Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy, Happy, Toy, Toy!

We're contemplating changing the name of the gallery from 1988 to Gallery Herpes Simplex 2. Cause right when it dies down and you think you have it under control, it flares back up.

This Saturday, Jan. 26th, we have another highly anticipated event here at Gallery 1988: Los Angeles. The release party for the StrangeCo/Gallery 1988/Luke Chueh powerhouse, Vivisect Playset vinyl toy series. The party will kick off at 6 PM (it will run until 9 PM), and we expect the artists to be in attendance, ready to sign their respective additions to the awesome set.

For those semi-new to this art scene, the Vivisect Playset is a limited edition group of boutique vinyl toys based on an art show we've had for the past few years, curated and born from the mind of Luke Chueh. So...sort of like the Smurfs we all collected as kids, but these are way cooler and limited (almost like pieces of art themselves). This set features toys designed by 1988 regulars Luke Chueh, Joe Ledbetter, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Thomas Han, Amanda Visell, Peter Gronquist and Anthony Ausgang and look like thisssss:

They come "blind box," meaning you buy just a nice little box, and it could any of the toys, or some special surprise, inside. So it becomes a real collector frenzy, especially as some are harder to get the others, and some will seem totally impossible to find (but they aren't). You might just see people ripping open the box, looking into the skies and screaming in frustration trying to find that damn Peter Groqnuist dinosaur thingee to complete their set. All depends on sweet little ratio numbers, which tell you the chances of getting a certain figure per purchase. And they only run $7.99 each figure. You could get a chocolate bar, or you could get a chance to meet Gene Wilder, up to the Gods (or foreign manufacturers sending them back on boats).

I love cool vinyl toys like these cause it really does make people who have never bought a thing, or stepped foot into the gallery, stoked to pick one up. Even Yason, a co-worker of my girlfriend, saw the Amanda Visell elephant...

...and now he's jonesing to get it. And he hates everything.

So it's gonna be a fun night and I totally suggest stopping through. The least you can do is say hello to Yason.

Get them before they are gone.

G1988: LA

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Jason said...

Are these a G1988 exclusive, or are they available anywhere online?