Thursday, February 12, 2009

Up In Space

First off, new Luke Chueh print I spoke about last week. Lots of email, tons of calls, but we promised we'd announce it on the blog first, so we didn't say a word. Here's the word.

Luke Chueh
giclee print on archival paper
approx. 25 x 33 inches
hand signed and numbered edition of 100

This painting was made into a giclee print on canvas (framed) in 2008 and it sold out so quick, hardly anyone who loved the image was able to pick one up. Because of this, Luke decided he wanted to release a paper version of the print, hoping those snubbed last time, could pick it up and display the image. This print was produced by Pop Cling, the same people who printed the canvas version, to keep it all the same. And it's still HUGE! It's actually the biggest print from Luke ever, as well as the largest print we've ever sold at G1988.  These will go on sale at the LA Gallery this Thursday, February 19th, at 11 AM PST. You can order it by calling us at (323) 937 - 7088, or emailing us at And there it is...

And the date is getting closer for "Transcenders," our new 5-man show opening March 3rd at G1988: LA. Two more previews, people. 

Jason Limon

Jason D'Aquino

Jason's matchbooks are so insanely cool, they have to be seen in person to be believed. Well, back to Thursday.


G1988: LA

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