Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Full Court Press

We've been so busy here at Gallery1988: LA, we haven't been able to spotlight any of the cool coverage we got for the Under The Influence: Stan Lee art show, and I've never been one to link them up on here, but I do like videos:

Blair Butler of G4 is still my favorite female youth based-network correspondent (take that, Suchin Pak!), and make sure to stick around to see Stan Lee talk about the show.

Also thanks to The Hundred's Blog, NotCot, Laughing Squid, Vinyl Pulse, Old Man Musings, LA Weekly.com, Wizard Magazine, Flavorpill, Digg, The LA Times (who gave us one of those sweet little BEST BET markings for the show), Metromix, Hypebeast, Canada's National Post, The Huffington Post (!!!), Collider, and all the other great outlets that picked the show up for coverage.

G1988: LA

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Chris Brown said...

im severly bummed you didnt throw a "HOT KARL!" in on the video man. I know that part of you is dead but man, i was waitin for it.