Saturday, March 8, 2008

Michael Bolton

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but if you've bought something here at 1988: LA before, you usually notice a pretty long wait between the purchase and the moment you walk outside the door. This momentary pause usually involved me putting the info into our database, taking your money/payment method, then a long and awkward 1 minute pause as we wait for your receipt to print out. It's actually very sad how slow our printer is, and that's mostly because it was a red light $22 special when we first opened the gallery in 2004. Especially at openings where a hundred people are lined up to buy something, this is by far the worst part of this location. But today my friends, that wait will no longer exist.

In an obvious tribute to this:

....we did this:

And just like that, our old school printer, which once bragged on the box that it can print 3 pages per minute, was in a dumpster, MAKING WAY FOR THIS:

We call it Tito, and it's a laser printer. It prints 23 pages per minute and that awkward moment between us, while all I want a printed invoice and all you want is to leave, is OVER. It's magical.

G1988: LA


Unknown said...

haha i love that it gets beat by the ugly stick.

Anonymous said...

"or i'll be stuck with an H and a K tat'd on my wrist." haha