Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the Hair

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you and your sweetie, or if your single - your DVD box set and Buffalo Kickers, are treating you well on this beautiful day. There's one thing that Valentine's Day reminds me of....and that's shameless non-gallery related plugs.

I mentioned my 80's toy book here on the blog in passing back in November, and since Abrams, our publisher, is now releasing the second printing this week, I figured what better time to shill it.

It's called "Just Can't Get Enough," and it's written by me and co-author Matthew Robinson. In this book, we wax poetic about dozens of your favorite 1980's toys like Strawberry Shortcake, Madballs, He-Man, Rainbow Brite, M.U.S.C.L.E. Men, Mall Madness and MASK. And yes, it comes in a Trapper Keeper. It features great color pictures of every toy, and it's been doing really well and getting great reviews (or at least enough to get a second printing only months after it's release). Even Seth Green said it was SWEET, and he's basically around toys all day. And Matthew, my co-writer, is currently co-writing and co-directing "This Side of The Truth" with British comedy gem Rickey Gervais, which will star Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Louie CK and Rob Lowe in 2009. So even if you think I suck at writing, that dude gets paid a lot to do it. It's currently available on Amazon, in your local book chain and in all Urban Outfitters. AND I should have them available to buy in the gallery in the next or so.

Plug over.

In a bit of a forced transition, I'm actually currently writing my next book, which is a hybrid of a dating guide and an essay collection, and it recently has got me thinking about the relationship women have with sports. I'll save most of my thoughts for my paid word count, but we can talk about one thing here on the blog.

This week baseball legend Roger Clemens had to testify in front of Congress regarding his speculated steroid use during his record breaking baseball career, and I'm rather riveted. Being a huge baseball fan, this just seems like another blow to the sport I love, as Clemens continues to deny his drug usage, even with his best friends and doctors all coming clean. Even the dude's wife admits she used it. He just continues to hold onto the grand piano on the sinking Titanic.

So I've been trying to explain the importance of these hearings to my girlfriend, and although she gives me the cute, "Whatever you say, Jensen," face - she doesn't care. And I don't blame her. But I'm trying one last visual. Here are the three most notorious Roid users in baseball, all being exploited now, years later. Out of these three, one has admitted it, while the other two have denied it, even with loads of undeniable evidence stacked against them.

Is this interesting at all? Keep in mind, not only are they getting way more muscular, they're like a decade older in the second pictures.

Barry Bonds - here's a picture of his rookie year in the 80's, compared to a recent picture. He has not admitted to drug use.

Mark McGwire - this time, it's recent pic first, rookie year second. He has (kind of) admitted it to drug use.

And Roger Clemens

Rookie year in the 80's

Recent picture

Do I hear crickets? Or yawns even? I mean, what if one day you just walked in the gallery and I had tons of muscles! These dudes looked like little scrawny Jewish art gallery owners in the 80's and now look like American Gladiators.

Whatever, I'll get back to art, but I figured this might be a little interesting since you've all probably heard about it on the news recently. Or not.

G1988: LA


Dangler said...

That book looks awesome man, I definitely want to pick that up when you have it in the gallery.

- I am glad someone else has the same passion against steroid use... to my surprise nearly 100% of my peers couldn't care less- for me, I can't even watch baseball anymore it is such a disgrace. The steroid issue in baseball is a perfect metaphor for America - quickest and easiest way to gain money, forget about integrity, dignity and keeping one of the last things we have sacred. If we slack and let things slide in America's "FAVORITE past time" then what's next? Steroids in little league? Who cares, it will be more fun to watch, right?

edwinushiro said...

Clemens, Bonds, Canseco, McGuire, Sosa, & Palmeiro lists most of my childhood favorites as juice smugglers. MLB has privately dealt with this for too long and I'm glad the issue is finally seeing the light of day. Jensen it's so awesome to hear that your a sports fan. It seems like many fine artists in my circle aren't interested.

Ray Frenden said...

Clemens is the only one that looks remotely like a normal human being in his after photo.

Anonymous said...

Very cool that you're a baseball fan. I've been a hardcore sports fan forever. my childhood hero was George Brett. glad he retired before the steroid era. Clemens is guilty as sin. I was riveted to ESPN earlier this week. my current hero is Russell Martin. hope he's clean.

Chris Brown said...

forget the baseball, boom is directing a movie? holy crap, ima have to get at that cat. thats wild.
oh yea, and flying home from sfo on the 12th i saw a guy that i for serious thought was you but the flight was going to san diego rather than LA (as i was) so i figured i wouldnt bother the look-alike.