Thursday, December 4, 2008

We would like to introduce you to Charlie

Charlie Immer. Remember this name because Charlie is seriously an art star. It was stated here first on December 4th, 2008.

UPDATE: As of Midnight on Thursday, you guys seem to agree with below. Charlie has gotten more email inquiries than any artist we've ever featured on the blog. Ya'll have good taste.

We get a ton of artist submissions on a daily basis and we've been introduced to a lot of talented aritsts this way. But it's a very rare occasion when a submission stops us dead in our tracks and leaves us speechless. When we saw his work on a computer screen we knew it was incredible, but seeing it in person has literally floored everyone who has seen it during installation. These gems alreay have some of our loyal SF natives, and friends of mine who just stopped by to say hello and bring me a sandwich, chomping at the bit (not just because of the sandwich either).

The Vivisect Playset (Round 5), which opens tomorrow night in SF will be Charlie's first show with us at G1988, with many more to come in the Bay Area and LA. Here are the two awe-inspring oil on panel pieces he's delivered for the show.

Here Charlie describes his technique and inspiration for the two pieces... "I do a detailed under drawing in graphite then I spray it with Fixative followed by a coat of Matte medium. Then I begin to glaze in some oil color. I add more opaque colors after the glazes dry, all while pushing and pulling the dark and light values until the painting is complete. "Elk Puke" is heavily inspired by anatomical see-thru model kits, the reflected colors and highlights that bounce around in them are just so amazing. I liked the idea of showing both what is inside (organs) and also what is inside those insides. There is a hint of Hayao Miyazaki to be found in this piece as well. "Presto Change-O" was inspired by the relationship between a fictional predator and prey."

We wanted to feature Charlie on the blog because his work in Vivisect 5 is one of the most exciting debuts Gallery 1988 has ever seen during its' almost 5 year history! I wish these pics showed you the intense detail in his paintings. Some even have thought it was digital. Such a fresh voice and insane amount of talent.

G1988 San Francisco

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