Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Don't know how many of you guys followed me on Twitter this morning, but the Michael Jackson Memorial Service was pretty surreal. Wasn't easy to keep twittering semi-lighthearted, cause it was pretty damn sad. Say what you will about any aspect to the man's life, but the service did not have the circus feel his life did, just the tragic aspect. And it was hard to deny the importance of the man's work, especially when stripped of the insanity that seemed to follow him. Toure said it best this last week on some news program when he said, I'm paraphrasing, when we all heard those incredibly beautiful old Michael Jackson songs 2 months ago - we had a whole set of crazy baggage to attach to it. Now it's almost like Michael has set those songs free, to be appreciated for its brilliance. I liked the way that was put, and I feel like the ceremony did something similar for Michael the human, and his family. 

I've heard it came off sad over the television coverage, which it was, so I wasn't shocked. We were insanely close, about 7 rows from the stage, which was a nice surprise and an experience I will never forget. I was never a "super fan," I was a "fan" and I won't change that now. But seeing his brothers walk the casket in, all wearing the sequence glove in place of the normal sterile white glove worn by pallbearers, was a tough site. Someone so large and loud, passed so small and quiet. And his daughters' words I'll most likely never forget. It echoed throughout a totally quiet Staples Center. Not easy.

Was gonna try a transition into art, but will just post the art stuff in a new update. Let this one sit alone.

Appreciative I won a lottery to have that experience. Will blast "PYT" in his memory as we close.

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