Friday, February 27, 2009


Today is the "pick-up/final day" for Brandt Peter's debut solo show here in the LA gallery, and with with a heavy head that we start taking these pieces down. I was so happy coming into the gallery everyday, looking at these pieces. Brandt did such an incredible job creating an extensive show, displaying every one of his numoerous talents. A day doesn't go by without a person coming into the gallery, checking out the show, and saying something along the lines of, "This guy is really talented and/or busy." So we bid "Cackle Factory" a sweet adieu. It was nice knowing ya. If you're a last minute shopper, there are some amazing pieces still around, and you can CLICK HERE to check those out.

So that leads us to this this Tuesday night's show, "Transcenders." I've been showing you some previews of the work from the 5 artists in the show, but have left out the work of Michael Page. Listen, I would've. I wasn't holding anything back from you. You're too nice for that.

But Michael was holding off sending me the pictures until he felt totally confident and finished. That day was today. I am prone to hyperbole, which most long time 1988 blog readers will know, but I will say this: I have never been so blown away by a slew of new work pictures, from OUT OF NOWHERE, as I have with the new work from Page. Katie actually called me from SF the minute she saw the work show up in our Photobucket and said it's some of the best work she's seen in quite a bit. Michael has always been one of my favorite artists, but he had only shown with us in assorted group shows. We had set up this group show up as a time for him to unveil a new direction and focus in his work, especially after I told him he was easily one of my favorites in our genre. It's going to be hard for me to not buy one of these. Here's where I show you two of them. I'm weirdly having issues with the photobucket/blogger connection, but if you click each of these pictures you will see the whole painting up close...

I wasn't lying (a.k.a. "promoting"). These are outstanding.

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