Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sunz of Man

Sun shining, bright as crap for tonight's Vivisect Playset toy release party here at Gallery 1988: Los Angeles (6-9 PM). Got a little scary there for a minute, as LA was looking that one part on the Universal Studios tram tour where that flood totally slams onto that small little town (I'd rather it be the Miami Vice stunt show in LA, word to Tubbs). So join us tonight, as this amazing toy set, all spawned from a postcard designed by Katie for the 2nd Vivisect Playset artshow (see below) and thinking, "WOW, this would make one set vinyl toy set." And now it's gonna come to life!

Speaking of postcards, what better time to update you on the next two shows in Los Angeles...

"The Long Arm of the Paw" - Luke Chueh, Mark Bodnar and Yosuke Ueno

"Burning Desire" - Andrew Bell Solo Show

And to keep it random, I'll throw in a song of the day. I always argue that Kanye West is way better producer and songwriter than rapper (and I mean by eons), and this is proof. Here is a alt rock cover of Kanye's "Flashing Lights" by Toronto's Colin Munroe and you really wouldn't know it was a cover if I didn't tell you....AND I think it would be a smash on its own. You tell me.

G1988: LA

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree on the kanye thing. never noticed until 7 minutes ago, when i watched the cover and then started to listen to the original.