Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Mattness

It's the first day of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, a morning I used to ditch school to watch all the first round match-ups, rooting for schools I couldn't point out on a map if my life depended on it (I still don't know where Gonzaga is). But this year I can't wonder aloud where Belmont is, or even contemplate where the hell Winthrop is, cause I'm here at the gallery overwhelmed with TOYS! artwork delivery, and putting the final touches on our gallerys' 2009 schedules. I guess the good news is I'll only get small doses of Dick Vitale.

We've been focusing so much on the customized Hot Wheels vans, I want to make sure you know how seriously amazing the paintings portion of the TOYS! show is going to end up. So to prove this point I present exhibits A and B.

Exhibit A: Matt Dangler's entry

Exhibit B: Camilla d'Errico's entry

Your honor, the show opens April 1, 2008 with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. I rest my case.

G1988: LA

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