Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Get By

THANKS TO EVERYONE who came out last night to the opening reception of "Cackle Factory," and we want to personally thank Brandt Peters for putting together such an impressive collection for his debut LA solo show. I've always felt such a strong connection to Brandt and seeing him put so much effort into this, really just reaffirms my love for the man (no on Prop 8). And related, thanks to his wife, Kathie Olivas, for her help and her contributions to the show, as the collaborations were BIG hits last night.

For those who haven't seen the show, and don't live in LA, you can check it all out by CLICKING HERE. But if you do live in LA, we highly suggest stopping by the gallery. Maybe after your weekly stop at the Hot Wings spot across the street. I C U.

Also, small note about last night. It all felt very positive. I could argue that every show feels positive, but I'd kind of be lying. There were so many incredible artists there - Sas & Colin Christian (who flew in to LA for like 6 hours to be there and support), Nathan Spoor, Lola, Jenny Mollen, Travis Louie, Greg Simkins, Ruel Pascual, Misha, and more I'm sure I forgot right now. But they all were such a strong community last night. Even Dan May called during the show to say he wished he could be there. I think as time goes on, and we hit the 5-10 year mark of this scene (meaning the 25-35 year old artists not painting motorcycles) finally getting traditional art galleries to show this work - it will all work itself out and competition amongst everyone will seem so stupid. Everyone is finding their groove and everyone seems so happy about it.

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Brett Hess said...

I notice the art community closeness lately. At shows, on Facebook, on the streets. It's a pleasure to be amongst so many great working artists at this moment in time, So as I drink to my 40th tonight I will salute the whole art community as well. Salud!