Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Monday

We just got back from vacation and I'm absolutely exhausted! It's tough to get back into work mode, but I'm really excited about our shows opening this week! We have Beastie Boys opening in LA on Thursday and Nathan Stapley's solo show opening on Friday in SF! And to top it all off, we just opened Tom Haubrick's online show at this afternoon. Here is a sampling of Tom's show...

Returning the Favor
ink and wash on paper
6 x 8 ½ inches

I’ve Outgrown This Place
ink and wash on paper
10 x 12 inches

Under Control
ink and wash on paper
6 x 8 ½ inches

The work is now available for purchase and you can view the entire show here:

I'm also really looking forward to Nathan's show this Friday. A good friend and very talented artist, Nathan is always someone I've loved working with.

G1988 San Francisco

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José said...


Althoug I'm more an appreciator of realism, such as the Dutch Baroque, I quite like fantastic and surrealistic (?) works, namely for the creativity and often fine draughtamship of its authors.

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