Friday, February 1, 2008

There Will Be Water

Aw man, it's like Jed Clampett lived on the corner on Melrose and La Brea today (that is if Jed hit H20, and instead of Duke his dog by his side, he had that weird aggresive dancing Westside Rentals guy with him), as a moving truck popped a fire hydrant and it got real Raging Waters up in this piece.

It's like 65-70 feet in the air and it really won't stop. Firefighters here and everything, all tarped up trying to end this car wash madness. I wanted to go Flashdance in it. Kinda unbelievable when seeing it. Almost as unlikely as this:

But that happened too! Yup, that's a picture from our recent Vivisect Toy Set Release Party, and proof that Thomas Han did come!

More pics? Sure.

The line before the party started, waiting for C+C Music Factory to perform. I mean, waiting for the toys to be released.

Peter Gronquist (playing the role of Daryll "DMC" McDaniels) and Greg Simkins get down.

Blindly opening the blind boxes.

And without any sort of good transition, if you're in the SF area tonight, we open "A Place Called Lovely," which has some INCREDIBLE work in it. 7-10 PM. Amy Sol, Krista Huot and Caia Koopman are all in the area to party with you!

G1988: LA


El Maz said...

that first picture of you rocks, man! it could only have been made better if you were wearing a sleeveless jean jacket(torn off arms, of course!)

giddygirlie said...

Your picture in front of the explosion is priceless. We were in the gallery when it happened, and took some pictures of our own, which if you're interested are posted here and I took a short video of the action, posted here.