Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Last 2 Rows of the Classroom

As an offically annointed hip-hop scholar, I like to hide behind my ridiculous knowledge of rap music's history making people think I know EVERYTHING. Sometimes I'll just yell out that Romany Malco, one of the leads in Judd Apatow's "40 Year Old Virgin," was also a member of one-hit-wonder rap group, The College Boyz. Or maybe I'll just start to recite Kid Sensation's lyrics from the weird regional song he did with Ken Griffey Jr.? Or I could always list every album ever released featuring Prince Paul production. I tend to think though, that if I let you know, that I know were Jay-Z's name originated (he was Jaz's hype-man), then you might think I also know the hydrolysis of primary halogenoalkanes, how to utilize the quadratic equation or even how to balance a checkbook. It's kind of proven.

Anyway, I speak of this only because I HATE where hip-hop has went. It's pretty crappy and we all agree. But I think we've been saved. I've been talking up these guys, The Cool Kids, for about 6 months since a friend, Nick Catchdubs, put me onto them, and I've been sort of hooked. And now they are playing in Los Angeles this Friday.

It'll be Jan. 19th at the Echoplex on Glendale,and you should really check these guys out if you are an 80's/90's rap fan. I've been pitching them as "Camp Lo x pre-hippie Beastie Boys x The Clipse x Masta Ace," and there is nothing wrong with that. Recently named one of Rolling Stone's Artists To Watch in 2008 and signing to Lady Sov's old stomping grounds, Chocolate Industries, they recently showed up in this commercial for Rhapsody:

Originally from Illinois, Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish met on MySpace (that's a sign of the times) and it's pretty obvious who their influences are. They've toured with M.I.A., had music in an NBA Live video game (an alumni I'm apart of as well) and had music on Entourage (an alumni I was rejected from).

"Black Mags" (now available on ITunes)


"I'm Mikey"

Anyway, like I said a few weeks ago, we barely endorse stuff over here at 1988, and we have nothing to do with the show (which we should!! I mean, they have a song called "88!" HELLO???), but I plan on going, so maybe I'll see you there. I'll be the one in the "Bring Back Positive K" shirt.

G1988: LA

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