Thursday, July 9, 2009

Terribly Odd

Some terrible things happened to aritst Terribly Odd these past few weeks, postponing his 88point5 solo show. BUT it was worth the wait because he did an amazing job putting this show together, which is based on Greek Mythology, and aptly named "Mythos." Here is the show flyer are a few teaser images...

"Medusa, Longing For Love's Gaze"


The show has not officially opened yet, but we'll let you know when you can view the entire body of work and at that time they'll be availabe for purchase.

G1988 SF

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Jon said...

Dear 1988,

I have the fortunate luck of owing a piece of Terribly Odd's work. He is a gifted artist and your on-line gallery will only get others to see his genius. Terribly Odd will be doing great things in the near future both in his unique style as well as via urban vinyl. This artist via Maimi/Orlando has been a well kept secret and I am so happy that you are introducing him to a broader audience.

-JAC (