Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Phone Call

Transcript of a phone call from earlier:

Me: Gallery 1988...
Caller: Hi, do you guys represent Carrie Underwood?
Me: Um, who?
Caller: Carrie Underwood.
Me: Like the American Idol girl?
Caller: Yes.
Me: Then no. We're an art gallery.
Caller: Right, but do you represent her?
Me: Like her art?
Caller: No. Just her in general.
Me: Oh, no we don't.
Caller: (confused) Uh, ok.
(hangs up)

Things are crazy around here. Oh, in other news, we are now representing Chikezie.

G1988: LA

* but all jokes aside, look out for the newest representation announcement for G1988, adding another powerhouse artist to its roster, posted here on the blog this weekend!

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