Monday, March 3, 2008

Pictures Galore

We got a pretty brilliant solo show opening up here at the Los Angeles gallery tomorrow night, March 4th, from 7-10 PM with NY artist Andrew Bell, in an art festival he's calling, "Burning Desire." This show is like a Hobo Stew, it has EVERYTHING in it. Paintings, drawings, prototype vinyl toys for sale, vinyl toys, large furniture-like sculptures and a HUGE gallery installation. Here's an in-action pic of Andrew working with the Creatures in his Laptop.

This is going to be a seriously fun show, so if you're in the hood, make sure to swing by our LA location tomorrow night, 7 - 10 PM. We will be posting a link to pre buy all the artwork on our website,, on the LA side top banner tomorrow also during the day! Another sneak peak:


We just got these awesome G1988: LA stickers from our friend Rick at and only had them available in the gallery for a few days....and already someone has defaced property with them! Which we do not endorse. At all. Like ever. Nope. Pretty sweet photo though! We'll have more of these stickers available at the opening tomorrow night!

And our good friend Dan Goodsell, a.k.a. the brains and syrup behind Mr. Toast, had a show the other night at Silverlake's Monkeyhouse Toys. Goodsell, never one to take a a break, created over 100 pieces to fill up the space. Becky, gallery assistant to the stars, was there to take some pics.

More red dots than a pimple faced teen!

Mr. Goodsell with his buffet of creations.

I think the show is up for only 2 weeks, so try your hardest to swing by Monkeyhouse Toys and check out how fun art can be when you depict breakfast foods only!

Again, swing on through tomorrow night, you won't regret it!

G1988: LA

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