Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working Large Scale

We're in the midst of installing our new show, Re-Up, in San Francisco and it looks awesome! Scribe is here (all the way from Kansas City) doing a really incredible installation. Here's how it started...

and this is what it looks like now, even though it's not quite finished yet...

Angry Woebots is on his way over, also to do a wall installation! So, we're looking forward to seeing his work up with Scribe's. The show also features the work of Mr. Jago, Deseo, Gaia, and Dia and there are some HUGE pieces in the show. Gaia has a painted scroll that's 33 x 90 inches! Had a small panic attack trying to figure out how to fit everything in, but we'll make it work. We still have a ton left to do, but I'll post more pics later of the finished installation. If you're interested in seeing the show preview, please email us at


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