Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging It Up

Got about half the Transcenders show hung today, which includes the newly delivered Michael Page pieces (INSANE!!!!!) and a middle display table for the wonders of Doktor A. We'll hit up the rest Monday, and I'm hoping I can use my new Flipcam and post a preview movie of the show. I assume I'll get so frustrated and freak out trying to understand this new technology, but I'm hoping for the best. 

In other news, it's with a sad face that we say good-bye today to Cory Benhatzel, our LA gallery manager. She's been working here since October of 2007, so if you've been in here at all since then, you most likely know her. Her and her fiance, artist Justin Kalmen, are moving to her hometown of Buffalo, NY in 2 weeks and today was her last day working at G1988: LA. A great spirit for this gallery, Cory has had a hand in basically every aspect of this space since her first week (from all the gallery operations to actually being a selling artist in our group shows). It's tough to see her go. I'm not the easiest dude to work for, as I tend to speak a language hardly understandable, but she understood it and she'll make some business in Buffalo very happy. But it will be colder. So we have that on her.

In honor of their move, here's a David Bowie piece that Cory did for our "Cover Band" show a few months ago. You'll see both of her, and Justin's, work in upcoming 1988 group shows, so they aren't total ghosts.

Good luck from Katie and I and thanks for all the hard work.

G1988: LA

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Roland Tamayo's Blog said...

Best wishes to you both with the move to Buffalo. It was always a pleasure to see you at the gallery.