Sunday, January 27, 2008

Holy Day

So Sunday has come, and we still have cases of the Vivisect Playset toys AVAILABLE! Not tons, but enough to fill your undying need.

They don't actually come out until Feb. 7th, so this is your only chance for quite some time. They are $7.99 each and the cases have 24 blind boxes of toys in them, and it's way too early to do the math, so I'll leave that up to you. Same reason you get no pics yet. But trust me, it was a GREAT event with lots of fun having all the artists there. YES, ALL THE ARTISTS. Good to see Thomas Han (with incredible fake moustache), and hoping he makes it a habit (the appearance, not the stache).

We're open today 12-4 PM, so you can call us at 323-937-7088, or email us at We're closed Monday and back open 11-6 on Tuesday, so we'll talk soon, right?

G1988: LA

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