Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Back in the gallery (after a small weekend vacation) a bit early on a Tuesday and was stoked to see the delivery of some new pieces for our upcoming "Transcenders" show, which opens March 3rd. First up, Jason D'Aquino.

Although most people know him for his insanely detailed work on matchbooks, my favorite stuff he does is in larger format, like this piece, "Necro." The demented, yet loving, faces he gives his characters are so enchanting, and he's one of the few artists in our genre that I can say is TOTALLY unique (and a little disturbed. In a good way). Still one of my favs from last year's "Crazy 4 Cult" was Jason's "Joyride," which now hangs happily in the home of two of our favorite buyers, Jason and Jenny. LUCKY!

Next up, Scott Scheidly.

Hands down, one of the most talented artists we show here at G1988, Scott has the ability to tell an entire story with just one painting. And that story is different for every viewer. And he has the chops to really impress you at the same time. The new pieces for "Transcenders," including the above titled "Some Weird Chick," are a really cool direction for the Florida native. He's definitely luring you in with not only his technique, but with some overt, yet innocent, creepiness as well. What's up with this girl? Who nose? GET IT???? "Nose?" HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. (Falls down on floor).

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