Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As we enter the final week of the Alex Pardee's complex mind being on display here at G1988: LA, November can only mean one thing - a Greg "Craola" Simkins solo show. Please don't mistake Greg's recent break for him doing "nothing." This last week he opened his new online store, which you can check and purchase from by CLICKING HERE, and he's been hard at work creating his brand new show, which will open at Gallery1988: LA on November 3rd. The show is entitled "The Pearl Thief" and it's one of the most complex themes and most intricate work of his career.

"The Pearl Thief" will tell the story of a greedy monster who travels the globe stealing people's imaginations, all in the shape of a pearl dangling inside each person's head. And that greedy monster needs to be stopped! And that's where we need YOUR help!

The art show will also be an interactive experience, creating a gallery puzzle that, when solved, will lead one lucky person to a free 5x5 original painting, depicting one of the fortunate souls you helped by returning their imagination. It's all pretty awesome!

Until that moment, when we call upon you for help...here are two videos Greg put together featuring new works for "The Pearl Thief."

Again, WE NEED YOUR HELP to stop this "Pearl Thief" and bring these imaginations back to where they belong! Hope to see you November 3rd, 7 -11 PM!

G1988: LA

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clara said...

A new collection of paintings and drawings which holds a secret back story for those who can find what is going on in the minds inside of Simkins’ world.really an amazing piece of work......