Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Con and After

2 small announcements as you pack your hand sanitizer and start the trip to Comic Con. First, you can find out who the next honoree will be for our annual January Under The Influence show by visiting booth #3029. It's a pretty awesome announcement, and a pretty awesome little sign announcing it. We'll let you all know after the Con. AND when you stop by the Baby Tattoo booth #601 to check out the Travis Louie book we published with them, look for a collectable postcard announcing our next book. You'll even want the postcard. This one is gonna be HUGE. It's only 5 years in the making.'re not going to Comic Con? That's ok. You'll miss men and women dressed as their favorite Anime character, but you won't miss out on the release and ballyhoo of our first book (co-published by our friends at Baby Tattoo). At the Los Angeles gallery we will be having a release party for Travis Louie's book "Curiosities," where artist Travis Louie will be in the gallery signing books and meeting fans! This will be on Tuesday night, July 28th, from 6-9 PM. This will be your opportunity to buy the book and pick up the exclusive G1988 variant cover version, which will come with this giclee print below, "Pumpkin Eater," signed and numbered by the artist. This whole edition will have under 100 available and produced.

So with that, I ask you to keep walking and not hold up everyone behind you as you walk through Comic Con, cause some of us are fighting anxiety. And SEE YOU TUESDAY!

G1988: LA

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