some Weird Chick," are a really cool direction for the Florida native. He's definitely luring you in with not only his technique, but with some overt, yet innocent, creepiness as well. What's up with this girl? Who nose? GET IT???? "Nose?" HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. (Falls down on floor).

G1988: LA

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Not sure why....but today A LOT of people have been calling and emailing only asking how many of the Luke Chueh prints are still available. It's probably some weird flipper thing where they want to know if something has the SOLD OUT stench on it yet, but that's why it's one per customer. But in the case that your questions are legit, it's currently 5:03 PST, and we have 9 left.

UPDATE: 5:04 PST - 8 left.

UPDATE 5:56 PST - 7 left.

UPDATE 7:01 PST - 6 left.

UPDATE 7:52 PST - 5 left.

UPDATE while you were sleeping - 4 left.

UPDATE 10:01 PST - 3 left.

UPDATE 10:06 PST - 2 left.


G1988: LA

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Are Saved

(click to see bigger)

Here it is. An update I've basically been waiting 5 years to press "Publish Post" on.

We opened Gallery1988 (now known as Gallery1988: LA) 5 years ago in April on the corner of Melrose and La Brea (the same location it stands today). When we first opened one early passerby wished us good luck, since LA was "basically an art mafia that would be hard to break." This person wasn't being rude, just letting us know. Which we thanked him for. But we knew we were opening the gallery basically to make fun of that Art Mafia. The galleries taking themselves so serious, showing the same low-brow motorcycle, babes with skulls, artwork year after year or the venues selling "blue chip" artwork for insane amounts of money when the actual artwork didn't speak directly to anyone (besides being told it was "an investment'). Our goal was to bridge a gap. Katie's background was in USC Art History and Christie's Auction House, while I just knew I'd buy a painting of Super Mario Bros. We wanted to create affordable artwork that spoke to our generation. And now 5 years later...the fact that we're still here, in the same location, is totally crazy to us. And people seem to like our off-base approach to shows. So, it is my pleasure to announce our 5-year Anniversary show.

"Idiot Box" will feature almost 100 artists depicting their favorite television guilty pleasures. The shows you can hardly admit you love, but in all honesty, you LOVE the shit out of them. And yes. On April 2, the night of the opening reception, Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins will be hosting the extravaganza to not only celebrate the Gallery's milestone, but also the 20th Anniversary of Saved by the Bell! "Diff'rent Strokes." "Small Wonder." "Double Dare." "Flava of Love." It basically doesn't stop.

It's the theme show I've always wanted, but wasn't sure we could actually do.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates, artist lists and sneak peeks. This is going to be a seriously insane art show.

Mr. Belding poster by Andrew Wilson.

G1988: LA


Big announcement coming soon today regarding our 5 year anniversary show on April 2! 

In the meanwhile, those who missed out on Reuben Rude's awesome Jay & Silent Bob poster from Crazy 4 Cult 2, are in luck.

We've reduced the price from $100 to $65, and now you can buy it direct with just a PayPal click of the button over at Hop on over and pick up a piece to remember your two favorite Quick Stop delinquents. 

Talk again soon...

G1988: LA


Jeremy Brautman at ToyCyte did a very nice write-up for our current show "Some Kind of Wonderful." He is a MUCH better photographer than I am, so it's definitely worth checking out his photos of the artwork.

You can see the article here:

Thank you, Jeremy! I'm sad to see this show come down, we only have about a week and half left, so if you haven't seen the work in person you still have some time.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We've had some pretty weird commission requests in the past, and if I had a dollar for every time we were asked if an artist can do a portrait of a dog, I would be laughing at the recession. (P.S. not making fun of dog obsession. It's my dog Benjamin's 2nd birthday today and I'm getting him a cake. So, glass houses over here). But while checking out the items in an upcoming Michael Jackson estate auction, I couldn't help but think of the conversation the King of Pop had with the commissioned artist.

MJ: OK, so do you know the sunglasses I'm known for wearing?

Artist: Yes, the aviator style ones?

MJ: Yes! Well, I'd like to be in those and I'd like to be wearing my signature white sequence glove.

Artist: Oh, no problem, Mr. Jackson.

MJ: And I'd like to be surrounded by people.

Artist: Sure, Mr. Jackson. Would you like it to be fans?

MJ: No, I'd like it to be historical figures.

Artist: Hm?

MJ: Yes, historical figures. And they should be wearing the glasses and glove also.

Artist: What do you mean by historical figures?

MJ: Well, the obvious choices. Abe Lincoln, Albert Einstein, George Washington...

Artist: In the glasses and glove? This just sounds insane, sir. I'm not sure I can do something like this. It's not in my styl...

MJ: ...and E.T. And I'm willing to pay you $20,000.

Artist: It'll be ready in 3 weeks.

G1988: LA

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry We Missed You

I have to apologize for closing the SF gallery early today.  There is a bomb threat in a building directly across the street from us, so the police made us evacuate.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'll update you all tomorrow whether or not the gallery still exists.



Phoneticontrol is G1988's Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

To celebrate, we have a new Phoneticontrol print release today at G1988 San Francisco!

Red Hot Pursuit
giclee print on Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper
19 x 9 1/3 inches
limited edition of 26
signed and numbered
$50.00 unframed

Phoneticontrol (also known as Eric John William Broers) is a local SF artist and also part of the Pocket Full of Monsters crew. He has a solo show with us at opening February 28th!

Phoneticontrol has created 15 new pieces for the solo show, as well as a FREE paper robot figure that he made in collaboration with Sjors Trimbach ( The figure is called "Thought Processor" and will be available to download for the next few months and there are three color ways to choose from. Later this year, the "Thought Processor Creator Series" will go on tour with additional artists customizing their own versions.

You can learn more at



Friday, February 13, 2009

823 Key Project

A friend of mine in SF has started a pretty cool project to provide grants for artists. It's called 823 Key Project and they're not only looking for people to support the cause, they are also looking for artists to apply for the grants! By selling one-of-a-kind, handmade skeleton key necklaces, they will put the money towards artists grants. Applications for the grants will be available starting March 2009, but they need to raise money first before a grant can be awarded. So, if you're interested in learning more, supporting the cause, or even applying for a grant definitely check out their website at It's a brand new project, only a few weeks old, and they've already sold over 150 keys to five different countries.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Up In Space

First off, new Luke Chueh print I spoke about last week. Lots of email, tons of calls, but we promised we'd announce it on the blog first, so we didn't say a word. Here's the word.

Luke Chueh
giclee print on archival paper
approx. 25 x 33 inches
hand signed and numbered edition of 100

This painting was made into a giclee print on canvas (framed) in 2008 and it sold out so quick, hardly anyone who loved the image was able to pick one up. Because of this, Luke decided he wanted to release a paper version of the print, hoping those snubbed last time, could pick it up and display the image. This print was produced by Pop Cling, the same people who printed the canvas version, to keep it all the same. And it's still HUGE! It's actually the biggest print from Luke ever, as well as the largest print we've ever sold at G1988.  These will go on sale at the LA Gallery this Thursday, February 19th, at 11 AM PST. You can order it by calling us at (323) 937 - 7088, or emailing us at And there it is...

And the date is getting closer for "Transcenders," our new 5-man show opening March 3rd at G1988: LA. Two more previews, people. 

Jason Limon

Jason D'Aquino

Jason's matchbooks are so insanely cool, they have to be seen in person to be believed. Well, back to Thursday.


G1988: LA

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Surrender

I am SO EXCITED to announce our next SF show, it's going to be HUGE!!!

I couldn't be happier with this show lineup! Both Camilla and Krista sent over some preview pics this morning, so this is perfect timing to share them with all of you...

Krista Huot

This is one of Krista's new drawings that she's done on colored pastel paper. Along with the paper pieces, she will also be delivering some acrylic on birch paintings.

Camilla d'Errico

Keep in mind that this photo was taken with Camilla's iPhone and it still looks incredible! She's delivering 10 pieces, some in color and a few black and whites. AND Camilla will be at the show!

The show opens on March 6th at Gallery1988 San Francisco. I will post some preview pics from Mia, Allison Torneros and Jen Tong when we have them available.

G1988 SF


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Good Doktor

Two teaser images were posted on some boards today from Doktor A, one of the artists in our upcoming show, Transcenders, which opens March 3rd. Yes, we're still in the dark, since the pictures are pretty focused on small parts of his unbelievable sculptures - but it's a pretty fun dark. I mean, look at the detail in just that small jar alone. For reals?

I'm sure we'll see more soon!

G1988: LA

Big Print Release!!

These new Mia prints are available starting TODAY through G1988 San Francisco!

"Anatomy of a Somnambulist"
giclee print on Somerset Velvet Fine Art Paper
16 x 20 inches (12 x 16 inches image size)
limited edition of 25
signed and numbered
$100.00 unframed

There are only 25, so these prints won't last long!
To place your order, call or email G1988SF at (415) 409-1376 /



Monday, February 9, 2009

Now Boarding...

Sometimes the airport could end up being the group show of your dreams...

Left to right: Greg "Craola" Simkins, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Gary Baseman

P.S. This was a totally random occurrence.

G1988: LA

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Fly Hi

Shouts to Nathan Spoor for the nice write up and picture set (even if I do look like the biggest human goober ever created in the pic with the Biggs duo). You can read the article by CLICKING HERE.

And in sort of related news, recently I took on a new job over at clothing company, Clandestine Industries, owned by G1988 artist and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. I'm the new design and brand manager at Clan and we launched the first collection in a brand relaunch just the other day. Cool part is, we're utilizing a lot of the artists you love and see commonly here at 1988 into the clothing line. This first collection has designs from Brandi Milne (Bomby McGee), Simon Oxley (Deserted) and Andrew Wilson (to many to name). And we have a ton of other 1988 frequenters currently working on new designs for the line too. So maybe you'll like the clothing too!?!

You can see the new collection and order the clothes by CLICKING HERE.

I'm also daily blogging over at the new Clandestine blog, which is about 70% random pop culture ramblings from me, and 30% Clandestine relate, so I'd love for you guys to follow me over there too. You can check out my new Clandestine blog by CLICKING HERE. I promise to be funnier than Paul Blart.

Anyway, that's the scoop over here. Four things to look forward to next week on the blog.

1. An awesome big print, limited to 25, being released in SF on Tuesday by Mia. All the info will be posted here on the blog the day of the release regarding how to purchase it, but these are going to go fast - so keep an eye open.

2. A new Luke Chueh print to be announced, then released in the LA gallery. Biggest giclee print on paper from him, or ever sold at the gallery.

3. Sneak peaks at the our next LA show, Transcenders.

4. The announcement of our April 5-year anniversary show!

Get ready - gonna be a lot of info.

G1988: LA

Friday, February 6, 2009


The artwork is now online for "Some Kind of Wonderful"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We're in the middle of the "Some Kind of Wonderful" installation and it looks incredible so far. There are so many beatiful pieces in this show, I have my eye on a few to take home with me :)

Nanami Cowdroy and her friend/assistant Shaun came all the way from Australia to be here for the show, and they just unveiled a brand new goldfish wall hanging that will be shown for the first time at G1988! It looks even better when it's hanging on the wall...

And here is the lovely Nanami in front of a few of her pieces...

We're making progress on the installation and we should be finished soon. If you're interested in seeing the online preview, please email us at The preview will go live this Friday at 12PM PST.

G1988 San Francisco


I Get By

THANKS TO EVERYONE who came out last night to the opening reception of "Cackle Factory," and we want to personally thank Brandt Peters for putting together such an impressive collection for his debut LA solo show. I've always felt such a strong connection to Brandt and seeing him put so much effort into this, really just reaffirms my love for the man (no on Prop 8). And related, thanks to his wife, Kathie Olivas, for her help and her contributions to the show, as the collaborations were BIG hits last night.

For those who haven't seen the show, and don't live in LA, you can check it all out by CLICKING HERE. But if you do live in LA, we highly suggest stopping by the gallery. Maybe after your weekly stop at the Hot Wings spot across the street. I C U.

Also, small note about last night. It all felt very positive. I could argue that every show feels positive, but I'd kind of be lying. There were so many incredible artists there - Sas & Colin Christian (who flew in to LA for like 6 hours to be there and support), Nathan Spoor, Lola, Jenny Mollen, Travis Louie, Greg Simkins, Ruel Pascual, Misha, and more I'm sure I forgot right now. But they all were such a strong community last night. Even Dan May called during the show to say he wished he could be there. I think as time goes on, and we hit the 5-10 year mark of this scene (meaning the 25-35 year old artists not painting motorcycles) finally getting traditional art galleries to show this work - it will all work itself out and competition amongst everyone will seem so stupid. Everyone is finding their groove and everyone seems so happy about it.

G1988: LA

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snap, Cackle, Pop

Tonight we open Brandt Peters' "Cackle Factory," a sensory overload of all that is the artist, his wife, abandoned playgrounds and creepy-ass carnivals. He's really got something for everyone. Evident in today's Vinyl Pulse feature on the 3-D aspects to the show, which might just compete with the incredible paintings for most attention. You can read that article, and see the pictures, by CLICKING HERE.

Also, tonight's reception is looking more and more like a who's who of our genre, with Travis Louie, Sas and Colin Christian, Brandt and Kathie Olivas all attending. I plan on standing near the door and announcing their arrivals like royal dinner party.

G1988: LA