Friday, January 2, 2009

Updates '09

Starting off a new year with some updates...

#1. The Luke Chueh Mini Print Set is officially SOLD OUT. 500 sets, all gone. Every single one. So keep that in mind.

#2. We've added these to

We're the exclusive place to get the Greg Simkins x Hot Wheels raglan t-shirt. I wear mine all the time, it's really, really comfortable. So, you can just check on out with one click and pick this great shirt up at

#3. Officially my favorite show postcard of all-time.

The updated showcard for Brandt Peter's debut LA solo show in February 2009. That piece on the card is INSANE. Brandt has warned us for over a year that he will be taking things to a whole new level for his first 1988 solo, but I'm not sure I took him serious enough. I now do.

and #4. Before we get to Feb, we have our Beastie Boys Tribute opening this next Thursday, Jan. 8th from 7-10 PM, We just put all the pieces out on the gallery floor, and it's a really incredible looking show. Two more previews for ya:

Jeff Ramirez lets the Boys fight for their right.

Our art scene's most consistent artist (quote me), Alex Pardee mixes his world with classic Mike D iconography.

And those...are your updates.

G1988: LA

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