Saturday, March 1, 2008

Poor Red Bird...

I am so sad to announce that one of Kathie's customized Red Bird's was stolen last night during the opening reception. Kathie put a TON of time and hard work into this show and it's so disappointing to me that someone could come to the show and actually steal a piece of artwork off the wall. It makes me very sad and very angry. Here's a pic of the piece that was stolen (the figure on the left). If you happen to see someone trying to resell it please contact the gallery.

The show looked amazing and it was especially great to have Kathie and Brandt here all the way from Florida. It was a great night, except for the stealing... Huge bummer.

Some good news...

A limited number of the blue Benny and Red Bird vinyls were available at the reception last night and we still have a few left!

(amazing snow image courtesy of Kathie's myspace page)

They are selling for $129.99, so contact the SF gallery if you're interested at (415) 409-1376.

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The Creep said...

Thats so ridiculous! Why do people steal art?

Someone stole one of Lori Earley's new drawings well.